Funking Single Notes

by Stephane Lucarelli

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  • Hi GMC!

    In this lesson we gonna work on single-note funk guitar.
    When it comes to funk style, keep in mind that guitar serves almost as a "percussive" instrument.

    There's some important things to pay attention to :
    - The basic right hand skills: alternate picking and the 16th note rhythm.
    - The muting technique
    - Of course the rhythm placement

    Relax your picking hand as much as possible and try to find the tone you like by moving the palm of your hand.
    Keep your right hand constantly moving down and up on sixteenth notes, but it's not necessary to play all the 16th ghost notes : try to leave room in the patterns. The "groove" also comes from not played and suggested notes or ghost notes...

    The chords are C-7 / F9 and we gonna use C minor pentatonic and C Dorian scales to build up our guitar licks.

    Have fun!

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