Guitar Chat 2007-09-05
Sep 13 2007, 10:02 PM
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00:21:57 PacmanProductions: hello...
00:22:06 PacmanProductions: oh ones here....
00:22:10 PacmanProductions: :P
01:38:34 Ayen: Damnit I blacked out and woke up somewhere else again..
01:38:37 Ayen: Where am I.....
01:38:52 Ayen: Back to the celery tree!
04:19:02 Hemlok: I know that no one is here, but.... *whip* i just got my martin acoustic!
04:19:04 Hemlok: :D
06:36:23 Hemlok: man oh man! I can plug this puppy in too! I thought it was just a strap knob but its a jack! :D YAY!
06:56:55 Hemlok: *slap*
06:57:04 Robin: yo
06:57:06 Hemlok: Hi Robin, hows it going?
06:57:19 Robin: going good, howbout you?
06:57:30 Hemlok: great thanks
06:59:32 Robin: make some noise if I dont answer, just watching some simpsons :)
06:59:44 Hemlok: ok
07:09:08 Hemlok: gonna go cook dinner, catchya later alligator
09:55:41 FlyingFin: *slap*
10:05:21 Robin: hi
10:08:38 FlyingFin: how's it going?
10:09:00 Robin: goox
10:09:02 Robin: d
10:09:12 Robin: just decided what guitar I'm gonna go for
10:09:28 Robin: Weststone Pantera X275
10:09:32 Robin: the funny thing is that
10:09:38 Robin: it have been in our house for years
10:10:03 Robin: we have borrowed it from a guy my dad plays with in a band
10:10:08 Robin: and its perfect
10:10:25 Robin: floyd rose, humbuckers at the bridge and single coils at the middle and neck
10:10:30 Robin: never goes out of tune
10:10:38 Robin: looks cool, sounds cool
10:10:42 Robin: perfect metal guitar
10:10:52 Robin: gonna ask if I can buy it from him
10:10:58 Robin: So what are you up to? *meow*
10:11:25 FlyingFin: hehe sweet
10:11:41 FlyingFin: I don't feel I'm good enough to warrant a new guitar yet
10:11:55 FlyingFin: I've just been watching some anime and reading some game reviews
10:11:56 Robin: Hehe, yeah know what you mean
10:12:26 FlyingFin: I wonder why no BC Rich guitars are hardly never mentioned on the site
10:12:31 Robin: I just decided I wanted a pure metal/shred guitar with floyd rose, but not too expensive
10:12:48 Robin: well I dont think many people like those guitars, I dont atleast
10:13:22 Robin: I dont think they are comfortable to play. I dont really like the design either
10:13:39 Robin: can you use BC rich guitars to anything else than metal btw?
10:13:47 FlyingFin: I wouldn't say so
10:13:55 FlyingFin: I want a pure metal/shred axe too
10:14:02 FlyingFin: and I've been looking at a lot of different ones
10:14:17 Robin: you thinking about buying a BC rich?
10:14:57 FlyingFin: maybe, but I need to check the inventory at my local shops first. The biggest one has loads of BC Rich, and the usual stuff (Fender, Epiphone, Gibson et al)
10:15:13 FlyingFin: I've tried a Mockingbird (BC), and it sounds quite nice
10:15:35 FlyingFin: But ya know, I'm open to everything
10:15:40 Robin: yeah
10:15:51 FlyingFin: I'm gonna try an Ibanez rg 370 next I think
10:15:59 FlyingFin: never tried playing any Ibanez ones before
10:16:20 Robin: I dont want to say too much about BC rich guitars, becuase I havent really played them much. I'm sure they are good for metal/shred
10:16:35 Robin: Ibanez you say. I havent tried either. Well I did, many years ago, just barely
10:16:42 FlyingFin: ah
10:16:46 FlyingFin: what do you have currently?
10:16:46 Robin: I hear they are very comfortable to play with
10:17:02 Robin: Gibson Explorer studio(best neck ever imo)
10:17:14 FlyingFin: ok, never heard of it, ubt I
10:17:21 Robin: Latelly I decided to start using my dads fender strat for blues. He dont use it anymore
10:17:24 FlyingFin: *but I'm quite the noob when it comes to guitars
10:17:26 FlyingFin: hey there, Guest
10:17:44 Robin: and I also watned a pure metal guitar, but I didnt want to use too much money. So I'm gonna ask my dads friend if I can buy this guitar I mentioned earlier
10:17:51 Robin: I dont know much about guitars either
10:18:10 FlyingFin: I don't know jack about different pickups and humbuckers and such
10:18:11 Robin: only one way to get better at it though, try new guitars :)
10:18:18 Robin: ah yeah I'm not very good at it either
10:18:22 FlyingFin: but I guess I'll know when I get good enough to try new ones :p
10:18:52 Robin: if you want humbuckers for blues/rock/metal I can atleast recommend Stewart Macdonald Golen Age humbuckers. They are EXTREMELY cheap
10:18:58 Robin: 39 dollars.
10:19:16 Robin: and I know these EMG and all those popular brands are supposed to be good for metal :P
10:19:58 Robin: GOlden age*
10:20:07 Robin: anyway, I got to go eat dinner now. Talk to you later :) bye
10:20:20 FlyingFin: ttyl
10:20:22 FlyingFin: take care
13:27:48 shredmandan: hey
13:27:52 Robin: Hello guys
13:28:37 Smurkas: hey shred
13:28:51 Smurkas: let's try and get you set up for recording!
13:29:05 shredmandan: hey man.I dont know what kind of soundcard i have,its a new computer
13:29:16 Smurkas: hmm ok
13:29:21 Smurkas: check the device manager
13:29:35 shredmandan: ok let me look
13:29:44 Robin: Hi
13:29:45 Smurkas: oh mac or pc btw?
13:30:21 shredmandan: pc its
13:30:32 shredmandan: less than 6 months old
13:30:47 shredmandan: were is device manager lol
13:31:19 shredmandan: vista is still hard for me to learn
13:31:27 Smurkas: oh shit it's vista
13:31:33 Smurkas: then I'm not sure
13:31:39 shredmandan: yep like i said brand new
13:31:44 Smurkas: but check the control panel
13:31:48 jeff: Hey all
13:31:54 shredmandan: ok
13:31:54 Smurkas: in the control panel it's under system in xp
13:32:07 Smurkas: anyway you need an ASIO driver for recording
13:33:26 shredmandan: i installed asio when i loaded reaper because before i installed it there was no sound at all
13:33:31 Smurkas: and if it's not a professional sound card it doesn'thave one
13:33:50 Smurkas: get asio4all at
13:34:16 shredmandan: found sound in control panel but its not telling me what card just asking me change system sounds or audio devices
13:34:35 shredmandan: i think i installed that version
13:34:47 shredmandan: also computer is saying it's picking up my mic
13:34:53 Smurkas: ok
13:34:57 Smurkas: start reaper
13:36:10 shredmandan: ok
13:36:36 Smurkas: go to options - preferences
13:36:54 shredmandan: ok
13:37:11 Smurkas: check device under audio
13:37:43 shredmandan: asio
13:37:57 shredmandan: inputs say notconeected
13:38:05 Smurkas: what asio driver is it set to?
13:38:49 shredmandan: system says just asio and them below it says asio driver== asio4all v2
13:39:21 Smurkas: and in the inputs it just says not connected?
13:39:58 shredmandan: yep it says both not connected and above it there is a box checked that says enable inputs
13:40:22 Smurkas: and if you click in them there's nothing to choose?
13:40:55 shredmandan: nope it just gives you options that say not connected
13:42:05 Smurkas: hmm I just tried ASIO4ALL on my computer and the only thing it picks up is my rig board
13:42:42 Smurkas: try switching asio driver to DirectX full duplex driver
13:43:04 shredmandan: ok
13:43:08 shredmandan: 1 sec
13:44:26 shredmandan: it doesnt give me that option,just will let me choose the driver i already have.I dont think the other ones ever worked on my computer thats why i had to use asio so i could hear sound from the music
13:44:43 Smurkas: that's really weird
13:44:58 Smurkas: I thought the duplex driver was standard for windows
13:45:07 Smurkas: anyways, quit reaper
13:45:27 Smurkas: and check the asio4all off line settings
13:45:58 shredmandan: ok
13:46:44 shredmandan: what am i looking for on there
13:47:06 Smurkas: what does it say in the WDM device list?
13:47:18 shredmandan: hda device
13:47:25 Smurkas: is it active?
13:47:36 shredmandan: yes
13:47:56 Smurkas: bugger
13:48:24 Smurkas: you're going to have to find out if the sound card is built on your motherboard or mounted on it
13:49:07 shredmandan: thats going to be hard to find out lol
13:49:40 Smurkas: then you have to find the device manager :P
13:49:59 shredmandan: man let me see what i can do,
13:50:29 Smurkas: my guess is, you don't have any specific drivers installed for your sound card
13:50:56 shredmandan: whats that mean exactly?
13:51:42 Smurkas: that your computer just recognizes some kind of general audio device and doesn't know exactly what kind of sound card you have
13:52:50 shredmandan: damm i hate vista .Trying to find device manager.Thats sad its this harrd
13:53:09 Smurkas: it's pretty common that proper sound drivers aren't installed from the get go and you have to go driver hunting
13:53:20 jeff: Hey shredmandan, I just read your post. Did you Arm your track before pressing the record button?
13:53:49 Smurkas: the problem seems to be that reaper doesn't recognize any inputs
13:53:50 shredmandan: i believe so but there more to the problem for sure
13:54:09 jeff: ok sorry!
13:54:20 shredmandan: no prob thanks for trying
13:55:03 shredmandan: i can find my hard drives but no sound info
13:55:26 Smurkas: only the hard drives or lots of other stuff?
