Rhythm & Funk

by Javier Aviles

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  • Greetings from Granada (Andalucia, Spain)!

    Thanks for watching my new lesson. This is an example of how to mix Rhythm & Blues with Funk, or Funk with Blues feeling.
    I mix the 16th notes for funk feeling with the triplets for rhythm & blues feeling. You will find rhythm and solo parts in this lesson.

    Music Style:
    Funk and Rhythm & Blues Rock

    Tonality & Chords:
    E major

    I play using: picking and hybrid picking, bending, sliding, vibrato, palm muting.

    I used an Engl Amp with crunch sound and little bit of stereo Delay. The guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Gold Deluxe 74'

    Standard tunnig: E, A, D, G, B, E

    90 BPM (Slow 45bpm)
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