Guitar Chat With Kristofer Dahl, Vinod, Muris Etc. 2007-11-10
Nov 12 2007, 05:44 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
04:41:22 Hemlok: hi fox
06:06:38 Vinod: hi fox
06:06:47 botoxfox: hello
06:06:50 Vinod: biggrin.gif
06:07:12 Vinod: what's up
06:07:22 botoxfox: Not much
06:07:27 botoxfox: You?
06:07:46 Vinod: nothing much
06:07:58 Vinod: so
06:08:05 Vinod: ..........
06:09:21 botoxfox: It's snow here right now...
06:09:57 Vinod: wow here in srilanka no snow throu out the year
06:10:03 Vinod: sad.gif
06:10:18 botoxfox: I guessed that much biggrin.gif
06:10:53 botoxfox: Well, at least you don't need to worry about freezing to death
06:11:30 Vinod: ha ha ha
06:11:42 Vinod: ut country
06:11:50 Vinod: ur country?
06:12:01 botoxfox: norway
06:12:41 Vinod: nice place our countries peace of talk took place their
06:13:47 botoxfox: yeah, that's right
06:14:46 Vinod: so how about ur guitar carrier?
06:15:49 botoxfox: carrier?
06:16:16 botoxfox: You mean like bag or case or something?
06:17:34 botoxfox: Or did you mean career? biggrin.gif
06:17:57 Vinod: career
06:18:02 Vinod: lol
06:19:02 botoxfox: Well, can't say I have much of a career
06:22:53 Vinod: fox i am very busy now,C y later bye
06:22:58 botoxfox: c ya
06:23:31 Vinod: sorry for the interupption lets begin from that next time
06:23:47 Vinod: Bye
06:50:35 botoxfox: gday
06:53:52 Hemlok: oh hi biggrin.gif
06:54:30 botoxfox: so whats up
06:54:45 Hemlok: well I am just trying to write a song
06:55:19 botoxfox: 'Waht kind of song?
06:55:22 Hemlok: your little recording was awesome
06:55:25 botoxfox: what*
06:55:30 botoxfox: thx
06:55:34 Hemlok: ah acoustic fingerpicking
06:57:25 botoxfox: I'm gonna take shower so I'll be afk for a while
06:57:39 Hemlok: ok no worries
07:03:45 Hemlok: just *whip* me when you get back
07:19:41 botoxfox: *whip*
07:19:51 Hemlok: smile.gif
07:20:58 botoxfox: You mind juan getting 2 nominations in the mode vote?
07:22:06 botoxfox: *whip*
07:22:19 Hemlok: what do you mean?
07:22:39 Hemlok: someone else voted him?
07:22:47 Hemlok: i can pick someone else if he is already up
07:22:59 botoxfox: That we have both PhryJuan and Valerian
07:23:49 Hemlok: ooh ok
07:23:53 botoxfox: It's just that I'm so sick of PM with Gen:D
07:23:54 Batista: Heya guys
07:23:58 botoxfox: yo
07:24:04 Hemlok: well if they are different names then thats fine
07:24:08 Hemlok: hi batista
07:24:18 Batista: Whats up?
07:24:25 Hemlok: actually i will choose someone else
07:24:44 botoxfox: Ok...
07:24:46 Hemlok: not much, just discussing The Mode Thread
07:24:53 Batista: Ahh okey;)
07:28:22 Hemlok: ok I change PhryJuan to Mattacukian
07:28:43 botoxfox: alright
07:29:03 botoxfox: I'm off to do the poll then... smile.gif
07:29:41 Hemlok: cool bananas
07:43:59 botoxfox: What do we call this comittee Hemlok? *slap*
07:44:14 Hemlok: i dont know?
07:44:30 Hemlok: why does it need a name?
07:44:34 botoxfox: Hmm...
07:44:50 botoxfox: Ok, i'l just call it the comittee
07:44:59 Hemlok: yep
07:45:15 Hemlok: make it "The Comittee" for added mystery
07:48:10 botoxfox: I made it the wisemen's comittee...
08:01:03 botoxfox: Ok, the vote is on! *whip*
08:01:13 Hemlok: woohooo
08:06:03 botoxfox: Well, I'm off to practice.
08:08:34 Hemlok: good work Fox thats a nice poll\
10:18:24 Gen: :?
11:19:16 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *whip*
11:19:28 botoxfox: yo
11:19:30 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *whip*
11:19:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:19:33 Slammer: dude
11:19:36 Slammer: I love th polls
11:19:44 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:19:46 Slammer: esp
11:19:49 Slammer: when you said
11:20:01 Slammer: I don't know when it ends
11:20:03 Slammer: but....
11:20:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif LOL
11:20:31 botoxfox: When does it end?
11:20:36 Slammer: LOL
11:20:40 Slammer: I don;t know
11:20:44 Slammer: you're in charge now
11:20:48 Slammer: you figure it out
11:20:50 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:20:53 botoxfox: WHAT?!
11:20:58 botoxfox: tongue.gif
11:21:13 botoxfox: Week maybe?
11:21:24 Slammer: ok
11:21:26 Slammer: LOL
11:21:30 botoxfox: lhmm
11:21:31 Slammer: you should have put a Limit
11:21:36 Slammer: on how long it goes
11:21:38 Slammer: LOL
11:21:51 Slammer: Although It's already dead :?
11:22:07 botoxfox: Hmm, yeah... sad.gif
11:22:21 botoxfox: Ppl don't care
11:23:02 Slammer: LOL
11:23:12 Slammer: but it's a glossy picture!!!
11:23:33 Slammer: LOL
11:24:45 Slammer: LOL
11:24:47 Slammer: well
11:24:49 Slammer: dude
11:24:50 Slammer: I gtg
11:24:54 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:24:54 Slammer: thanks for the Poll
11:25:19 Slammer: btw as of now slash looks to be the favorite
11:25:27 Slammer: *whip*
11:25:33 botoxfox: yeah...