13:55:59 shredmandan: only hard drives and removable disks options
13:56:08 shredmandan: in my computer area
13:56:24 Smurkas: then you're in the wrong place, the device manager lists all hardware in the computer
13:56:40 shredmandan: ok looking
13:57:13 shredmandan: found it lol
13:58:05 Smurkas: alright progress!
13:59:04 Kurt: hey guys
13:59:07 shredmandan: there is so much stuff under sound though i dont even know what it is.
13:59:55 Smurkas: what's it all called?
14:01:15 shredmandan: Microsoft iscsi initiator ??
14:01:29 shredmandan: dont think thats it not sure
14:02:50 shredmandan: there is something in my control panel thats saying a network adapter is down because windows cant load the driver for the device.Maybe thats a problem ?? lol
14:03:13 Smurkas: it could be
14:03:57 shredmandan: give me an idea of what a soundcard name sounds like lol ,just like what it would kinda say
14:04:46 jeff: shredman can you record something with the microsoft sound recorder that came with windows?
14:04:54 shredmandan: ISATAP adapter is down????
14:05:40 shredmandan: jeff i didnt know that.Thats a good back up plan,i will always be a generic recorder it seems like lol
14:05:50 Smurkas: yeah try it
14:05:56 Smurkas: see if you can do that
14:06:02 shredmandan: ok
14:06:16 Smurkas: if you can then this is of course more annoying
14:06:26 Smurkas: cuz then you should be able to do it in reaper
14:06:29 jeff: I'm only saying that to see if your microphone is picking up anything at all
14:07:14 shredmandan: just bought mic new.It is just a simple cheap almost like a chat mic but still should pick up signal.Just opened it out of new package'
14:09:20 jeff: It should work if your generic windows sound driver is working
14:09:41 shredmandan: just did a test record now i have to find out were the file went lol
14:10:02 shredmandan: yep it worked
14:10:17 jeff: ok then Reaper should work
14:10:37 shredmandan: mic worked and sound played back when i used the microsoft recorder
14:11:01 jeff: Reaper should work with that driver and mic
14:11:19 Smurkas: that's really annoying
14:11:29 jeff: go to reaper, insert track, arm track and then hit record
14:11:29 shredmandan: i hear you man lol
14:11:36 shredmandan: ok
14:12:23 shredmandan: just to make sure im doing it correct how do you arm track?
14:12:42 Smurkas: press the R button on the track
14:12:47 shredmandan: ok
14:13:05 jeff: hit the little gray button under the track beneath the number 1 or 2, etc
14:13:29 shredmandan: damm it says not conneted
14:13:33 jeff: now hit record
14:14:34 Smurkas: so basically asio4all is not picking up the inputs from your hda
14:15:07 shredmandan: guess so .whats ripple editing?
14:16:25 Smurkas: is your computer a laptop?
14:16:34 shredmandan: computer
14:16:43 shredmandan: no not a laptop lol
14:16:47 shredmandan: sorry
14:17:55 jeff: Smurkas, do you need ASIO for reaper? Wondering if he can use the microsoft driver?
14:18:46 Smurkas: he needs asio for latency
14:18:49 shredmandan: no i have to use asio because when i first downloaded reaper i got no sound from there sample tracks at all.I asked on gmc and andrew said i needed asio to get any sound play back once i did this it played sound back
14:18:51 Smurkas: ok try this
14:19:09 Smurkas: I just searched some forums and other people have had the same problems
14:19:32 shredmandan: cool
14:19:38 Smurkas: what they did was exit reaper and delete the reaper.ini file
14:19:57 shredmandan: whats .ini file?
14:20:05 shredmandan: the whole thing or just one file
14:20:12 Smurkas: umm no
14:20:18 Smurkas: the install file is one file
14:20:27 shredmandan: lol ok
14:20:35 Smurkas: reaper is probably installed in something like c:\program files\reaper
14:21:15 shredmandan: so just delete it and reinstall?
14:21:25 Smurkas: no no reinstall
14:21:32 Smurkas: find where reaper installed itself
14:21:42 Smurkas: delete reaper.ini and start the program
14:21:53 Smurkas: the ini-file is like a config-file for reaper
14:22:06 Smurkas: when one isn't there reaper checks your setup and makes a new one
14:22:47 jeff: Gotta go guys. Take care. Good luck shreadmandan. Hope you get it working. It's a great program!
14:23:19 shredmandan: thanks jeff for the help see ya
14:23:45 shredmandan: ok smurk in there just got to find that exact file
14:25:00 shredmandan: i see files that say reset configuration
14:27:02 shredmandan: should i reset to default settings?I dont se a file that says ini file
14:27:50 Smurkas: hmm
14:28:11 Smurkas: wait a sec
14:28:26 shredmandan: ok while im waiting i will give you the list of options i have
14:28:32 Smurkas: you found the folder where reaper installed itself?
14:29:34 shredmandan: i found a bunch of files under reaper,the one that installs it along with other files envolved with it
14:30:18 Smurkas: ok cuz you should have a folder on your hard drive where the program actually installed itself
14:30:51 Iluha: hey guys
14:31:39 shredmandan: ok went to my harddrive and found a file that says reaper
14:32:02 Smurkas: do you have a folder called program files or some such?
14:32:34 shredmandan: yes and this search brought up better options
14:33:15 shredmandan: is it the reaper install configuration settings i want to delete.
14:34:14 Smurkas: yes
14:34:24 Smurkas: it's the only one I can find on my computer
14:34:33 shredmandan: ok i got it and i will delete now
14:34:36 Smurkas: the forum said delete reaper.ini but I can't find one of those
14:35:13 shredmandan: its the only file that say configuration settings so if thats what i need to remove this has tobe it
14:35:29 Smurkas: yeah
14:35:32 Smurkas: let's try it
14:36:08 shredmandan: ok now what do i do?
14:41:15 shredmandan: Smurkas you there?
14:45:34 The Uncreator: Whats up fellow shredders
14:46:05 shredmandan: trying to get reaper tp pickup my mic so i can record.what about u>?
14:46:09 The Uncreator: Wow is there anyone here or is that list just to ge my hope sup
14:46:16 The Uncreator: oh someone is here lol
14:46:30 shredmandan: hep im about it i think
14:46:35 Smurkas: sorry
14:46:38 The Uncreator: IM probably gonna do homework soon
14:46:41 Smurkas: was away a bit there
14:46:46 shredmandan: no prob though you were gone
14:46:56 Smurkas: try starting reaper again
14:47:45 The Uncreator: Anyone good at Physics?
14:47:54 Smurkas: no :D
14:48:15 The Uncreator: Physics is tough lol
14:48:40 The Uncreator: that much math hurts my thought apparatus
14:48:50 shredmandan: i will be dammed if it works now Smurkas lol.Thanks man now i just have to deal with fact i got a really crappy mic and will have to buy a new one that picks up better,but it does work now
14:49:02 Smurkas: it does?
14:49:09 Smurkas: well I'll be damned
14:49:15 The Uncreator: atleast you got SOMETHING to work with, i still need something
14:49:16 Smurkas: VICTORY!!!
14:49:37 Smurkas: you can get an SM57 pretty cheap
14:49:59 Smurkas: that one's the shit for recording guitars
14:50:05 Robin: Hi everyone
14:50:13 The Uncreator: Hey Man, whats up?
14:50:14 Smurkas: hey robin
14:50:18 Robin: Omg, the uncreator in the chat? Never seen that before :)
14:50:22 shredmandan: funny thing is while you were away i tryed to use the microsoft recorder again and it didnt work ,then i go to reaper when u got on here and it just worked fine lol.That works for me though.How much does that mic run and is it a shure
14:50:24 The Uncreator: i was here last night
14:50:25 jeff: Hey Smurkas, just got back - how did you get it to work
14:50:29 The Uncreator: and a few nights before that
14:50:31 Robin: changing strings on my guitar(well, soon it will be my guitar)
14:50:40 The Uncreator: Get a new one?
14:50:41 Smurkas: he deleted reapers config file
14:50:50 Smurkas: that made reaper take a new look at his setup
14:51:06 jeff: wow - strange.
14:51:10 Smurkas: yes
14:51:14 Smurkas: found the tip on a forum
14:51:29 The Uncreator: What software do you guys use?
14:51:44 Smurkas: cubase mostly
14:51:48 jeff: BTW - I've got one working here using wav out ms device - no ASIO
14:52:02 The Uncreator: How much is Cubase?
14:52:04 Smurkas: do get decent latency with that?
14:52:11 Smurkas: that depends on which version you buy
14:52:12 jeff: Hey Uncreator I'm using Reaper for now
14:52:22 The Uncreator: the best one avaiilabe
14:52:24 Smurkas: they got loads of different versions
14:52:39 Smurkas: then it's pretty expensive
14:52:50 Smurkas: you should definately check out reaper
14:53:07 The Uncreator: Is all you need for Reaper a Mic?
14:53:07 jeff: Honestly, I'm using it to play music here at work but I do use POD at home so that could be considered cheating:o
14:53:23 shredmandan: for me yes The Uncreator
14:53:27 Smurkas: and a way to plug the mic into your computer of course
14:53:32 shredmandan: lol
14:53:34 The Uncreator: Well yeah
14:53:49 The Uncreator: i need to buy a mic and an adapter for the computer
14:53:56 jeff: and good .ini file lol
14:54:17 shredmandan: Smurkas can you send me some drum beats some time today?Anything i dontcare as longas it doesnt have to many quick changes
14:54:57 The Uncreator: Quick Guitar Question, if my limited Theory serves me correct, DADGFAD is Open Dm Tuning right?
