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Difficulty 4
Ivan Milenkovic

Friday's Blues Lick

Major Minor Lick


     Q     T T Q     S S E   S S    S    T S   S Q     T X T  X  X  X T T T   Q.       

Lick Information

This lick can be used in various places within a blues solo, but a good time to use it is when returning to the I chord (in this case E). Two important things regarding this lick:

1. Bend the first note one and a half steps

2. When sliding into the G# note in bar 2, use downstrokes and pick the open low E string as well at the same time. With the tip of your middle finger mute the A string while sliding, to prevent it from ringing.

Scales and Theory

For this lick, the focus is on using both major and minor pentatonic scales. The lick is mostly major scale-based, but you will find notes from the minor pentatonic and blues scales too.

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