Classic Punk: The Clash

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hello guys! In this lesson I continue exploring the different sub-styles of the Punk Rock. For this opportunity I composed a tune inspired in the Classic Punk band “The Clash”. If you like this lesson, please check out the previous ones too: Pop Punk & Skate Punk.

    Music Style:
    This lesson combines the style of the more melodic songs by The Clash and at the same time I added a section based on the rhythm of their big hit “London Calling”. Their style is the classic punk rock but they used to add some other elements from Rock, Pop and Reggae. When we talk about Classic Punk Rock, we are referring to old school bands like Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Stooges and off course The Clash. I’ll will be covering other classic bands in future lessons.

    Tonality and Chord Progression:
    The lesson is in A Major tonality. The chord progression is A - Amaj7 - A - D - E and there is a section influenced by "London Calling" where the chords are F#m - D and E. One thing that differences The Clash from other punk bands is the use of more complete chords instead of just limit themselves to power chords. That’s why you’ll find open chord positions and also a Major seventh chord in the progression.

    This is an easy lesson very useful for beginners that want to play something fun and easy to play. We will use alternate picking and some simple rhythmic patterns over chords.

    I used my Pod X3 Live to record this lesson. Nowadays I notice that most of the Pop Punk bands are using Marshall JCM800 or JCM2000. That’s why I used a Marshall JCM800 emulator with a Marshall 4x12 cabinet. If you want the Line 6 Tone, you can ask for it in my personal board. My guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Studio. The drums and the bass sound are from the Hyper Canvas VST Instrument. 

    I used standard 440.

    Ok, let’s start punk rockers!


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