14:55:04 The Uncreator: DADFAD*
14:55:20 Smurkas: yes
14:55:33 The Uncreator: Ok, just had to mkae sure before i tune my guitar
14:55:35 Smurkas: that's all the notes in the triad
14:55:53 Smurkas: I'll try shredman
14:56:13 jeff: Are you writing a song or using it to play something else?
14:56:44 The Uncreator: Well, im gonna head out and do some Physics Homework :( ill try to catch up with you guys later
14:56:55 The Uncreator: Cya rouand GMC
14:57:38 jeff: Hey Robin - feeling blue lately?:)
14:58:59 jeff: Does anybody have any ideas for a collaboration?
14:59:16 Robin: I'm not sure what the meaning of "Feeling blues" is :) All I know is that it is a CCR song :D
14:59:22 Robin: blue*
15:00:04 jeff: I know you like the blues! That's what I mean :)
15:00:21 Robin: ah yes, of course :D
15:00:26 Robin: hehe :)
15:00:47 Robin: about collabration, you could make like a Vol. 2 of one that have been done before. Just with different players
15:01:04 Robin: I like the one where people make their own riffs and stuff, make a song
15:01:12 Robin: collaboration*
15:01:55 jeff: I signed up for that one. Although I haven't added anything recently
15:02:26 jeff: I'd like to do one. I am thinking of doing one where people would play harmony leads
15:03:12 shredmandan: what was that mic called again Smurkas
15:03:14 Robin: you mean like, iron maiden twin gutiar kinda thing?
15:03:30 jeff: yes! that would be cool
15:03:49 Smurkas: sm57
15:04:06 shredmandan: is it make by shure?
15:04:09 Smurkas: it's a dynamic microphone for close micing
15:04:11 Smurkas: yes
15:04:34 Smurkas: it's like 100$ here in Sweden I think
15:04:54 Smurkas: and that's for the industry standard guitar microphone
15:04:58 jeff: excellent micropohone. you can run over it with a car and it will still work
15:08:17 shredmandan: Well im off for now.Thanks for the help,finally got it working.see ya
15:09:21 jeff: gonna roll now. c u later
15:10:09 Robin: bye
15:15:51 Batista: Cheers guys
15:16:13 Batista: *slap*
15:16:28 Robin: Hi there
15:16:52 Batista: Hva skjer?
15:17:00 Robin: skifta netopp strenger :D
15:17:02 Robin: skal jamme litt
15:17:09 Batista: Tuft^^
15:19:35 Batista: Stikker og jammer litt selv, snakkes
16:01:16 Kurt: *slap* *meow* *whip*
16:01:25 Robin: Yo :)
16:01:27 Kurt: hey robin
16:01:41 Kurt: whats up? you bought a guitar? :)
16:02:01 Robin: nah they only had cheap copy brands at the store
16:02:15 Robin: but my dad have a friend that I might buy a guitar from
16:02:42 Kurt: cool....what modell would that be?
16:02:49 Robin: Weststone Pantear X275. I'm not sure if they make it anymore. Its more than 20 years old, but barely used
16:02:52 Robin: I love it
16:02:56 Robin: pantera*
16:03:19 Kurt: ahhh... but I did never hear from this already tested it?
16:03:31 Robin: yeah I've tested it some months ago actually
16:03:46 Robin: you see, we have borrowed it some years ago, and it have been here the whole time :P
16:03:56 Robin: I just decided to test it out for real today, and I love it
16:04:05 Kurt: lol ah ok
16:04:12 Robin: never goes out of tune, feels good, looks good, really good for metal
16:04:20 Robin: and I will probably get it cheap
16:04:32 Kurt: it something to do with the band pantera ? lol
16:04:38 Kurt: has*
16:04:40 Robin: hehe no :P
16:04:45 Kurt: lol
16:04:53 Kurt: how much do you pay?
16:05:38 Robin: dont know yet
16:05:44 Robin: gonna ask him tomorrow
16:05:50 Kurt: aha
16:06:27 Robin: actually, I dont even know if he will sell it xD But I'm almost a 100% sure. becuase he says he dont even like this guitar, and he havent used it for many year
16:06:28 Robin: s
16:06:47 Robin: Hello there :)
16:06:54 Kurt: yes so i think too he will sell it ;)
16:06:58 Kurt: hi
16:06:59 verganas: heya good evening
16:07:01 Robin: yeah hope so :D
16:07:18 verganas: just popped in to see how things are in chat :)
16:07:29 Robin: going good :D guitar talk :P
16:07:37 Kurt: you are new at GMC?
16:07:44 Robin: Kurt, I forgot what guitar you had. You had a stratocaster, right?
16:07:46 verganas: kinda yes like 1 month or so
16:07:55 Kurt: yes and a les paul too ;)
16:08:00 Robin: oh nice! :D
16:08:04 Kurt: lol
16:08:19 Kurt: from where are you verganas ?
16:08:25 verganas: Greece. You guys?
16:08:26 Kurt: italy,spain? lol
16:08:32 Kurt: ah ok sorry lol
16:08:56 verganas: hehe guess you thought about the nickname or so
16:09:03 Kurt: yep ;)
16:09:09 Kurt: I am from austria
16:09:11 Robin: Norway here
16:09:22 verganas: Cool nice to meet you :)
16:09:34 Kurt: thx man you too lol
16:09:53 Kurt: so what do you play? what styles? verganas
16:11:53 verganas: well i used to play bass about 8-9 years ago. we used to play the metal of that age like maiden, metallica etc. haven't touched a guitar for many years and thought to give it a try again. i am fond of melodic death metal atm so i'd like that style.
16:12:25 Kurt: cool man I am also very into metal and heavy rock stuff :)
16:13:19 verganas: nice :) at the moment mostly practicing some scales to get a feeling again hehe. been really long away from playing and stuff
16:13:49 Kurt: yeah cool....but its greazt that you found back to the guitar :)
16:13:55 Kurt: *great
16:14:27 verganas: hope so :) you know lots of work and no much motivation from the former band. none play at the moment :P
16:14:56 verganas: at least now you can do some stuff at the pc like mixing a song on your own with a budget equipment
16:15:17 Kurt: yes thats right ;)
16:15:34 Kurt: but do you still play only bass or normal guitar right now?
16:16:03 verganas: normal guitar now. have started to change from bass to guitar back then.
16:16:20 Kurt: great decision :p
16:16:25 Kurt: lol
16:16:47 verganas: hehe yea and i also wait a new one now. hope it's good. cause i got a crappy cheap guitar at the moment :P ordered a jackson dk2m
16:17:22 Kurt: I don´t know exactly this modell but I still like jackson guitars very much :)
16:18:30 verganas: :) so you have been playing for years?
16:18:45 Kurt: yes...but just for one lol
16:18:54 verganas: :D
16:19:10 Robin: technically I've been playing for almost 5 years, but 4 of those years was mostly computer gaming. I didnt even know the point of a scale
16:19:15 Robin: thanks goodness for GMC :)
16:19:16 Kurt: exactly it is a year now guitar in general...and electric since a half year :)
16:19:30 Robin: thank goodness*
16:19:38 verganas: hehe yea i noticed the lessons are very nice
16:20:01 verganas: i like how they present them too
16:20:07 Robin: yep they are great
16:20:09 Kurt: yep...but I would like to see soon a new one of the master himself lol
16:20:13 Kurt: Kris ;)
16:20:24 Robin: yeah I hope he will make one
16:20:28 verganas: hehe
16:20:29 Robin: I like his lessons the most
16:20:43 Robin: the one-on-one lessons. great explenations
16:20:48 Kurt: yes his one on one lessons are very helpful
16:20:59 verganas: well i'll see them in time i guess ;-)
16:21:08 Kurt: hope so :)
16:21:16 verganas: hehe me too :P
16:21:57 verganas: this is a video presentation of the guitar btw if u'd like to see. it's 2 mins.
16:22:11 Kurt: ok i´ll check it out
16:22:49 Robin: sounds amazing
16:23:10 verganas: btw i am having a bit of a trouble with the password manager in firefox and explorer. i chose to save the password and it went nuts and i don't get a popup to enter the password :P any ideas ? had that problem ever?
16:23:29 verganas: clearing that stuff from the options doesn't work...
16:23:40 Kurt: nope sry I don´t know :(
16:23:42 Robin: I have no idea, sorry :(
16:23:49 verganas: kk thx :)
16:24:00 Kurt: but nice guitar man ;)
16:24:14 Kurt: nice heavy metal sound :)
16:24:19 Robin: yeah really nice sound
16:24:25 verganas: hope it gets here in one piece. ordered from germany :P
16:24:28 Kurt: what colour did you order?
16:24:50 Kurt: from thomann?
16:24:53 verganas: unfortunately couldn't find white anywhere. i'd have to wait 2 months. so i got a crimson swirl.
16:24:55 verganas: yep there
16:25:04 Kurt: cool...ts a great shop ;)
16:25:30 Kurt: but whats crimson swirl? lol
16:25:39 Kurt: is that kind of black=
16:25:41 Kurt: ?
16:25:43 verganas: hehe let me show u. basically it's transparent red kinda
16:25:51 Kurt: ahhhh :)
16:26:22 verganas:
16:26:27 Kurt: ok thx
16:26:35 verganas: i'd preffer it white but it's k i guess :P
16:26:48 Robin: looks pretty good :D
16:26:59 Kurt: yep.. I ´d prefer that one ;)
16:27:07 Kurt: looks more interesting :)
16:27:17 verganas: hehe
16:28:06 verganas: well got to hop off. work at the morning etc :P hope to see you around guys!