11:25:36 Slammer: LOL
11:25:37 Slammer: but
11:25:44 Slammer: Murisian is catching up
11:25:50 Slammer: LMFAO
11:25:51 Slammer: dude
11:25:57 Slammer: I can just see it now
11:26:08 Slammer: muris checks his Email and Sees
11:26:14 Slammer: You've won the contest
11:26:21 Slammer: and he opens it and it's a picture
11:26:22 Slammer: LOL
11:26:24 Slammer: LOL
11:26:41 Slammer: newasy
11:26:50 Slammer: *meow*
11:26:51 Slammer: cya
11:27:17 botoxfox: sad.gif
11:27:32 Slammer: LOL
11:27:32 botoxfox: bye
14:47:28 steve25: hey
14:51:37 steve25: hi guest
17:13:15 AudunESP: hi good people
17:14:00 AudunESP: so, anyone there?
17:14:08 AudunESP: sad.gif
17:33:55 Grimjoura: hiho
17:34:48 Grimjoura: anyone here?
17:41:47 Tjchep: Hello?
17:42:38 Tjchep: You there Kris?
18:08:00 chast: wow
18:08:05 chast: mighty kris here biggrin.gif
18:09:15 botoxfox: Heya Chast
18:09:26 chast: hey fox
18:09:37 botoxfox: Let's wake up Kris *whip*
18:09:46 chast: *meow*
18:10:21 botoxfox: *slap*
18:10:37 botoxfox: *whip* *whip*
18:10:47 chast: *slap* *whip* *meow*
18:11:08 botoxfox: *slap* *whip* *meow*
18:11:33 botoxfox: Doesn't seem to be working... sad.gif
18:11:45 chast: sad.gif
18:11:47 chast: hm
18:11:53 chast: lets try something else
18:11:57 chast: Moooooooooooo
18:12:01 chast: bad mother finge
18:12:02 chast: r
18:12:22 botoxfox: oink oink oink
18:12:44 botoxfox: *whip* *meow* *whip*
18:13:19 Kristofer Dahl: Did I hear a cooooow? biggrin.gif
18:13:59 chast: you heard me but thats more or less the same tongue.gif
18:14:19 Kristofer Dahl: No I wouldn't say that! ;9
18:14:26 Owen: hi guys
18:14:28 Kristofer Dahl: Chast I have been editing the video
18:14:33 chast: hi owen
18:14:34 Kristofer Dahl: You and I are dancing together biggrin.gif
18:14:36 Owen: I thhought there was going to be no-one here
18:14:37 botoxfox: hi owen
18:14:41 Kristofer Dahl: hey guys!
18:14:42 chast: lol thats great biggrin.gif
18:14:46 Owen: it looked that way
18:14:50 Owen: tongue.gif
18:15:05 Kristofer Dahl: Hey there Owen what have you been up to?
18:15:27 Owen: Learning a bit of sweeping, I'm still rubbish though, not 2000bpm yet lol
18:15:53 botoxfox: Brb, I have some bodily wastes I need to get rid off
18:15:57 Kristofer Dahl: anything below 15000 is just too slow for my ears! wink.gif (bad joke)
18:15:59 Owen: getting the feel for it though, cursing the fact that my action is all over the place and its impossible to mute lol
18:16:40 Kristofer Dahl: Sweeping is cool - it's one of the easier techniques to get up to tempo with!
18:17:02 Kristofer Dahl: But it's still real tricky of course!
18:17:06 Owen: I'm hoping it will draw me away from my shocking amount of AP
18:17:25 Owen: I'm bad for repitition and scale runs >_M
18:17:27 Kristofer Dahl: So it's mostly AP ?
18:17:31 Owen: >_<*
18:17:56 Owen: yeah my stuff generally is at the moment
18:18:04 Owen: I'm craving a whammy bar still tongue.gif
18:18:28 Kristofer Dahl: aha!
18:18:34 Owen: so I can break all my strings more regularily
18:18:56 Kristofer Dahl: hehe you should try hand-sweat it works pretty effectevily as well! biggrin.gif
18:19:19 Kristofer Dahl: I use that all the time to break strings!
18:19:20 Owen: haha, not for me, my fingers are like acid, the strings are mangled in weeks, but they tend not to snap
18:19:33 Kristofer Dahl: Hey slammer! smile.gif
18:19:36 Owen: hey Slammer!
18:19:44 Slammer: Kristofer Dahl????
18:19:46 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:19:54 Kristofer Dahl: I feel shy
18:19:58 Owen: he decided to hang with us mere mortals
18:20:01 Slammer: I never thought I'd ever see you in CHAT EVER ohmy.gif
18:20:02 botoxfox: YO slammer
18:20:13 Kristofer Dahl: well you thought wrong biggrin.gif
18:20:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:20:45 Slammer: man on the main board it only shows Me and Owen in Chat
18:20:47 Slammer: 8)
18:20:59 Kristofer Dahl: yes I know it's a real annoying bug
18:20:59 Owen: there was no-one in apparently when I dipped in
18:21:14 Slammer: they're all hiding
18:21:16 Owen: I was pleasantly surprise!
18:21:20 Slammer: me too
18:21:20 Kristofer Dahl: Seems a little tricky to solve that's why we haven't looked at it yet...
18:21:22 Owen: d*
18:21:33 Slammer: I almost died when I say kris in
18:21:37 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:21:40 Owen: so whats in the pipeline for GMC in the next few months? tongue.gif
18:21:47 Kristofer Dahl: hehe well I am glad you didn't
18:21:56 chast: sweaty hands i know that problem
18:21:58 chast: ohmy.gif
18:21:59 Kristofer Dahl: It's Christmas (Kristmas rather! biggrin.gif )
18:22:06 Owen: lol
18:22:11 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
18:22:23 chast: slammer
18:22:25 Owen: *needs Krimbo money for new guitar* tongue.gif tongue.gif
18:22:29 Slammer: maybe for a Present to GMC kris will make a Lesson wink.gif
18:22:31 chast: how was your football day?
18:22:34 Slammer: LOL
18:22:40 Owen: I second that present idea!
18:23:03 Slammer: my football day is tommorow
18:23:07 chast: oh
18:23:09 Owen: you should wear your santa hat again
18:23:10 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:23:11 chast: thought it was friday
18:23:18 Kristofer Dahl: I think I have one coming up - I have just recorded a solo for a song with the marcus collab I am doing!
