Iron Maiden For Beginners

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Difficulty: 2
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  • Welcome to this new lesson inspired by the great band Iron Maiden!

    This time I composed a lesson that is suitable for guitar players from beginner to intermediate level. You should be able to play this lesson over the backing track without too many days of hard work and experience what it feels when you have another guitar player playing some rhythms and harmonized guitars with you.

    If you are a big fan of Maiden, don’t hmiss my Iron Maiden Masterclass lesson where I have done a deep analysis of their composing.

    Music Style:
    Iron Maiden is one of the pioneers when we talk about classic heavy metal. Their double guitars style combined with the amazing voice of Bruce Dickinson made them one of the biggest metal bands ever. I composed this track being inspired by some of their classics like "Hallowed By The Name", "Aces High" and "Run To The Hills".

    Tonality & Chord Progression:
    The tonality in this tune is Em and the chord progression can be found in the main video and also over the tabs. If you check my previous Maiden lesson (Iron Maiden Masterclass), you will notice that the progression used in this one can be found in the list of the most used ones by them. Another interesting thing regarding this track is the use of modulation in the Verse section. The verse is in F#m, this means that the first modulation is from the intro (Em) to the verse and then the verse modulates again to Bm, in other words we modulate to the fourth of the original tonality and play the same idea. I also talked about their use of modulation in the previous lesson, so this is just another example.

    The main techniques used in this lesson are alternate picking and palm muting. As I said previously, this lesson is suitable for beginners that love metal and want to take their playing to a next level, so it’s not a tricky lesson.

    I used my Pod HD 500 to record this lesson. I used the Treadplate Dual Amp Model with a 4x12 2001 Treadplate Cab Model. If you want the tone you can ask for it at my personal board. My guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Studio.

    I used standard 440. 

    110 BPM
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