16:28:33 Kurt: bye verganas
16:28:48 Robin: bye
16:28:49 Robin: :D
16:29:27 Kurt: hey if you had as much money as you want...what guitar would you buy? :D
16:29:42 Robin: the most expensive Gibson Les Paul I could find xD
16:29:55 Robin: howbout you? :)
16:30:09 Kurt: yes of course.... Gibson les paul jimmy page signature :)
16:30:16 Robin: :D
16:30:16 Kurt: 8000 euros lol
16:30:19 Robin: omg haha
16:30:23 Robin: its sooo expensive
16:30:29 Kurt: yes lol
16:30:30 Robin: if only I was rich :D
16:30:37 Kurt: ;)
16:35:22 Kurt: hey robin are you also playing a little bit blues on electric? ;)
16:35:37 Kurt: *meow*
16:35:45 Robin: yeah I play alot of blues :D
16:36:06 Kurt: cool... so what do you suggest to learn for me? :)
16:36:16 Kurt: any cool blues song?
16:36:37 Robin: hmmm I dont really know any blues songs, except for a couple of fingerpicking songs
16:36:45 Robin: I know how to play solo though
16:36:49 Robin: or actually
16:37:00 Robin: Stevei Ray Vaughan - Couldn't stand the weather
16:37:06 Robin: you should learn that song. I learned so much from it
16:37:10 Robin: stevie*
16:37:47 Kurt: cool... because i am nearly just improvising and jamming and stuff but now I wanna learn a whole song lol
16:37:56 Robin: hehe yeah I'm also jammin
16:37:57 Kurt: as it is written lol
16:38:21 Robin: johnny winter also got some cool stuff
16:38:28 Robin: but SRV songs are very good to learn
16:38:56 Kurt: yeah i already lerned parts of texas flood :)
16:39:00 Kurt: you know ?^^
16:39:14 Robin: yeah :D
16:39:16 Robin: great song
16:39:28 Kurt: yes ...maybe even his most famous ;)
16:39:39 Kurt: or maybe cold shot lol
16:39:52 Robin: actually he didnt write it, but his version is really good. he even have an album called Texas flood :D
16:39:55 Robin: yeah that ones cool aswell
16:40:01 Robin: the house is rockin' is great :D
16:40:09 Robin: but couldnt stand the weather is my favorite
16:40:21 Kurt: cool...I am checking it out now ;)
16:43:51 Robin: Hi ho
16:43:56 Batista: Yo dude
16:44:15 Kurt: hi
16:45:26 Batista: Wazzup?^^
16:45:48 Robin: not much. Listening to Riverdance and browsing forums and such :)
16:46:15 Robin: what are you guys up to?
16:46:34 Kurt: just downloading that one SRV song :)
16:46:47 Robin: :D
16:47:50 Batista: Trying to learn the extremely fast speed/alternate picking part in "Farewell Ballad" by Zakk Wylde
16:48:27 Batista: Cheers Eat-Sleep-andJam
16:48:33 Robin: Hi there
16:48:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyy fellllllasss
16:48:50 Kurt: yo
16:49:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: just got back a hour ago, first day at highschool :p
16:49:14 Batista: Cool, fun there?
16:49:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: alright
16:49:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: big step up from middle school
16:50:15 Robin: I'm just curious... High School, is that the school you start at when you're around age 13?
16:50:24 Robin: and then you go to college at 16?
16:50:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
16:50:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well im 14
16:50:37 Robin: ah ok, 13/14 :P
16:50:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: turn 15 in december
16:50:55 Batista: Ungdomsskole i Norge tror jeg:S
16:50:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol so Ill go to college I think 18
16:50:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: if all goes to plan
16:51:03 Robin: Ja, det jeg lurte på om det var
16:51:12 Robin: og College = videregående
16:51:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol german I suppose ?
16:51:20 Robin: ah ok
16:51:28 Batista: Norwegian0o
16:51:29 Robin: norwegian :P
16:51:45 Batista: Ja, tror det Robin.
16:51:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol even better
16:52:05 Batista: Ofc
16:52:11 Robin: :D
16:53:13 Batista: College, trodde det var der hvor man studerer jeg, elementary school er barneskole i alle fall
16:53:20 Robin: ja
16:53:36 Batista: er ikke så jævla nøye heller egentlig:P
16:53:45 Robin: heha :D
16:54:57 Batista: Where in the wide world do you live Eaty-boy
16:55:49 Batista: ?
16:55:57 Robin: *slap*
16:56:12 Batista: *spank*
16:56:17 Batista: doh, didn't work -.-
16:56:20 Robin: :D
16:56:33 Kurt: *meow*
16:56:39 Kurt: lol
16:56:49 Robin: lol
16:57:01 Kurt: <8)
16:57:29 Batista: <3 <-- Ice Cream lol
16:57:48 Kurt: <8) <<<< patrick from spongebob ;)
16:57:51 Robin: <8 no this is ice cream :D
16:57:51 Kurt: lol
16:57:55 Robin: <3 this is a heart :D
16:58:09 Kurt: <8(
16:58:09 Robin: or wait, <8 this is also a bird with large eyes
16:58:16 Kurt: sad patrick lol
16:58:19 Robin: :>
16:58:19 Batista: Hahaha^^
17:03:49 Batista: |_()|_
17:04:08 Batista: *slap*
17:04:26 Robin: |\/| /-\ |\| |\|
17:04:50 Batista: |-|()|\/|()
17:05:01 Robin: heha
17:05:18 Batista: e-en blir hard:P
17:05:31 Robin: jæ :p
17:07:05 Batista: Men stikker, prekas!^^
17:07:10 Robin: bye
17:07:20 Batista: cya
17:19:48 FlyingFin: Hey there, fellow guitar lovers :P
17:19:56 FlyingFin: fellow TALKATIVE guitar lovers
17:20:01 FlyingFin: ;)
17:20:54 Robin: hey
17:21:04 Kurt: oh hey FlyingFin
17:22:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol sorry I was sounded out practicing sweeps for awhile :p
17:22:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: zoned*
17:23:06 FlyingFin: riiight
17:23:26 FlyingFin: man, it's already 11:30pm here, and I don't want to wake up my neighbors
17:23:47 FlyingFin: I haven't played any for a few hours, and now I suddenly got the urge to do something productive again
17:24:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: man where do you live
17:24:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its 5:23 pm here
17:24:16 FlyingFin: Utrecht, Netherlands
17:24:25 FlyingFin: but I'm definitely not Dutch!
17:24:29 FlyingFin: *shivers*
17:24:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sureeeeee
17:24:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
17:25:00 FlyingFin: I just ended up here due to no jobs available in Sweden nor Finland for my unique (right) profession :P
17:25:18 FlyingFin: Listening to some live Slayer stuff now - really nice
17:25:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nice
17:25:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats your unique profession
17:25:51 FlyingFin: haha, I'm just an IT geek
17:25:53 FlyingFin: that's all
17:26:20 FlyingFin: but without any work experience back then, and the companies in Sweden are unwilling to take on newly graduated guys
17:26:34 FlyingFin: but here in the NL they didn't mind. They preferred to teach me from scratch instead
17:26:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: But It you mean ?
17:26:47 FlyingFin: I am a network engineer
17:26:58 FlyingFin: focusing on Cisco and Juniper network equipment
17:27:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nice
17:27:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: computers right ?
17:27:20 FlyingFin: yeah, something like that :)
17:27:27 FlyingFin: so what brand guitar do you guys have?
17:27:40 FlyingFin: I know you told me earlier, Rob, but I forgot :p
17:27:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I play Jackson
17:28:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but Im getting a new schecter by this friday
17:28:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yourself ?
17:29:32 FlyingFin: a cheapo Greg Bennet Malibu. Dunno why I got that one, but I'll be getting something more metal-ish when I'm good enough :p
17:29:45 FlyingFin: got it a year ago, but haven't been playing much
17:30:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I see
17:30:03 FlyingFin: until like a week back, and then I joined GMC
17:30:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nice
17:30:15 FlyingFin: oh yeah, already improving hehe
17:30:18 FlyingFin: great site
17:30:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha good to hear!
17:30:37 FlyingFin: I've been subscribed to other guitar lesson sites, but this one owns the other ones by far
17:31:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: It sure does
17:31:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like Shred Academy to, Im not subscribed there but I stop by here and there
17:31:42 FlyingFin: I've been checking out the Parker NiteFly at the moment - looks very nice
17:31:47 FlyingFin: sounds good too :p
17:31:52 FlyingFin: oh, I see - never been there
17:31:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: It sure does
17:32:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Parker Niteflys and Mo-Joes are great guitars, just kind of pricey
17:32:28 FlyingFin: oh, I see
17:32:33 FlyingFin: I have no idea what it'd cost :p
17:32:43 FlyingFin: I've been looking at some Ibanez ones and suhc
17:32:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well in U.s dollars over 1,000
17:32:53 FlyingFin: and the local store over here sells 'em pretty pricey
17:33:00 FlyingFin: yeah, figured as much
17:33:53 FlyingFin: It's funny when people wonder how I can be 23 years old and stuck in the 80s when it comes to my musical tastes hehe
17:34:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
17:34:20 FlyingFin: well, not entirely true, I do listen to some blues and jazz as well, but I've never been into mainstream radio and pop
17:34:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you being a engineer, probably have no money problems
17:34:45 FlyingFin: haha, now now
17:35:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I strong assumption but a correct one ? :p
17:35:01 FlyingFin: I'd be hiring Steve Vai if that would be true
17:35:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I think you should go Ibanez
17:35:25 FlyingFin: not entirely correct, but I don't have any financial problems I suppose
17:35:39 FlyingFin: I'll just have to get good enough to warrant getting a new guitar :P
17:36:29 FlyingFin: and believe me, as soon as I feel I'm too good for my current guitar I'll SO go on a shopping spree :P
17:36:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha thats right
17:37:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
17:37:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my next guitar
17:37:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: not like you care or anything :p
17:38:48 FlyingFin: hehe, I go on zzounds a lot just to check US prices :p
17:39:13 FlyingFin: damn, it looks wicked man
17:39:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hiya hemlok
17:39:21 FlyingFin: hey there, Hemlok
17:39:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thanks dude :)
17:39:42 FlyingFin: and I assume that it plays good too?