18:23:23 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:23:27 botoxfox: wow
18:23:32 Owen: sweet
18:23:34 botoxfox: cool
18:24:03 Kristofer Dahl: It's nothing immortal - but I hope we can have a collab lesson, would be really cool biggrin.gif
18:24:12 chast: brb, toilette (i know that you are very happy to know that im going to the toilette)
18:24:16 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:24:21 Owen: charmed
18:24:33 Owen: he even used the posh word lol
18:24:53 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
18:25:03 botoxfox: Well I'm usally more graphc
18:25:03 Kristofer Dahl: It's for this song:
18:25:15 Kristofer Dahl: we haven't published the solo ther eyet, though
18:25:16 botoxfox: when it comes WC stuff
18:25:25 Owen: I've been keeping track of the blog, in between practicing of course lol
18:25:34 Kristofer Dahl: hehe that's cool! biggrin.gif
18:25:37 Slammer: BTW there is something that me and many other GMCer's have wondered kris.... do you or Maria read every word of the Chat Logs? LOL
18:25:43 Owen: guitar is keeping me from schoolwork these days tongue.gif tongue.gif
18:25:56 Kristofer Dahl: hehe no we don't any longer
18:26:00 Slammer: LOL
18:26:08 Slammer: man, that's alot of reading
18:26:08 Kristofer Dahl: Since slammer started doing this...
18:26:10 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:12 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
18:26:12 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:13 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:13 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:13 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
18:26:13 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:14 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
18:26:15 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
18:26:16 Kristofer Dahl: .D
18:26:16 Kristofer Dahl: .D
18:26:17 Slammer: WOAH
18:26:19 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
18:26:20 Owen: lol
18:26:20 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:21 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:21 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:22 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:22 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
18:26:26 Kristofer Dahl: We stopped wink.gif
18:26:28 Owen: stop my machine is breaking
18:26:30 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:30 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:30 botoxfox: :?
18:26:30 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:26:41 Slammer: LOL
18:26:43 Kristofer Dahl: SO is mine! biggrin.gif
18:27:01 Slammer: man.... if Gen was here he would be dying from Laughter
18:27:37 Kristofer Dahl: We don't want any casualities (is that the word?) so I am glad he is not!
18:27:44 Kristofer Dahl: wink.gif biggrin.gif
18:28:02 Owen: death by LOL
18:28:07 botoxfox: Well dying from laughter is a good way to go
18:28:09 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
18:28:18 Kristofer Dahl: yes you are right
18:28:28 Kristofer Dahl: the opposite is a lot worse
18:28:28 Slammer: better than Snapped String into Neck 8)
18:28:46 Owen: mine keep on tangling in my hair
18:28:51 Owen: I forgot to cut the string ends off
18:28:54 Slammer: LOL
18:28:55 Slammer: man
18:29:01 Slammer: I hate the string Ends
18:29:06 botoxfox: I remember when I had my appendix removed
18:29:06 Kristofer Dahl: That heart your eyes if you headbang while playing
18:29:08 Owen: so do I
18:29:11 Owen: I'm just lazy
18:29:18 Kristofer Dahl: hurt - that is
18:29:19 Owen: tongue.gif
18:29:26 botoxfox: Laughin was hellish
18:29:31 Owen: I cant headbang
18:29:35 Owen: my glassses fall off
18:29:37 Owen: xD
18:29:43 Kristofer Dahl: hehe so do mine
18:29:47 Kristofer Dahl: plus I have short hair
18:29:49 Owen: literally thrown them half a room before
18:29:54 Owen: like "crap I'm blind"
18:29:58 Kristofer Dahl: I shake my foot instead
18:30:02 Kristofer Dahl: it looks cooler biggrin.gif
18:30:08 botoxfox: glasses while headbanging
18:30:09 Owen: footshake shred
18:30:15 botoxfox: havent tried that
18:30:19 Slammer: btw... Kris does uggla mean Great owl or just Owl? in swedish
18:30:26 Kristofer Dahl: it's easy you could do it now! biggrin.gif
18:30:31 Slammer: random I know 8)
18:30:45 Kristofer Dahl: hmm I don't know what owl is?
18:31:02 botoxfox: ugle in norwegian
18:31:04 Slammer: Uggla in Swedish
18:31:16 Kristofer Dahl: oh I checke dgoogle I know now
18:31:17 botoxfox: pöllö in finnish
18:31:24 Kristofer Dahl: it just mean owl, not great
18:31:28 Slammer: ah ok
18:31:29 Slammer: LOL
18:31:45 Kristofer Dahl: an owl could be great though
18:31:52 Kristofer Dahl: if you want it too! wink.gif biggrin.gif
18:31:53 Slammer: cuz there is a Baseball player from Swedish Decent who's last name is Uggla
18:31:58 Slammer: LOL
18:31:58 chast: hm that vocal ballad part 2 reminds me of dream theater
18:32:06 Slammer: Dream Theater
18:32:07 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:32:14 Owen: *yawns*
18:32:16 Owen: lol
18:32:21 botoxfox: Is there a GMC mascot?
18:32:25 Kristofer Dahl: ahh it could be the minor harmonies and the 7th chord
18:32:44 Slammer: Spiderusalem could be the GMC mascot 8)
18:32:46 Kristofer Dahl: mascot?
18:32:53 Slammer: LOL tongue.gif
18:32:56 Slammer: nvm
18:33:01 Owen: daft american idea lol
18:33:22 Kristofer Dahl: Yes I see what you mean but I don't see the function of it on a website!
18:33:28 botoxfox: just a random idea when thinking owls
18:33:46 Slammer: I think the Guitar is the Mascot
18:33:50 Owen: Spider just came from nowhere to everywhere
18:33:51 Kristofer Dahl: Well botoxfox, you could be the gmc mascot biggrin.gif
18:33:53 Owen: he scares me
18:33:59 Owen: lol
18:34:07 Slammer: LOL
18:34:07 Owen: every topic I look in now
18:34:14 Owen: its populated by his posts lol
18:34:20 Slammer: Owen, he has put like 200 posts in the past 4 days
18:34:23 Slammer: LOL
18:34:29 Kristofer Dahl: I Ye she is everywhere
18:34:36 Slammer: LOL
18:34:38 Owen: I could well believe it
18:34:46 Slammer: on most forums thats called spamming
18:34:47 Slammer: LOL
18:34:52 chast: she ? biggrin.gif
18:35:03 Kristofer Dahl: Sheman
18:35:07 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:35:15 Kristofer Dahl: no it was just a typo
18:35:23 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
18:35:24 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:35:28 Owen: lol
18:35:29 Slammer: wink.gif
18:35:35 Slammer: out little secret guys
18:35:39 Slammer: our*
18:35:43 Slammer: LOL
18:35:51 chast: i love that one ohmy.gif
18:36:01 Kristofer Dahl: As long as he behaves I gues sit's ok to post alot!
