Ben's Beginner Course

About the Ben's Beginner Course series

Instructor: Ben Higgins

Difficulty: 1 (of 10)

Focus: Ben gives it all away! Learn guitar exactly the same way Ben did when he was starting out and figuring out his first steps on the instrument. Covering everything from tuning, learning all the notes on the fretboard, how to hold the pick - to more advanced topics like writing a guitar riff and soloing. This course will provide you with foundations and get you on the shredding path!
  • Guitar Parts, Tuning and Notes

    by Ben Higgins

    Absolute beginners lesson teaching parts of the guitar, notes and how to tune the guitar.

    Tags: guitar parts, tuning, how to tune a guitar, fretboard notes, notes, octaves, tones, semitones, beginner, absolute beginner, basics
  • Using a Guitar Pick

    by Ben Higgins

    This lesson focuses on guitar pick choices and how to pick your first notes.

    Tags: guitar pick, how to strum, how to pick, downstroke, upstroke, absolute beginner, beginner, pick choice, how to hold the pick
  • Chords

    by Ben Higgins

    This lesson teaches you the basic chords and how to play them on the guitar.

    Tags: beginner chords, how to play chords, major chords, minor chords, barre chords, easy, absolute beginner, chord progressions, hand position, chord shapes
  • Dealing With Distortion

    by Ben Higgins

    This lesson focuses on playing power chords, muting, distortion and tone setup.

    Tags: muting strings, noise, power chords, how to play power chords, distortion, amp setup, guitar tone setup, beginner, easy, palm muting
  • Riffs & Ear Training

    by Ben Higgins

    This lesson focuses on playing riffs, basics of alternate picking, slash chords and ear training.

    Tags: riff, riffing, alternate picking, slash chords, ear training, beginner, easy, basics
  • Scales and Basic Lead Guitar

    by Ben Higgins

    In this lesson we will open the door into the world of scales and basic lead guitar playing which make use of the scales.

    Tags: major scale, minor scale, intervals, timing, basic phrasing, slides, sliding, hammer-on, pull-off , lead guitar