17:39:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well
17:39:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: take it this way
17:39:56 Hemlok: hello everyone
17:40:02 Hemlok: im having shower brb
17:40:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Everyone ravvvvvvvvves over the prestige ibanez necks and the rgs and omg but I played this and compared it and liked it better
17:41:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: plus I get it for around 500 $ :)
17:43:42 PacmanProductions: eyyy...
17:43:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you little devil you
17:43:50 Robin: hi
17:43:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats up ?
17:43:59 PacmanProductions: thanks i get that alot
17:44:03 PacmanProductions: nm
17:44:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
17:44:14 FlyingFin: weeeeee
17:44:28 PacmanProductions: gettin ready for soccer pract...or try outs i think
17:44:45 FlyingFin: never tried that guitar, but I've heard a lot of good things about scechter axes
17:44:51 FlyingFin: Oo, soccer! Good stuff!
17:44:56 FlyingFin: what's your favorite team?
17:45:00 PacmanProductions: cheyya boi
17:45:04 PacmanProductions: umm...
17:45:14 PacmanProductions: Real Madrid
17:45:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sense im tall I play baskettball
17:45:33 PacmanProductions: now that Zidane is off i like it more
17:45:39 PacmanProductions: ahhh...
17:45:39 FlyingFin: Oh, I see.
17:45:41 FlyingFin: haha
17:45:50 FlyingFin: they finally started playing some good football again
17:45:59 PacmanProductions: and i think Cannavaro is like the best ever
17:46:00 FlyingFin: now that both Becks and Zizou are out
17:46:03 FlyingFin: no more old drunks :p
17:46:09 FlyingFin: he's awesome
17:46:14 PacmanProductions: i feel srry for beck..
17:46:35 FlyingFin: yeah, well, it's too bad that he's getting injured all the time yeah
17:46:36 PacmanProductions: his pay may go skyhigh,
17:46:47 PacmanProductions: but his rep is goin DOWN
17:46:55 PacmanProductions: and i mean dowwwwwnnnnnnnn...
17:46:56 FlyingFin: but now he's nothing more than an old show
17:47:04 PacmanProductions: i mean,
17:47:11 PacmanProductions: who even cares for american soccer
17:47:17 FlyingFin: yeah, well - you americans probably didn't know jack shit about him, and then the only thing you see is him fucking off at the bench
17:47:34 PacmanProductions: i know....
17:47:36 PacmanProductions: seriously
17:48:11 PacmanProductions: well, im here, im just doin HW....
17:48:17 PacmanProductions: cya
17:48:25 FlyingFin: heh, the evils of school
17:48:31 FlyingFin: how lucky I am to be out of that nasty loop
17:48:33 PacmanProductions: got that right
17:48:37 PacmanProductions: ....
17:48:56 PacmanProductions:
17:49:00 PacmanProductions: lol
17:49:08 FlyingFin: heh
17:50:09 FlyingFin: damn, just looked up that Nitefly I was drooling over, and it's priced at €2100, which is about $2800
17:50:38 FlyingFin: well, this is when I wished I could order my guitar from the states with the dollar so low and all...
17:51:16 PacmanProductions: i know... when i went to Spain, i hated buying anything
17:51:22 PacmanProductions: too much compared to dollar
17:51:29 FlyingFin: mm
17:52:30 FlyingFin: so where did ya go, Eat-Sleep....
17:52:31 FlyingFin: ?
17:54:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sorry
17:54:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: dirty website came up
17:54:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but I wasnt looking or anything
17:55:26 FlyingFin: of course not
17:56:06 FlyingFin: hmm, a friend of mine just told me he's selling his jem from '89. Haha, I won't even ask how much he wants for it :P
17:56:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
17:56:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: a jem none the less I suppose
17:56:29 FlyingFin: yeah, I suppose
17:56:45 FlyingFin: he got this nasty disease creeping up his hands and arms, so he can't play anymore
17:57:05 FlyingFin: I've known about it for a few years, but never thought it'd get that bad :/
17:58:09 FlyingFin: anyway, how long have you been playing for?
17:58:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um around a year and a half
17:58:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but you know its felt like longer because ive learned so much
17:59:44 FlyingFin: yeah, that's what I feel like after spending like 4 days on GMC
18:00:28 FlyingFin: I mean the other sites I've been at never did the beginner lessons like they do here, and this is a real rock guitar site, not just a site with all kinds of snippets from a few styles
18:00:43 FlyingFin: they really focus seriously on rock/metal :)
18:00:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
18:00:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: they do
18:01:04 FlyingFin: and that's why I decided to really give the guitar one more try :p
18:01:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and the jazz,blues and other stuff is developing quite well
18:01:45 FlyingFin: yeah
18:01:51 FlyingFin: definitely
18:02:07 FlyingFin: I would love to be able to exand my (someday to be) awesome shredding with some blues
18:02:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
18:02:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont love the blues
18:02:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im more of a shred guy
18:02:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but at 14 years of age im motivated quite easily
18:04:12 FlyingFin: hehe, good stuff
18:04:22 FlyingFin: damn you're so young, you could be awesome by my age :p
18:04:23 FlyingFin: hehe
18:04:30 FlyingFin: so who's your favorite teacher?
18:04:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: on the site ?
18:04:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
18:05:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I do like Pavel,Marcus,Roo,Juan and Jerrt all alot
18:05:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: jerry*
18:07:01 PacmanProductions: what about gabe???
18:07:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like some of his stuff, not all of it
18:07:15 Robin: what about muris? :D he is imo the best one
18:07:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and muris
18:07:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: idk why I left him out
18:07:32 PacmanProductions: robin-just about to say him....:P
18:07:37 Robin: :D
18:07:43 PacmanProductions: :P *
18:08:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Pavel,Roo and Marcus and Juan technically the most
18:08:57 FlyingFin: hehe
18:09:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: if i was to narrow them down into technical strengths, Pavel-Sweeping Marcus-Vibrato,Roo-Chicken Picking and Speed Picking and Juan-Tapping
18:09:47 FlyingFin: I haven't watched many other's than Kris yet, but I've glanced at some of Pavel's and he sure knows some insane shredding
18:09:54 Hemlok: woohoo i have $7000 saved :D
18:10:00 PacmanProductions: nice
18:10:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I have like 750$
18:10:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: from mowing lawns
18:10:28 PacmanProductions: :P
18:10:35 FlyingFin: and also I watched the spanish guitar ones by Kobe or whatever his name is - he's amazing
18:10:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
18:10:47 PacmanProductions: agreed
18:10:51 FlyingFin: dude, 750$ from mowing lawns deserves some wicked respect
18:10:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: not my cup of tea but when I get a acoustic Ill be all over that
18:11:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah well gotta do what you gotta do :p
18:11:17 FlyingFin: hehe, it sounds great but I could never learn that stuff :p
18:11:21 FlyingFin: way too awesome for me haha
18:11:27 PacmanProductions: Hemlok, u can buy some serious sexyness in the shape of guitar with that about of money
18:11:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: never say never
18:11:30 FlyingFin: I'll stick to my wannabe power metal stuff
18:11:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: PacmanProductions lol ha ha ha
18:11:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: go but the new 50th anniversary les paul
18:11:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: buy *
18:11:57 PacmanProductions: amount*
18:12:21 PacmanProductions: and a wicked pedal set up
18:12:31 PacmanProductions: and me an amp
18:12:35 PacmanProductions: lol jk
18:12:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
18:12:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hell you could buy a car
18:12:58 PacmanProductions: or even better...
18:12:59 FlyingFin: a good one too
18:13:06 PacmanProductions: he could buy ME a car...
18:13:08 FlyingFin: a good used BMW and then a wicked guitar
18:13:11 Hemlok: well yeah it kinda is for a car
18:13:17 PacmanProductions: :P
18:13:24 Hemlok: but i will be buying a fender strat early next year
18:13:25 FlyingFin: I see
18:13:32 FlyingFin: good stuff
18:13:45 Hemlok: already got as les paul, dont want a anniversary one 8)
18:13:56 FlyingFin: this spanish friend of mine bought a fender strat deluxe something for loads of cash. Back then I was like yea yea whatever
18:13:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
18:14:03 PacmanProductions: ahhh...Barbra right?
18:14:14 Hemlok: barbera yep
18:14:21 PacmanProductions: :P
18:14:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I walked buy it in guitar center the other day and it was in a glass case and the guy goes " DONT TOUCH "
18:14:45 Hemlok: its a type of red wine, thought it suited my guitar as it is wine red colour
18:14:50 FlyingFin: there's nothing special with those signature and anniversary editions, right? Compared to the regular ones, that is.
18:15:05 Hemlok: they sound the same, just look pretty
18:15:06 PacmanProductions: :P
18:15:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
18:15:11 Hemlok: or look the same as old ones
18:15:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: pretty much
18:15:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: maybe an improved neck
18:15:21 FlyingFin: mm, figured as much
18:15:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but its like covered in gold or something
18:15:32 FlyingFin: and some different specs depending on whose sig. it is
18:15:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Id sex it thats for sure
18:15:34 Hemlok: its just to hang on your wall for collectors
18:15:41 FlyingFin: hehe
18:16:06 FlyingFin: oh well, I wish someone would ask me a computer question so I could look smart for once haha
18:16:09 Hemlok: not something to thrash around on for the money you pay for it
18:16:18 FlyingFin: it feels so stupif that I don't know shit bout guitars and still I'm here, playing one :p
18:16:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: in 3 months time, you will talk this place up just like slammer
18:16:59 Hemlok: flying fin, what is a hyper terminal?