18:36:08 Owen: tongue.gif
18:36:16 Owen: my goal is to get to 1% of the forum posts
18:36:26 Owen: then one in every 100 posts is mine!
18:36:30 Kristofer Dahl: hehe 1% is good
18:36:33 Owen: muahahahah"! lol
18:36:35 Kristofer Dahl: and hard as we are growing!
18:36:35 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:36:44 botoxfox: I just passed you in number of posts owen
18:36:52 Owen: yep, I got to to fight against inflation of people
18:36:56 Kristofer Dahl: that's an awesome tune by the way!
18:37:08 Slammer: Man, Kris I love your Blue Ibanez that you used to use on Freelicks, do you still have it?
18:37:23 Kristofer Dahl: no I don't... I sold it!
18:37:26 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:37:30 Slammer: sad.gif
18:37:35 Slammer: it was nice
18:37:38 Slammer: LOL
18:37:42 Slammer: Hello Guest
18:37:53 Kristofer Dahl: Hello guest!
18:37:57 Slammer: he's like "Yay, I can chat with Kris"
18:38:02 Owen: awesome tune?
18:38:15 Kristofer Dahl: You cannot tpye here - you need to be a member! smile.gif
18:38:24 Kristofer Dahl: the youtube video..
18:38:42 Owen: ahk
18:38:50 Owen: I dont bother with youtube these days
18:38:51 Kristofer Dahl: Guest: if you are a member you need to register at the forum!
18:38:58 Owen: takes a millenia to load anything
18:38:59 Slammer: GO sign up Guest NOW, and you can be talking with us in a Few Minutes biggrin.gif
18:39:06 Owen: lol
18:39:08 Kristofer Dahl: Sorry guys . I feel pitty for the guest! sad.gif
18:39:11 Owen: salesmanship
18:39:18 botoxfox: You wont regeret it guest!
18:39:29 Kristofer Dahl: Hehe you guys are doing my job biggrin.gif
18:39:29 botoxfox: regret*
18:39:29 Slammer: well, each guest is a Potential Member
18:39:40 Owen: lol
18:39:41 Kristofer Dahl: Well we got rid of him at least! biggrin.gif
18:39:46 Slammer: LOL
18:39:57 botoxfox: MAybe it just a member spying on us
18:39:58 Owen: he's going to steal his dads credit cards
18:40:01 Owen: lol
18:40:08 Kristofer Dahl: WE DON'T LIKE GUESTSS!! sad.gif sad.gif
18:40:11 Kristofer Dahl: haha biggrin.gif
18:40:24 chast: that reminds me of an irc network im on ^^
18:40:32 Kristofer Dahl: o wrong smileys, I meant :{ :{
18:40:35 Owen: my dad dont know the paypal is on auto-renewal lol
18:40:35 chast: everybody who coming new leaves after 2 days
18:40:36 Slammer: LOL
18:40:47 Owen: I think I should maybe mention at somepoint
18:41:00 Owen: but I dont want the paranoia, of "omg how'd it do that"
18:41:02 Kristofer Dahl: Ye sI definately think - or we will have him all over us!
18:41:16 Owen: lol
18:41:27 Owen: ah, six month subscription anways
18:41:32 Owen: runs out 27 dec
18:41:52 Kristofer Dahl: That's just after Kristmas wink.gif
18:41:56 Slammer: HEMLOK!!
18:41:58 Roadking: heya
18:41:59 Slammer: just in time
18:42:01 Owen: Brent!
18:42:10 Kristofer Dahl: Hey guys! smile.gif
18:42:10 botoxfox: kris it'spelled definitely biggrin.gif
18:42:18 Owen: ><
18:42:29 Roadking: Just signed up today
18:42:32 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:42:35 Owen: epic
18:42:35 Slammer: the guest!!!
18:42:39 Hemlok: welcome Roadking!
18:42:40 Slammer: maybe
18:42:41 Owen: lol
18:42:47 Kristofer Dahl: Welcome Roadking - that's very nice to hear! smile.gif
18:42:48 Roadking: Thank ya
18:42:49 botoxfox: welkomwe
18:42:50 Owen: that was far too quick
18:42:54 Slammer: LOL
18:43:00 Roadking: haha
18:43:09 Kristofer Dahl: I am glad you found your way to the chat so quickly! smile.gif
18:43:19 Kristofer Dahl: How come you chose to sign up?
18:43:20 Roadking: ya just forgot to log in
18:43:21 Slammer: Roadking that's really cool, because you get to chat with Kris on your First day
18:43:26 Slammer: LOL
18:43:32 Hemlok: The coolest dude on the block
18:43:33 Slammer: he only comes in like every 3 months
18:43:39 Slammer: LOL
18:43:44 Owen: lol
18:43:46 chast: slammer
18:43:53 Owen: if you give it 15 mins Muris should appear
18:43:54 Slammer: trust me I'm in here every day, maybe thats why ohmy.gif
18:43:55 Roadking: I really liked some of the forums and advanced lessons
18:43:58 chast: do you want to test if the guys like maths ? biggrin.gif
18:44:04 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:44:10 botoxfox: sad.gif
18:44:13 botoxfox: sad.gif
18:44:16 botoxfox: sad.gif
18:44:16 Owen: urgh Maths
18:44:16 chast: i think in 5 minutes we are alone lol
18:44:19 Slammer: 3x + 30 = 9x
18:44:24 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:44:25 Kristofer Dahl: aha nice to hear! smile.gif
18:44:32 Owen: 6x=30
18:44:37 Owen: x = 5
18:44:39 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:44:42 chast: biggrin.gif
18:44:46 Kristofer Dahl: In the future I hop ewe can have system where moore instructors are in the chat more regularly! smile.gif
18:45:06 Slammer: 1 1/2 x 3 3/4 =?
