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If I'm not working, or playing on the computer, chances are I'm rockin'!
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First and foremost, Jesus Christ is my everything. He has blessed me with the talent of playing guitar, though I have played piano when I was younger. I like photography and going to Guitar Center with friends. I love writing music, and it consumes most of my free time. Occasionally I will play a computer game.
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24 Jun 2017
Hi guys! smile.gif

This method of recording vocals consists of setting up a loop selection within Reaper, (our DAW in today's example), and recording a couple of takes back-to-back.

While some may disagree this is the best way to record, I find it handy when you're recording by yourself. It allows you to stay in the vocal booth and keep recording your takes within a section or even an entire song! I feel it helps me disconnect from the world and just get into the song - and diminishes my mic fright!

After you've recorded your takes, you'll want to sort through them and pick the best parts based on performance and emotion that you prefer in each.

18 Jan 2017
Hey guys, perhaps one of you can help me. smile.gif

I'm wanting to record YouTube tutorials. I need everything sound that is going on in my computer to be recorded. I have screen capture software (Debut) but I can only get video recorded. I have found out why - it's because the ASIO drivers I'm using to record (ASIO UX2) lock any other software from recording while it's being used. With my Line 6 UX2 recording into Reaper, the ASIO (low latency) drivers are being utilized.

I want to be able to record vocals and guitar live while doing the tutorial. I will have a camera set up with its own mounted mic recording my face, screen capture software running to capture the video onscreen, and then finally my UX2 interface just there as usual. I want it to be as though someone were sitting there listening to it with me. So basically everything coming through my monitors/headphones needs recorded for the audience.

So how do I record what is going on in my DAW?

One solution I thought of - but not yet resolved - was to record to my iPad through the Headphones-Out on the interface. The Analog-Outs are being used for my monitors via XLRs. A normal line-in cable won't cut it - I learned - because it doesn't have the 3-ring connection - a TRRS cable. I would prefer to record through my lightning port on my iPad instead of the headphone jack if I could.

Would the iRig accomplish this? or is there something simpler? I'm just needing to be able to export the audio to mp3 and sync it all up in post on my computer.

Any help would be appreciated. I thought I would ask before spending any more money on this situation. rolleyes.gif

By the way, what is this Digital-Out S/PDIF on my interface? I couldn't find any information on the internet on how to use it with the UX2.

15 Jan 2017
I know the internet has asked this question before - and even tried answering it.

I thought it might be fun to talk about it. What genre? Perhaps pop music. Mainstream. What you typically hear "everywhere." We could try predicting the sonic aspect of future music. Everything these days is so processed and electronic. Will it continue to evolve or completely change? Music has drastically changed even over the past 50 years, but 50 more? Did we reach a plateau or can it drastically change yet again?

What do you think? huh.gif
24 Dec 2016
Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all my Christmas single I put out yesterday.

I wrote this instrumental track over the course of a few weeks. It started out in the style of August Burns Red, but quickly took a new direction after adding some orchestral parts. I think it was a good choice and I'm happy with the result.

There are a few musical movements throughout the track as it builds and builds. Sit back and enjoy all the layers upon layers of this symphonic piece. My background in piano really helped out when I was tracking the majority of the orchestral parts on my midi keyboard

Production by me.
Orchestral parts programmed with IK Multimedia: Miroslav Philharmonik.
Guitars recorded with a Jackson SLSMG 6-string in F Standard.
Bass guitar tracked with an Ibanez SR755.
Artwork composited by me.

It can be purchased at:
5 Dec 2016
Hey guys. Need your help with some details.

I had this idea of hosting my very first guitar solo contest, where I might make a track for people to play over. I wanted to see if there be enough people interested and I got lots of good responses. I asked what people would want me to give away, and I made a short video about it:

The majority says they would want a guitar pedal for the grand prize. Should I give away something I no longer use but is lightly used and in good working condition? Or should I let the winner choose or I buy a brand new pedal? Some want a multi tier prize system. And my audience is only half from the USA. Boy, oh boy, I didn't think about international shipping costs! I know a contest is an investment, and I have the savings to do this, but wondering what do you think might be the best path? I would hate to close it to only USA. Lots of people would be disappointed. I also don't wanna wait too long that people lose interest. A friend of mine offered to host the contest with his buddy and their gaming channel, so I would have a few other judges to help with the bias.

ok here is my main question
What determines who wins? I was gonna go the traditional route and pick a few top favorites. My buddy who offered to host wants to set up a grading system. I think that would complicate things, wouldn't it? He says it would give order. I don't want this contest to be all about skill, so that everyone has a fair chance.

Suggestions? biggrin.gif

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Thank you for the suggestion! Stoked to get started.
4 Jul 2014 - 4:44
No worries man, it's a badass guitar! I've been looking into getting one myself.
8 Mar 2013 - 16:51
Hey man, what kind of Jackson is it that you use?
4 Mar 2013 - 0:11
Hey Brandon, was checking song on youtube, and came across this guys...and don't ask me why but they remind me of you and felt like show it to you.
22 Jun 2011 - 22:16
thank you very much Brandon ; )
18 May 2011 - 0:02


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