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29 May 2008

Hiya! I'm really in to neoclassical metal stuff right now and I wanted to toss a question or two your way.

Prior to GMC I was really in to blues and the scale my hands seem to know and default to is the minor/blues pentatonic. Also prior to GMC I didn't know what alternate picking was. As a result I have the habit of playing in that 1st pentatonic box with a lot of down strokes.

So my question is, what is a good exercise to practice, (warm-up), that will incorporate a more harmonic minor or natural minor note choices/scale and work on my alternate picking when soloing?

Currently I'm working on Carlo's Power Metal in Em as I really like that riff and I'm thinking about picking up your latest lesson on neoclassical. However what I'm wanting to do is find an exercise that will help me develope the raw technique and get my hands working in those minor scales so when I improvise and make my own riffs and runs it has more of the neoclassical feal.

- Gerald
18 Jan 2008
Hey all I just purchased a new PC and I have a quick question on recording. I wanted to know if I could do this setup and get started:

Go from the guitar to the Line 6 amp and from the amp to the sound card, (onboard), to my PC using an adapter to go from 1/4 to 1/8? Software I would use would either be Cubase or maybe Reaper. I'm assuming I could go in to the recording software and selct my onboard card?

I figure this setup would have crappy quality, but it's just a get me by setup until I purchase a toneport or EMU soundcard. I'm really wanting to jam out to some backing tracks and make my first upload so I can get some feedback from GMC. I just don't have the cash right now to spend on a soundcard/toneport.

13 Jan 2008
Hey all I just purchased a new PC yesterday! I can finally start doing some recording and participate in the collabs on GMC. Not only that, but finally be able to check GMC at home rather than at work. wink.gif
11 Jan 2008
How important do you feel it is to jam with other guitar players? Unfortunately I don't have other players to jam with for the most part. A couple people at my work play, but we don't have the oppertunity while working to play obviously. Therefore I wanted to see what GMC thought about this topic and if it would be worth my while to find some other people and set something up. Currently the only other player I know that I see is my guitar teacher, but that is for 30 minutes every week or so.
26 Dec 2007
I had my first guitar lesson last Saturday! When I was running through some of the things I could play, my instructor mentioned that I was pressing down to hard on the fretboard. I guess I didn't notice it, but when he played the same chord I could tell. Ever since I have been trying to work on my touch and fretboard pressure. Does anyone have any tips for this?
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