18:45:12 Slammer: Cool Kris
18:45:14 Hemlok: oh quit is slammer
18:45:18 Slammer: that's great
18:45:18 chast: lol
18:45:22 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:45:34 Owen: 3/2 x 15/4
18:45:41 Hemlok: coffee time
18:45:44 Roadking: anyone use a pod xt pro?
18:45:54 Kristofer Dahl: But I am really happy to se ethat some of you guys have been visiting the chat very regularly! biggrin.gif
18:45:55 peterorg54: yo
18:45:56 peterorg54: whoa
18:45:56 Owen: 45/8
18:45:57 peterorg54: HOWA
18:45:59 peterorg54: WHOA
18:46:01 peterorg54: kris
18:46:03 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:46:07 Kristofer Dahl: Hello Peter! smile.gif
18:46:10 peterorg54: whoa
18:46:11 Owen: Hammertime
18:46:12 peterorg54: whoa
18:46:14 Slammer: ppl say I use the chat too much :?
18:46:15 peterorg54: whoa
18:46:16 peterorg54: omg
18:46:16 botoxfox: hello
18:46:18 chast: lol peter is going crazy^^
18:46:26 peterorg54: omg
18:46:29 Slammer: LOL
18:46:30 peterorg54: whats he doing here
18:46:37 Slammer: he's the King
18:46:38 Kristofer Dahl: Hey Peter are you happy about seeing me here? Thanks in that case! biggrin.gif
18:46:44 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:46:44 Slammer: it's good to be the king
18:46:46 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:46:50 Owen: he came cos he knew all the cool folks were on tonight lol
18:46:58 Kristofer Dahl: :? You guys are making me shy
18:47:03 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:47:04 Kristofer Dahl: blush (is that a word?)
18:47:18 chast: sounds like on
18:47:23 chast: i know flush
18:47:33 Kristofer Dahl: I google on it and I get girls with make up
18:47:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:47:42 Kristofer Dahl: aha I'll try flush instead
18:47:43 peterorg54: :? + red stuff is blush
18:47:44 botoxfox: Isnt blush a tv sereis?
18:47:48 Slammer: Blush means Pink cheeks
18:47:51 Slammer: ROSY!
18:47:54 botoxfox: series*
18:47:54 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:47:55 chast: i think you will find toilettes kris
18:47:57 chast: lol
18:48:08 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif haha flush gave me toilets
18:48:35 botoxfox: haha
18:48:50 Slammer: when Muris comes in he will be SURPRISED
18:48:55 Slammer: he'll be like
18:49:04 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:49:07 Slammer: "WTF this is MY Chat Session"
18:49:08 Kristofer Dahl: Actually - Muris and I had a chat in here earlier, a private one smile.gif
18:49:10 Slammer: LOL
18:49:19 peterorg54: sad.gif
18:49:21 Slammer: A private chat?
18:49:22 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:49:24 Slammer: sad.gif
18:49:27 peterorg54: sad.gif
18:49:29 Slammer: sad.gif
18:49:31 peterorg54: sad.gif
18:49:32 Slammer: sad.gif
18:49:35 Kristofer Dahl: yes just like msn or similar
18:49:36 chast: sad.gif
18:49:37 Owen: what about?
18:49:40 Owen: lol
18:49:44 Kristofer Dahl: why is everyone sad?
18:49:48 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:49:58 botoxfox: plans for world domination?
18:50:08 Kristofer Dahl: ah no we already have that
18:50:09 Kristofer Dahl: biggrin.gif
18:50:16 Slammer: how to get rid of slammer
18:50:17 Slammer: ?
18:50:24 Slammer: LOL
18:50:34 Kristofer Dahl: No it was just a regulat chat about the lesson setc
18:50:53 Kristofer Dahl: But we always have that via email so it's good to once in a while have a chat about it
18:51:06 Kristofer Dahl: live chat that is
18:51:12 Owen: smile.gif
18:51:18 Hemlok: live chat is rather exciting yes
18:51:23 Slammer: do you still give lessons to Jimmie?
18:51:31 Owen: that kid is cool
18:51:34 Owen: lol
18:51:39 Kristofer Dahl: No unfortunately not
18:51:46 Kristofer Dahl: he was a very inpisring student!
18:51:46 Hemlok: when is he going to give us lessons?
18:51:48 Slammer: he got to good for lessons
18:51:50 Slammer: ?
18:51:52 Slammer: LOL
18:51:58 Owen: I watched the vid and cried that he was so small spikey and better than me
18:52:01 peterorg54: oh yeah
18:52:04 Owen: lol
18:52:15 peterorg54: am i the only one who noticed that pablo is very similar to kris
18:52:21 Slammer: I was surprised when I heard him talk
18:52:26 Slammer: Jimmie I mean
18:52:27 Kristofer Dahl: the looks you mean?
18:52:28 Slammer: LOL
18:52:31 peterorg54: yeah
18:52:59 Kristofer Dahl: aha yes you might be right - I thought the video was similar to Gabriels
18:53:02 Hemlok: uh oh, i smell electrical goods frying brb
18:53:24 Owen: I didnt like the strat sound too much for the style, but the lesson was good smile.gif
18:53:37 Owen: maybe with a humbucker in bridge it'd be awesome
18:53:58 Slammer: we need some more strat lessons
18:54:02 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:54:11 Slammer: DavidO disappeared
18:54:12 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:54:17 Kristofer Dahl: I think Pablo has some awesome potential - it will be exciting to see what styles he will cover smile.gif
18:54:33 Kristofer Dahl: Yes it's a pity with David - I'd like to see mor eof him! sad.gif
18:54:41 peterorg54: are gabriel and pablo friends ?
18:54:46 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:54:49 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:54:50 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:54:51 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:54:58 Slammer: maybe
18:55:00 Kristofer Dahl: Yes they are
18:55:03 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:55:05 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:55:06 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:55:07 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:55:09 Kristofer Dahl: Gabriel records Pablo
18:55:14 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:55:20 Kristofer Dahl: Which is great because Gabriel has a good studio smile.gif
18:55:25 peterorg54: ohmy.gif
18:55:29 botoxfox: Aah, the green walls
18:55:46 Kristofer Dahl: yes that's right!