18:17:07 FlyingFin: no way! Slammer is insane :p
18:17:18 Hemlok: yeah talk about a motor mouth
18:17:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Well hes a nice guy
18:17:41 Hemlok: yeah he is
18:17:55 Hemlok: he is pretty good player too
18:18:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: indeed he is
18:18:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hes been playing for 5+ years though I believe
18:18:44 Hemlok: ah well, years doesnt make much of a difference if you waste time
18:18:56 Nick325: yo
18:19:00 Hemlok: like i have up until i came to gmc
18:19:03 FlyingFin: well, hyper terminals enables your computer to connect to other computers (hosts) and mainframe computers and such. This is all done via a modem. Another way to use a hyperterminal is by telnetting to another computer or site...
18:19:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: true
18:19:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but I believe hes utilized his time well in those 5 years
18:19:29 FlyingFin: main, raining blood is a good song by Slayer :p
18:19:46 Hemlok: Gee thanks FlyingFin, now I can sleep easy knowing that :D
18:19:54 FlyingFin: haha, you bastard!
18:19:58 FlyingFin: :P
18:20:06 Hemlok: lol
18:20:07 Nick325: :(
18:20:08 FlyingFin: now pay me $50!
18:20:17 FlyingFin: hey there Nick
18:20:19 Hemlok: oh I ah, gotta go to work.... cya!
18:20:21 FlyingFin: how's it going?
18:20:27 FlyingFin: hehe
18:20:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: cya
18:20:32 FlyingFin: cya Hemlok
18:20:40 Hemlok: *whip* and then he was gone.
18:20:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my idea of a good song
18:21:03 FlyingFin: and timmons, never heard of him :)
18:21:05 FlyingFin: listening though
18:21:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: give it ill 2:00 and if you dont like it feel free to turn it off
18:22:42 FlyingFin: sounds nice
18:23:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im into metal and what not to but I like to listen to these soul-ful speedy solos
18:23:57 FlyingFin: yeah, I like all kinds of music myself, not just metal
18:24:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so what guitarists have you heard of so far FlyingFin
18:24:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ?
18:25:10 Nick325: o sry guys
18:25:15 Nick325: i was checking out the two new ipods
18:25:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol nice
18:25:38 Nick325:
18:25:52 Nick325:
18:26:00 Nick325: ipod touch is like a min iphone
18:27:07 FlyingFin: Steve Vai, Petrucci, Lori Linstruth, Tommy Emmanuel, Dave Mustaine and Jason Becker - those are ones I actually listen to regularly since starting to play the guitar :)
18:27:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good choices :)
18:27:25 FlyingFin: then I just like all kinds of metal bands where I never remember the names of the guitarists :P
18:27:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: be sure to listen to some Joe Satriani
18:28:04 Nick325:
18:28:05 FlyingFin: now I'm gonna crush all your ipod/phone dreams and tell you to check out the new Nokia that's comin out next year :p
18:28:36 Nick325: link me
18:30:15 FlyingFin: hold on
18:30:36 PacmanProductions: how do u set up a link???
18:31:08 Nick325: post it in the type area
18:31:16 PacmanProductions: i tried
18:31:22 Nick325: control and v
18:31:26 PacmanProductions: i cant even copy and paste
18:31:34 Nick325: o
18:31:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ctrl v
18:31:41 Nick325: well u gotta copy it first
18:31:44 PacmanProductions: i know
18:31:46 PacmanProductions: i did
18:32:14 PacmanProductions: well nvm
18:32:48 Nick325: send it to me in a PM
18:33:11 PacmanProductions: just nvm
18:35:37 FlyingFin:
18:35:41 FlyingFin: there ya go Nick
18:36:09 FlyingFin: I'm addicted to tinyurl, so everything I send looks nice and short
18:37:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wow fin :p
18:37:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the tiny url was really needed ?
18:38:25 FlyingFin: of course, the original url was huuuuuuuuge :p
18:38:30 FlyingFin: almost like an Amazon one :p
18:39:20 FlyingFin: I have an extension for firefox that'll create anything into a tinyurl link if I right click it and choose create tinyurl :D
18:39:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
18:55:41 FlyingFin: Ok guys, I'm gonna go hit the sack so I canget up early and jam some more :)
18:56:06 FlyingFin: take care and ttyl!
19:13:13 Slammer: *slap*
19:13:45 Slammer: *slap* *meow* *whip* *slap* *meow* *whip* *slap* *whip*
19:13:48 Slammer: sup?
19:14:03 Robin: wathcing Tenacious D :P
19:14:09 Robin: so I dont think I can talk at the moment xD
19:14:15 Robin: watching
19:14:16 Robin: *
19:14:19 Slammer: :O
19:14:20 Slammer: :)
19:14:22 Slammer: :(
19:14:29 Robin: 8)
19:14:29 Slammer: Fine then
19:14:35 Slammer: watch for all I care :P
19:14:40 Robin: see you later alligator
19:14:45 Slammer: but you shouldn't stay in chat
19:14:48 Slammer: if you ain
19:14:52 Slammer: tgonna talk
19:14:57 Slammer: *slap*
19:14:58 Robin: :(
19:15:03 Slammer: it's true
19:15:04 Slammer: LOL
19:15:07 Robin: mkay see you later
19:15:12 Slammer: mkay?
19:15:16 Robin: mkay.
19:15:21 Slammer: oh wait nvm
19:15:27 Robin: well, see you later :P
19:16:05 Slammer: LOL
19:16:06 Slammer: LMAO
19:16:08 Slammer: :(
19:16:12 Slammer: great now I'm alone
19:16:46 Slammer: :(
19:24:43 Slammer: LOL
19:24:48 Slammer: where did ya go?
19:27:50 Slammer: LOL
19:27:55 Slammer: nick you always come in
19:28:14 Slammer: LOL
19:28:16 Slammer: *slap*
19:28:48 Nick325: cause ur always here
19:28:55 Nick325: :p
19:28:56 Slammer: LMAO
19:29:12 Nick325: so wahts up
19:29:16 Slammer: sp what is your favoerite band?
19:29:19 Slammer: so*
19:29:29 Nick325: i dont have a favorite
19:29:37 Nick325: u
19:29:44 Slammer: how was your first day of school?
19:30:01 Nick325: ok but i start a full day tomorrow
19:30:05 Slammer: :O
19:30:06 Nick325: normally we have to half days
19:30:15 Slammer: are you starting HS?
19:30:24 Nick325: no 8th grade
19:30:46 Nick325: but i was chillin all day with me amigos so i forgot about it lol
19:30:51 Slammer: LOL
19:30:55 Slammer: you didn't go?
19:31:08 Slammer: to school :P
19:31:20 Nick325: no i didnt
19:31:30 Slammer: omg dude
19:31:30 Nick325: i meant after school since i got out at 11:30
19:31:32 Slammer: LMAO
19:31:41 Nick325: i mean i did go lol
19:31:44 Slammer: Oh
19:31:45 Slammer: LOL
19:31:46 Slammer: cool
19:31:49 Nick325: lol im stupid
19:31:57 Slammer: so what kinda music you like listening too?
19:32:13 Nick325: hard rock, classic rock, blues and some metal
19:32:43 Slammer: which bands would you say you listen to most?
19:32:49 Slammer: Led Zeppelin?
19:33:12 Nick325: idk i listen to all of them a lot
19:33:15 Nick325: i listen to zep
19:33:35 Slammer: cool
19:33:41 Slammer: what about Hendrix?
19:33:52 Nick325: yeah
19:34:04 Nick325: hey jvm
19:34:10 JVM: yo
19:34:12 Slammer: sup Marshall JVM
19:34:25 JVM: got some new shades so im feeling cool
19:34:41 Nick325: nice
19:35:02 JVM: lol
19:35:21 Slammer: badass dude
19:35:23 Slammer: :P
19:36:06 Slammer: *slap*
19:36:08 Slammer: JVM
19:36:19 Slammer: you ever go to the wikipedia?
19:36:43 Slammer: *whip* *meow* *slap*
19:36:47 JVM: the gmc one?
19:36:55 Slammer: Nah the real one...
19:37:00 Slammer: Wait GMC is already done?
19:37:01 JVM: yep
19:37:02 JVM: all the time
19:37:05 JVM: no the gmc one isnt
19:37:08 Slammer: LOL
19:37:19 Slammer: dude I left my place in wikipedia history
19:37:23 Nick325: theres a gmc wikipedia
19:37:38 Nick325: if not we should make one
19:37:42 Nick325: and a myspace page
19:37:53 Slammer: LMAO
19:38:03 Slammer: there making a GMC wiki site already
19:38:06 Slammer: JVM
19:38:14 Slammer: *slap*
19:38:17 JVM: WHAT'
19:38:22 Slammer: man chill
19:38:23 Nick325: damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
19:38:34 Nick325: stop freaken slapping yo
19:38:50 Slammer: :(
19:39:05 Slammer: well I think if ppl some in GMC chat they should chat
19:39:07 Slammer: right?
19:39:13 JVM: mmhmm
19:39:13 Slammer: come*
19:39:32 Slammer: unlike JVM
19:39:35 Nick325: ya well stop slapping
19:40:30 Slammer: anyways, what I was gonna say is I left my place in Wikipedia History, I created the Cocaine (song) Article
19:40:31 Slammer: :P
19:40:51 Nick325: thats not history
19:41:05 Slammer: for me personally it is
19:41:44 JVM: good show old chap
19:42:00 Slammer: oh great now JVM thinks he's british
19:42:28 Slammer: I'm actually British believe it or not
19:42:37 Slammer: well half
19:42:54 JVM: sure you are.
