Blue Fantasy Solo pt 2

by Roo

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  • Blue Fantasy by Roo (part 2)

    Welcome for the second part of "blue fantasy" (lead guitar etude). If you ever missed the part I you still have plenty of time to check it out. So maybe have a hear/look at it before joining here, it will make more sense... (I remind that you can also see the full performance on

    However you can also take this part II for a single and independant lesson... (Basically one of the topics is about how to phrase over E/A/B7 chords with B mixolydian/Bebop and E major.)

    So, for you "survivors" of part 1, I have good news:
    This second part is easier than the first one. We will rehearsal 2 times the chorus, which we already know. The rest is a verse in triplets without huge difficult points.

    Theoretical topics:

    - E Major scale & arpeggios
    - chromatic scales / Mixolydian/Bebop
    - 3/4 tempo
    - tripplet rhythm patterns

    Technical topics:

    - Alternate picking
    - Sweeping and sweep picking phrasing.
    - High frets playing
    - Strings skipping

    Ps: Full real tabs available in the memberboard section

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