18:55:54 Owen: its funky
18:56:12 peterorg54: wow so, luciana , gabriel and pablo are close friends and they all use gmc
18:56:19 Slammer: did you ever try getting Rusty to make a Guest Lesson?
18:56:21 peterorg54: and all instructors
18:56:23 Kristofer Dahl: That's right! biggrin.gif
18:56:30 Slammer: LOL
18:56:38 peterorg54: wow
18:56:42 botoxfox: I just think green walls are SO 70's
18:56:43 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:56:46 Slammer: or was that Pavel?
18:56:49 Slammer: 8)
18:56:50 chast: they are relaxing
18:56:57 chast: no pavels are blue i think
18:56:58 Kristofer Dahl: Mo I haven't tried with rusty
18:57:09 Slammer: that would be interesting
18:57:13 Owen: I like the green better,the blue is cold lol
18:57:16 Kristofer Dahl: But I really don't think such a thing would be impossible -
18:57:24 Slammer: LOL
18:57:27 Owen: Owen's artistic interpretation of peoples styles of wallpaper
18:57:32 Owen: lol
18:57:39 Kristofer Dahl: but it would be more like a feature to have 1-2 lessons with Rusty
18:58:12 Kristofer Dahl: IOf course I can't know until I ask him smile.gif
18:58:26 Hemlok: So what are ya waiting for! biggrin.gif
18:58:33 Kristofer Dahl: I have had contact with him befor ethough
18:58:37 Slammer: how much do(or did) you charge for Private Lessons Kris?
18:58:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:58:45 Slammer: $100 a hour
18:58:52 Kristofer Dahl: hehe that's my secret! wink.gif
18:59:11 Slammer: but, if I was ever In Sweden I would take lessons
18:59:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:59:27 Owen: lol
18:59:34 Hemlok: yeah I am planning a trip to sweden and I am going to pay you a visit Kris
18:59:34 Kristofer Dahl: You'd have to count the ticket to Stockholm in the price though! wink.gif
18:59:46 Slammer: LOL
18:59:53 Slammer: go out to lunch
18:59:56 Kristofer Dahl: From Australia right?
19:00:01 Hemlok: yep
19:00:06 Owen: I'll come, ehm, whats the drinking age in Sweden lol
19:00:12 Hemlok: i am gonna trek over to norway and have a jam with Robin too tongue.gif
19:00:18 Kristofer Dahl: Why are you planning to drink?
19:00:24 Slammer: what about me sad.gif
19:00:26 Kristofer Dahl: water is from five - I think you qualify biggrin.gif
19:00:33 Owen: lol
19:00:35 Hemlok: you are in america, i dont want to go there
19:00:38 Kristofer Dahl: before that it's milk! biggrin.gif
19:00:39 Slammer: LOL
19:00:43 Hemlok: hahaha
19:00:48 Slammer: well, Miami is really close to america
19:00:54 Owen: come to Scotchland Brent!
19:01:01 Slammer: Muris!!!!!!!!!!
19:01:03 Owen: sample the haggis
19:01:03 Slammer: Muris!!!!!!!!!!
19:01:04 Slammer: Muris!!!!!!!!!!
19:01:04 Hemlok: the star of the show!
19:01:09 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:01:13 Owen: MURIS!!!
19:01:15 muris: evening everybody! smile.gif
19:01:15 Kristofer Dahl: hehe Welcome Muris we have been waiting! biggrin.gif
19:01:19 Slammer: yes
19:01:21 chast: hey muris^^
19:01:21 peterorg54: muris !
19:01:22 botoxfox: muris....
19:01:23 muris: thanks Kris
19:01:30 muris: good to see you here as well!!!
19:01:36 Owen: Muris!
19:01:42 Slammer: is there anything you'd like to say to start this chat session off?
19:01:45 muris: hey Owen,it's been a while
19:01:48 muris: how are you?
19:01:48 Slammer: LOL
19:01:48 Kristofer Dahl: Actually I think I will let muris take over -
19:02:00 Kristofer Dahl: as I have to get going smile.gif
19:02:05 Slammer: NO
19:02:07 Slammer: sad.gif
19:02:09 Owen: Fine thanks, great actually smile.gif
19:02:09 Slammer: but
19:02:11 Owen: Nooooo
19:02:16 muris: ahh
19:02:16 Slammer: Kris
19:02:18 botoxfox: sad.gif
19:02:18 Slammer: stay
19:02:20 Slammer: sad.gif
19:02:23 Kristofer Dahl: But muris we were dicussing drinking age of Milk in Sweden - you can take it from there! biggrin.gif
19:02:30 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:02:32 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:02:32 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:02:33 muris: lol
19:02:33 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:02:33 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:02:36 muris: ok Kris
19:02:41 Gen: hey everyone!
19:02:43 Owen: Swiss cheese?
19:02:44 Slammer: Leedbreak!!!!!!!
19:02:45 Slammer: Leedbreak!!!!!!!
19:02:45 Slammer: Leedbreak!!!!!!!
19:02:46 Slammer: Leedbreak!!!!!!!
19:02:52 leedbreak: sup all
19:02:55 Owen: Slammer!?
19:02:56 Hemlok: smile.gif hello
19:02:59 Slammer: y?
19:03:00 muris: you have a nice evening and I'm gonna see what these players are up too ;0
19:03:00 Kristofer Dahl: I see repetition is the key! biggrin.gif even here
19:03:06 leedbreak: first time I have ever seen kris in here
19:03:10 Slammer: LOL
19:03:22 Kristofer Dahl: Hey leedbreak I was just about to leave...
19:03:26 peterorg54: why arent u saying peter !! peter !!
19:03:27 Hemlok: you are seeing him on his way out tongue.gif
19:03:32 leedbreak: well don't
19:03:39 Kristofer Dahl: But you clips in the collab are awsome - I have been working with them
19:03:50 Owen: ah, let him go, him and his red man and bold text lol
19:03:51 leedbreak: Lololol thanks
19:04:02 Owen: (sorry Kris wink.gif )
19:04:07 Kristofer Dahl: Ok see you all - be kind with Muris!
19:04:13 Gen: cya
19:04:15 botoxfox: c ya kris
19:04:19 leedbreak: thanks kris
19:04:19 muris: you heard him guys!! smile.gif
19:04:21 muris: bye Kris
19:04:31 Hemlok: hej då
19:04:35 Hemlok: too late!
