Improvising with Arpeggios (Exercise 5)

by Alejandro Pinero

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  • Hi GMC! Welcome to the fifth lesson improvisation exercise series. Today I bring to you a similar exercise than the last one but now with the dominant arpeggios applied to a blues. The idea of this exercise is to practice the arpeggios but now you can play with a form, in this case a Blues. In this main lesson I connect any arpeggio with the next by the nearest note. I recommend that you do that and then play improvisation phrases. The traditional form of the Blues is composed by 12 bars.

    I / IV / I / I / IV / IV / I / I / V / IV / I / V
    G7 / C7 / G7 / G7 / C7 / C7 / G7 / G7 / D7 / C7 / G7 / D7

    This tune is in G.

    In this exercise you have to looking your own way all the time, as possible try not to repeat the same way like in the lesson. I recommend doing this exercise in different parts of the neck!

    I hope you enjoy this lesson!

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