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Amp and effects
No New Posts On: Feb 9 2008, 08:43 PM
By: buttmonk
My main amp is an Orange Tiny Terror with PPC112 cab, highly recommended. Replaced the pre-amp tubes with matched pair of JJ ECC83S (12AX7), which are a big improvement over the stock tubes, more gain and a more energy, the amp comes to life more a lower volumes as well.

Blackstar DistX pedal for when the Orange's distortion is not enough or want to dial in more tonal options.

Roland Microcude.
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Carvin Bolt+T kit
No New Posts On: Feb 9 2008, 08:43 PM
By: buttmonk
Specs are: alder body coloured with water based acrylic green dye then finished with pure tung oil, hardrock maple neck with pure tung oil finish, ebony fretboard, 14" radius, 25.5" scale, 22 jumbo stainless steel frets, 1.69" nut width, Wilkinson trem, Sperzels, stock Carvin pikups with tone control removed from wiring loop to liven up the sound.

This is so far the best guitar I have owned or played, although this will hopefully not be the case once I finish my new build, see "Zarker":) The kit is pretty cheap, cost about 550EUR. Better than my ESP LTD F500 which was almost twice that price. The pure tung finish is pretty nice since it has a slight texture which feels cool and is not totally glass smooth and fretting hand glides really easily over the neck back. However, pure tung does not seem to form a particularly hard finish and you can see it is already wearing thru on the body, though strangely not on the neck at all. I will at some point sand it down, stain it purple instead, and re-finish with some treated oil blend varnish like Liberon Finishing Oil which will form a harder and more resilient surface.
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Home grown Ultra V (USACG + Wa...
No New Posts On: May 17 2008, 10:38 PM
By: buttmonk
Latest guitar build. Specs are:
Warmoth mahogany Ultra V body.
Recessed tunomatic.
USA Custom Guitars mahogany neck with Pau Ferro fretboard.
10-16" compound radius fretboard.
22 frets.
25.5" scale.
Stainless steel jumbo frets.
Swineshead Xbuker pickups.
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Zarker: Build it myself guitar...
No New Posts On: Feb 9 2008, 09:08 PM
By: buttmonk
Some picks of an electric guitar build project I am working on. I have christned the body shape "Zarker", some of you might be able to work out why.

The body blank and neck are sourced from I cannot recommend these guys highly enough! It cost less than 500€ for these 2 pieces and you basically get to specify every last detail as you want it. The quality is very high.
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