19:04:40 muris: hey Hemlok
19:04:40 Owen: sloooow
19:04:43 muris: what's new?
19:04:46 Hemlok: howdy muris
19:04:51 muris: hi smile.gif
19:05:05 Hemlok: i am playing my acoustic alot lately
19:05:10 muris: yeah?
19:05:12 muris: that's great
19:05:12 Owen: Did you manage to snipe that classical guitar or has bidding not ended yet?
19:05:22 Hemlok: i am writing a love song tongue.gif
19:05:25 muris: hope you're having fun with it
19:05:28 muris: ahhh
19:05:30 leedbreak: got Bd intermetate learn now I have to clean er up
19:05:33 muris: nice smile.gif
19:05:43 Hemlok:
19:05:56 muris: Jason,you mean my Bb inter lesson?
19:06:05 leedbreak: yes, i guess
19:06:10 muris: ahh,cool
19:06:17 muris: with tapping part?
19:06:20 peterorg54: when are the gmc t shirts gonna be sale ??
19:06:31 Owen: They have to decide first!
19:06:32 leedbreak: I can type fast so for give me
19:06:36 muris: no idea peter ,will see
19:06:42 peterorg54: sad.gif
19:06:47 Hemlok: Owen: no the auction ends 9 hours, i had to snipe because i will be lawn bowling
19:06:51 muris: no problem Jason smile.gif
19:06:58 peterorg54: so hows paul gilbert lessons coming
19:07:00 peterorg54: muris
19:07:04 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:07:09 muris: mean new one?
19:07:14 peterorg54: yea
19:07:16 muris: ahh
19:07:18 peterorg54: ru making one
19:07:19 chast: im pracitcing upstroke focus tongue.gif
19:07:19 peterorg54: ?
19:07:26 muris: but how are going with first one????
19:07:28 muris: LOL
19:07:41 peterorg54: :|
19:07:48 muris: i have few lessons in making
19:07:53 muris: PG 2 as well wink.gif
19:08:07 botoxfox: cool
19:08:17 muris: chast,you're fine with upstroke?
19:08:19 leedbreak: can't wait to see them
19:08:23 chast: yeah
19:08:24 chast: smile.gif
19:08:28 muris: any problems?
19:08:43 chast: no, its fine
19:08:49 muris: great to hear smile.gif
19:08:52 chast: i have problems with the speed tongue.gif
19:08:54 muris: it's really useful
19:08:57 chast: as always^^
19:09:00 muris: at least to me
19:09:14 muris: adjusting yourself to diferent movements
19:09:32 muris: speed will come with the t ime
19:09:39 leedbreak: yes, I have not learned the upstroke one but have tried to do the same on other lessons and it has helped a lot
19:09:41 muris: just play it clear and accurate
19:09:52 Gen: hey muris
19:09:56 Gen: i gotta question
19:09:58 muris: hey Gen smile.gif
19:10:01 muris: sure
19:10:09 Gen: do you crack your fingers sometimes?
19:10:15 muris: hmmm
19:10:18 Hemlok: Arthritis
19:10:19 muris: can't recall wink.gif
19:10:27 Gen: oh lol
19:10:35 chast: i thought its going to be a question of sweep tapping biggrin.gif tongue.gif
19:10:37 muris: but I did have an issue this summer
19:10:38 leedbreak: he means pop your knuckles
19:10:43 Gen: oh haha
19:10:46 Hemlok: you dont want to crack your knuckles
19:10:46 muris: yeah
19:10:49 muris: nothing big
19:10:59 Owen: sweep tapping? ohmy.gif
19:11:01 muris: but small pain around wrist
19:11:11 muris: left hand
19:11:23 muris: it it was cause of sleeping!!!!
19:11:25 muris: yeah
19:11:42 muris: I'm crazy while sleeping
19:11:49 Gen: lol
19:11:51 leedbreak: Curl you hands up sleeping? yep most people do and it is bad
19:12:07 muris: pillow goes on the floor and I stuck my fist between wall and the bed
19:12:16 muris: yeah
19:12:23 muris: I curl it a lot
19:12:24 leedbreak: glue in pillow
19:12:35 muris: hardy figured out
19:13:08 Owen: and all was quiet
19:13:14 muris: only solution is to lock me up
19:13:20 Owen: lol
19:13:21 muris: and I can't allow that
19:13:22 muris: wink.gif
19:13:22 Gen: haha
19:13:30 leedbreak: so muris, what is you lastest ggigging activity?
19:13:38 muris: last night
19:13:43 Gen: wow lol
19:13:48 Owen: this week Muris plays a 60,000 people stadium from his box!
19:13:54 Owen: lol
19:13:56 muris: played two songs on TV show
19:14:08 muris: traditional music tho
19:14:13 leedbreak: cool, got a link?
19:14:16 muris: no riffing and stuff wink.gif
19:14:19 Hemlok: wow, any chance of getting on youtube?
19:14:26 muris: dunno
19:14:31 muris: it's comercial TV station
19:14:41 leedbreak: man if you play humpty dumpty I want to see it
19:14:44 muris: and show was recorded yesterday
19:14:59 muris: it'll be on the air in week or two
19:15:31 Tjchep: Whats up guys
19:15:35 muris: hi Tjchep
19:15:37 leedbreak: So you may be stuck in Bosnia but it does not sound all bad
19:15:38 Owen: hey!
19:15:42 Gen: hey
19:15:50 muris: well sort of Owen ,yeah smile.gif
19:15:54 Tjchep: It's like a party!
19:15:59 muris: ahh,Jason,sorry wink.gif
19:16:03 leedbreak: Sounds like you folkls no how to have a good time
19:16:15 Owen: tongue.gif
19:16:36 muris: ahhh
19:16:56 muris: Tjechep,you know the question,right?
19:17:03 leedbreak: You know tyoing it the same concept as fretting notes
19:17:04 Slammer: GEN
19:17:05 Tjchep: The theory one?
19:17:08 muris: aha
19:17:10 Gen: yes?
19:17:12 Tjchep: Yep.
19:17:14 muris: shoot it!!
19:17:14 Slammer: how are you doing?
19:17:16 muris: wink.gif
19:17:18 Tjchep: lol.
19:17:19 Gen: im fine
19:17:21 Gen: and ya?