19:42:55 JVM: mexican
19:42:55 Slammer: born in London
19:43:01 Slammer: who?
19:43:08 JVM: :D
19:43:15 Slammer: me?
19:43:29 Slammer: Costa rica isn't Mexico actually
19:43:33 JVM: oh really
19:43:36 JVM: I wouldnt know
19:43:40 JVM: cause I havent ever been there
19:43:42 JVM: nope not ever
19:43:44 Slammer: of course
19:43:54 JVM: havent been to mexico either
19:43:55 JVM: ever
19:44:00 Slammer: JVM sucks at Geography right?
19:44:03 JVM: :D
19:44:06 Slammer: *rollseyes*
19:44:32 JVM: i always stand up for the rights of hondurans and argentinians
19:44:42 JVM: but if youre from costa rica, puerto rico, etc
19:44:43 JVM: mexico
19:44:49 Slammer: heh
19:44:52 Slammer: not quite
19:44:55 JVM: i know :p
19:44:58 JVM: it just makes people angry
19:45:10 Slammer: my mom is from there btw
19:45:16 JVM: i've been to mexico, brazil and puerto rico
19:45:44 Slammer: u should visit CR it's a nice place
19:45:50 Slammer: Tropical Rain Forest
19:45:56 JVM: my brother has been there for a few months
19:46:00 JVM: backpacking
19:46:03 JVM: i may go with him next time
19:46:11 Slammer: LOL
19:46:20 Slammer: I'm going in Nov. see ya there
19:46:23 Slammer: :P
19:46:23 JVM: :p
19:46:31 JVM: we've gotta hit guatemala first
19:46:41 Slammer: man,
19:46:44 Slammer: you know
19:47:13 Slammer: CR has the hottest Chicks out of every Central American country.
19:47:17 Slammer: Not being Bias
19:47:24 Slammer: anyone would tell you that
19:47:25 JVM: i'll take your word for it
19:47:35 JVM: i'm still a bit partial to swedish women
19:47:36 JVM: lol
19:47:49 Slammer: then you should go backpaking in Sweden
19:48:03 Slammer: IDK man
19:48:09 Slammer: are you blond?
19:48:17 JVM: red head
19:48:19 Nick325: no
19:48:29 Slammer: My cousin was telling me
19:49:10 Slammer: that chicks in CR have such a Fasination for Americans, that if you just go and Speak Enlish around them, they just melt
19:49:11 Slammer: :P
19:49:15 Slammer: into your arms
19:49:27 Nick325: :D
19:49:55 JVM: :D
19:50:02 Nick325: u ever been on the italian or french googlw
19:50:09 JVM: nope
19:50:13 Slammer: why?
19:50:17 Nick325: its funny
19:50:20 Nick325:
19:50:22 Nick325:
19:50:38 Nick325:
19:50:53 Nick325: google.sp
19:51:06 Slammer: I wonder what happens when you go to the French google and type "French Millitary Victories" and click I
19:51:12 Slammer: 'm feeling lucky
19:51:13 Slammer: :P
19:51:15 JVM: lol
19:51:20 JVM: have either of you
19:51:26 Nick325: ....
19:51:31 JVM: ever listened to mambo sinuendo?
19:51:44 Nick325: no
19:52:31 JVM: slammer?
19:52:44 [Action] Slammer: says NO
19:52:51 JVM: ahh you're missing out
19:52:59 JVM: ry cooder produced them
19:53:10 JVM: its not really guitar music
19:53:12 Slammer: JVM have you ever heard 'Signe' by Clapton?
19:53:16 JVM: but its prety good
19:53:27 Slammer: WB
19:53:42 JVM: doh
19:53:48 Slammer: doh?
19:54:08 JVM: thats what homer would say
19:54:13 Slammer: JVM have you ever heard 'Signe' by Clapton?
19:54:20 JVM: i dont think so
19:54:30 Slammer: great Instremental
19:54:34 Slammer: Simple but cool
19:54:42 Slammer:
19:55:14 Slammer: nice sounding piece
19:55:23 Slammer: esp. the Nylons
19:56:47 Slammer: Gen would br proud of the Triangle playing
19:57:13 Slammer: LOL
19:57:24 Nick325: lol lol lol
19:57:46 Slammer: I wonder what ever happened to G34?
19:58:00 Slammer: he was the trianlge player for the Chat Crew
19:58:10 Slammer: JVM and Gen on Leads
19:58:24 Slammer: and me on Nylon Rythm
19:58:39 Slammer: and G34 on Triangles
19:58:43 Slammer: yep good times
19:59:30 Nick325: this is a cool video not the music the video
19:59:32 Slammer: you know, JVM is one of the best Lead guitarists I have ever heard
19:59:59 PacmanProductions: hi evry one
20:00:12 Slammer: Hi everone
20:00:14 Slammer: indeed
20:00:17 Slammer: Sup PP
20:00:18 Slammer: ?
20:00:40 Slammer: except JVM is a very Modest man he will never admit it
20:00:52 Slammer: but he played "since I
20:00:59 Slammer: 've been loving you
20:01:08 Slammer: better than Jimmy Page
20:01:28 Slammer: hello ppl
20:01:32 Slammer: *whip*
20:01:37 JVM: *slap*
20:01:46 Slammer: see what I mean
20:01:51 Slammer: JVM is too Cool
20:02:02 Slammer: he knows he's better than all of us
20:02:10 Slammer: but he ain't gonna rub it in
20:02:30 JVM: yeah well
20:02:32 JVM: i gotta go
20:02:35 Slammer: LMAO
20:02:39 Slammer: :P
20:02:44 JVM: nasa wants mt to power their next space launch with shred
20:02:52 JVM: so i need to get down there asap
20:02:53 Slammer: ofc
20:03:06 JVM: itll go something like
20:03:19 Slammer: He actually taught Yngwie how to play
20:03:19 JVM: 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2.. 1... Shred
20:03:24 JVM: yeah
20:03:32 JVM: thats saying something considering yngwie taught god how to play
20:04:05 Slammer: yep even more amazing is JVM is like 20 years younger than Yngwie 8)
20:04:29 Slammer: hey JVM how long did you listen before exiting?
20:04:34 Slammer: the Clapton song?
20:04:34 Nick325: 8)
20:04:49 JVM: oh well after the guy on triangle kicked in i could take it any more
20:04:53 Slammer: :O
20:04:54 JVM: clapton is such a wannabe
20:04:58 Slammer: :(
20:05:03 JVM: lol
20:05:04 JVM: it was good
20:05:17 JVM: i didnt like the chord he ended it on though
20:05:19 JVM: call it being picky
20:05:22 JVM: but it was a generic ending
20:05:28 Slammer: esp since Clapton is older than most Famous guitars around
20:05:46 Slammer: :P
20:06:01 Slammer: dude do you know how to play Bold as love?
20:06:01 Nick325:
20:06:56 Slammer: btw It's Horde not WHore
20:06:59 Slammer: :P
20:07:01 Slammer: duh
20:07:28 Nick325: peace out
20:07:52 Nick325: *whip*
20:07:54 Slammer: LOL
20:07:56 Nick325: *slap*
20:07:57 JVM: *slap*
20:07:58 JVM: im out too
20:07:59 JVM: later
20:08:02 Slammer: hey did you see that 8 finger tapper
20:08:04 Nick325: peace dud
20:08:13 Nick325: dude*
20:08:13 Slammer: that just got put on the Boards?
20:08:19 Slammer: dud :P
20:08:20 Slammer: LOL
20:08:26 JVM: yeah
20:08:28 JVM: we're all leaving
20:08:31 JVM: no one wants to talk to you
20:08:32 Slammer: :(
20:08:37 JVM: lol
20:08:38 JVM: later
20:08:39 Slammer: emo time
20:08:47 Slammer: (:(
20:08:56 JVM: is that a smiely face or not?
20:08:57 JVM: i cant tell
20:09:12 Slammer: no it's a Frown with my EMO haircut
20:09:16 JVM: lol
20:09:38 JVM: no that would be more like //.)
20:09:42 Slammer: LMAO
20:09:42 JVM: or
20:09:50 JVM: it wont let me do that though
20:09:53 Slammer: :P
20:09:58 Slammer: dude check it
20:10:02 Slammer: <8)
20:10:10 Slammer: Patrick from Spongebob
20:10:12 JVM: lol
20:10:17 JVM: looks more like KKK to me
20:10:22 Slammer: no way
20:10:26 Slammer: <8)
20:10:53 JVM: man
20:10:55 JVM: this thing sucks
20:11:02 JVM: wont let me do anything starting with a slash
20:11:07 Slammer: [8)] Spongebob
20:11:10 JVM: lol
20:11:19 JVM: but this is kkk... /oo\
20:11:24 Slammer: LMAO
20:11:26 Slammer: dude
20:11:29 Slammer: no comment
20:11:32 JVM: lol
20:11:40 Slammer: use to live in Georgia*
20:11:41 JVM: but my favorite
20:11:43 Slammer: Ugh
20:11:44 JVM: and my signature smilie
20:11:48 JVM: is the moustache man
20:11:51 JVM: :3)
20:12:22 Slammer: $) Money on his mind
20:12:28 JVM: lol
20:12:29 JVM: okay man
20:12:30 Slammer: dude
20:12:31 JVM: really i gotta go
20:12:33 Slammer: What?
20:12:35 Slammer: Bull
20:12:42 Slammer: $hit
20:12:55 JVM: :?
20:13:03 JVM: so
20:13:04 JVM: later
20:13:09 Slammer: I don't believe that
20:13:11 Slammer: :(
20:13:13 JVM: lol too bad :P
21:08:38 PacmanProductions: sup
21:08:47 Ayen: hey
21:08:55 PacmanProductions: what cha doin?
21:09:03 Ayen: playing wii, you?
21:09:10 PacmanProductions: i wanna wii so badly
21:09:15 PacmanProductions: they are mad fun
21:09:30 PacmanProductions: doin HW
21:09:34 PacmanProductions: ...
21:09:35 Ayen: yeah its pretty good
21:09:40 Ayen: not a wide variety of games though
21:09:46 Ayen: haha i go back to school tomorrow
21:09:49 PacmanProductions: dude,
21:10:02 PacmanProductions: u can buy hundreds of games on Wiistore
21:10:12 PacmanProductions: or what ever its called
21:10:15 Ayen: nothing great though
21:10:22 Ayen: bunch of old games really
21:10:25 PacmanProductions: although cant play with wiimote
21:10:31 Ayen: yeah
21:10:38 Ayen: which is essentially all the Wii is good for
21:10:50 Ayen: it doesnt have like
21:10:54 Ayen: final fantasy or anything
21:11:00 PacmanProductions: well "old" games like Super Mario 64 and Star Fox 64
21:11:02 PacmanProductions: are good
21:11:19 Ayen: eh, i was a playstation kid, not an n64 kid, so i cant really get into them
21:12:52 PacmanProductions: ohhh...
21:12:57 PacmanProductions: there still fun...
21:13:01 PacmanProductions: well g2g eat
21:13:08 Ayen: later
21:14:06 Ayen: hey nick
21:14:11 Nick325: yo
21:15:33 Nick325:
21:15:40 Nick325:
21:16:09 Ayen: whats that?
21:16:45 Nick325: g3 tour vids
21:16:54 Ayen: oh cool
21:17:15 Nick325: check em out
21:17:20 Nick325: crazy solos in there
21:18:49 Nick325: whats up
21:19:50 Ayen: very little, how bout you
21:20:02 Nick325: nm
22:29:19 kethcup: what up yo
22:30:22 Slammer: *slap*
22:30:25 Slammer: sup dude?
22:32:05 kethcup: shit
22:32:13 kethcup: chillin, trying to record some stuff
22:32:15 kethcup: you?
22:32:22 Slammer: ???
22:32:31 Slammer: whatcha recording
22:32:34 Slammer: ?
22:33:23 kethcup: ummm that GMC In the style of Megadeth
22:33:31 kethcup: trying to learn some new recording software
22:33:54 Slammer: cool beans
22:34:14 kethcup: yep
22:34:22 kethcup: it's a pain so far so it's not that cool!
22:34:30 Slammer: which program?
22:34:43 kethcup: Sonar6 Studio Edition
22:34:49 Slammer: man
22:34:49 kethcup: ever used it?
22:34:53 Slammer: you bought it?
22:34:57 kethcup: yea
22:35:01 kethcup: why?
22:35:13 Slammer: I mean aren't there free ones?
22:35:20 Slammer: like Reaper etc.
22:35:30 kethcup: yea
22:35:35 kethcup: I guess so
22:35:45 kethcup: I'm not big on shareware though
22:35:49 Slammer: well have you ever recorded before?
22:36:03 kethcup: and I wanted something with some more features
22:36:16 kethcup: I use to a long time ago with goldwave32
22:36:25 Slammer: sounds old
22:36:26 Slammer: :P
22:36:29 kethcup: it is lol
22:36:39 kethcup: 96,97ish
22:36:43 Slammer: like the Sega Saturn
22:36:48 kethcup: the who?
22:36:59 Slammer: the Video game System
22:37:04 kethcup: ahhh
22:37:06 kethcup: yep
22:37:07 Slammer: Remember it?
22:37:12 Slammer: the genesis
22:37:18 kethcup: I just new it by Sega I guess
22:37:19 Slammer: and N64
22:37:23 kethcup: yep yep
22:37:25 Slammer: LOL
22:37:27 Slammer: dude
22:37:37 Slammer: the Genesis was my first Console
22:37:38 Slammer: :(
22:37:43 kethcup: mine was Atari
22:37:43 Slammer: it was old when I got it
22:38:02 Slammer: when I got it N64 and PS1 were that Greatest thing
22:38:05 Slammer: 99 or so
22:38:23 kethcup: I was more into computer games I think
22:38:26 Slammer: LOL
22:38:30 Slammer: great
22:38:33 kethcup: Quake!
22:38:35 Slammer: remember TD3?
22:38:39 kethcup: that one ruled
22:38:41 kethcup: no
22:38:44 Slammer: LOL
22:38:47 kethcup: what's TD3?
22:38:55 Slammer: old car racing game from like 93
22:38:58 Slammer: for the PC
22:39:04 kethcup: nope
22:39:11 kethcup: can't say I do
22:39:16 kethcup: how old you is?
22:39:21 Slammer:
22:39:47 kethcup: haha that looks gnarley
22:39:53 Slammer: I'm not old at all
22:39:54 Slammer: actually
22:40:01 Slammer: I just have a good memory
22:40:05 kethcup: cool
22:40:09 Slammer: of my Brother playing it
22:40:19 Slammer: we has it on a Floppy :P
22:40:23 Slammer: had*
22:40:47 Slammer: dude
22:41:21 Slammer: I don't remember what they were called? those Really BIG floppies?
22:41:25 Slammer: you remember them?
22:41:31 kethcup: 5 1/4"
22:41:34 Slammer: I guess
22:41:36 Slammer: LOL
22:41:37 Slammer: man
22:41:54 Slammer: you can still find those games at Thrift stores
22:41:59 kethcup: for real?
22:42:09 kethcup: can you find the floppy drive's? lol
22:42:33 kethcup: I don't even have a 3 1/2" floppy drive anymore
22:42:37 kethcup: old school
22:42:40 Slammer: LOL
22:42:43 Slammer: dude
22:42:50 Slammer: the first PC we had
22:42:58 Slammer: Windows 3.11
22:43:01 kethcup: nice
22:43:05 kethcup: I remember that
22:43:09 Slammer: norton commander
22:43:12 Slammer: :P
22:43:19 Slammer: MS DOS
22:43:29 kethcup: DOS ruled!
22:43:31 Slammer: AOL 3.0
22:43:42 kethcup: AOL was gay
22:43:49 kethcup: never used it... refused
22:43:51 Slammer: remember when AOL was like the only thing ppl used
22:43:56 Slammer: LOL
22:43:59 Slammer: the mainstream
22:44:03 kethcup: never used it... I couldn't stand it
22:44:05 Slammer: used it
22:44:17 kethcup: I used the discs for coasters and door stops
22:44:21 kethcup: that was about it
22:44:23 Slammer: dude
22:44:38 Slammer: remember when they would send the AOL CDs to your door
22:44:41 Slammer: :P
22:44:44 kethcup: yep
22:44:48 Slammer: and at the Walmarts
22:44:51 kethcup: those were my coasters
22:44:56 Slammer: you could get them on the shevle
22:45:10 Slammer: LOL
22:45:13 Slammer: man
22:45:23 Slammer: I hate Dial up so much
22:45:33 kethcup: for sure
22:45:39 kethcup: back in the day
22:45:45 Slammer: yep
22:46:02 kethcup: that was back when we use to telnet into people's machines
22:46:04 Slammer: I'm talking like I'm old
22:46:10 Slammer: :P
22:46:10 Slammer: LOL
22:46:23 kethcup: !ping
22:46:26 kethcup: !pong
22:46:30 Slammer: YEs!
22:46:31 kethcup: ahh the old days
22:46:39 Slammer: dude
22:46:39 kethcup: tracert...
22:46:41 kethcup: lol
22:46:56 Slammer: do you remember the first time you saw Windows 95?
22:47:00 Slammer: LOl
22:47:05 Slammer: Holy Grail*
22:47:06 kethcup: I thought it was the best thing ever!
22:47:09 kethcup: lol yep
22:47:15 Slammer: and then 98
22:47:18 kethcup: I still have it
22:47:20 kethcup: on CD
22:47:20 Slammer: dude ME sucked
22:47:25 kethcup: yea it did
22:47:33 Slammer: and so did 2000
22:47:36 Slammer: man
22:47:42 Slammer: XP was great
22:47:44 Slammer: Is
22:47:52 Slammer: haven't gotten Vista
22:48:04 kethcup: I use it
22:48:08 kethcup: Vista Ultimate
22:48:26 Slammer: before you know it Xp is gonna be old school 8) if not already
22:48:36 kethcup: dude... did you say 2000 sucked?
22:48:42 Slammer: LOL
22:48:49 Slammer: I only like XP
22:48:54 kethcup: chwww.... that was the best OS to date
22:48:54 Slammer: no others :P
22:49:02 kethcup: 2000 ruled
22:49:05 Slammer: LOL
22:49:10 Slammer: you ever Tried Apple?
22:49:50 kethcup: not too much
22:49:54 Slammer: Mac
22:50:00 Slammer: I'm a PC and I'm a Mac
22:50:02 kethcup: here and there when I would have too
22:50:07 kethcup: lol
22:50:42 Slammer: so does everyone in Col. drink Coors?
22:50:57 Slammer: like everyone in St louis drink Bud
22:51:00 Slammer: :P
22:51:07 kethcup: of course!
22:51:28 kethcup: brb... on the phone
22:51:34 Slammer: :(
22:51:41 Slammer: and he never came back.....
22:52:34 Slammer: :(
23:02:08 Slammer: ok
23:02:11 Slammer: man I gtg
23:02:13 Slammer: cya
23:02:15 Slammer: bye

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