19:17:29 Tjchep: Well here it goes
19:17:40 Slammer: I'm great!!!!!
19:17:43 muris: guys,watch this one
19:17:44 Gen: cul!
19:17:48 Slammer: like Frosted flakes
19:17:54 Tjchep: What is the note that cant be made by either a double BB or double ##
19:17:54 Owen: yum
19:17:55 Gen: ello govnah
19:17:59 Tjchep: ?*
19:18:04 muris: great wink.gif
19:18:06 Slammer: it's time for the SLammer SHow! ohmy.gif
19:18:09 Gen: lol
19:18:46 Hemlok: yeah i have not listen to 3 and 4, will now
19:18:51 Tjchep: Direct your questions to muris if you have any wink.gif .
19:19:03 muris: I believe our friends aren't in the thoery mood....
19:19:13 Tjchep: Guess not.
19:19:25 muris: pitty tho
19:19:39 Slammer: muris can you explain the modes to me
19:19:39 leedbreak: well give me a sec...
19:19:54 Tjchep: Leedbreaks goin for it.
19:19:58 muris: Slam,you asked me the same...about trilion times wink.gif
19:19:59 Tjchep: wooooooo
19:20:05 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:20:09 Gen: LMAO
19:20:10 muris: ok
19:20:14 muris: maybe 100 times wink.gif
19:20:25 Slammer: btw
19:20:32 muris: but sure,what you want to know?
19:20:37 leedbreak: Do you wrte more so by key alone or feel.
19:20:39 Slammer: I thought I was your booking Agent
19:20:39 Hemlok: doesnt Andrew have a big thread on Modes??????
19:20:41 peterorg54: l.ol
19:20:43 Slammer: sad.gif
19:20:45 peterorg54: that question again
19:20:46 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:20:47 muris: you are Slam wink.gif
19:20:50 Slammer: but
19:20:51 Slammer: but
19:20:53 Slammer: sad.gif
19:21:05 Slammer: you booked this Chat Session yourself
19:21:06 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:21:10 Tjchep: Leed was that question to me?
19:21:12 muris: ohh
19:21:19 muris: was Kri's suggestion
19:21:21 Tjchep: (Or muris)
19:21:27 leedbreak: either
19:21:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:21:33 Tjchep: Muris take it away.
19:21:38 muris: ok smile.gif
19:21:45 muris: this is the deal in my case
19:21:53 muris: the key is realy irelevant to me
19:22:01 Hemlok: who here likes the sound of sitar?
19:22:03 Hemlok:
19:22:09 muris: it's important only if it's tune with voice
19:22:20 muris: cause of the range etc
19:22:21 Hemlok: this song just makes me wanna dance like a maniac
19:22:26 leedbreak: Cool cause thats the way I always did it too
19:22:30 muris: so it's usualy by ear and feel
19:22:42 muris: and then I put it into best sounding key
19:22:46 muris: that'd be it smile.gif
19:22:53 leedbreak: you have a good ear my friend
19:23:16 muris: thanks Jason smile.gif
19:23:23 botoxfox: WEll, I'm off to bed guys
19:23:25 botoxfox: c ya
19:23:29 leedbreak: That is so cool to hear since as I said I have always done it that way too
19:23:38 muris: see ya bot
19:23:41 leedbreak: nite to you
19:23:41 muris: nice dreams tho
19:23:49 chast: i try it by ear but it doesnt work that good all the time biggrin.gif
19:23:49 Tjchep: night.
19:23:52 Slammer: we need more ppl in here
19:23:54 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:23:56 botoxfox: toodeloo
19:24:04 muris: well it needs lots of training
19:24:13 muris: ear is the instrument
19:24:19 chast: but muris in my imrpovisation thing
19:24:22 muris: just like voice,hands,guitar etc
19:24:28 muris: ohh yeah
19:24:28 chast: that a minor pentatonic doesnt sound too wrong
19:24:30 muris: that one
19:24:32 chast: oO
19:24:36 leedbreak: yes, that may be the only plus for so many years of just playing stuff in no real order
19:24:37 muris: you chosed bit tricky BT
19:24:49 muris: it's major key chast
19:24:53 muris: but Mixolydian
19:25:04 chast: yeah i read that already
19:25:14 muris: of course you can play paralel minor pentatonic
19:25:23 muris: but you played few notes
19:25:29 chast: paralel what ? biggrin.gif
19:25:31 muris: like it's regular major
19:25:38 muris: like C major and A minor
19:25:43 muris: relative
19:25:46 muris: paralel
19:25:49 muris: same thing smile.gif
19:25:50 chast: ah
19:25:52 chast: ok
19:26:06 chast: so i didnt everything wrong ? biggrin.gif
19:26:10 muris: ohh no
19:26:14 Slammer: muris I have a theory question- I know this sounds dumb but.... When I play the Am Pentatonic and move over to the Dm pentatonic it sounds good together, why is that?
19:26:14 muris: just few notes
19:26:25 Tjchep: Hemlok i got up and danced to that song. tongue.gif
19:26:33 muris: may I have one question at the time?
19:26:37 Owen: Muris, what could I do to improve my soloing, I feel ists a bit meh at the moment?
19:26:40 muris: looks bit confusing,ok?
19:26:41 Owen: sorry
19:26:41 Slammer: tongue.gif:
19:26:43 Owen: too slow
19:26:50 Owen: tongue.gif slamer first
19:26:50 muris: ok smile.gif
19:26:52 muris: Slam
19:26:53 Slammer: no
19:26:55 Slammer: CHAST
19:27:03 Owen: lol
19:27:06 Owen: ><
19:27:10 Slammer: chast wasn't finished
19:27:12 Slammer: I'm sorry
19:27:13 Slammer: sad.gif
19:27:23 muris: it sounds ok cause you hear Am key when you start playing Am pentatonic
19:27:38 muris: and since Am key includes Am scale
19:28:12 muris: you're using Dm pentatonic
19:28:19 muris: while still being in Am key
19:28:37 muris: Dm pent is alredy in Am scale
19:28:44 Slammer: oh cool biggrin.gif
19:28:44 muris: smile.gif
19:28:53 Slammer: now Owen Wilson
19:29:10 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:29:18 muris: Owen,what type,of soloing,style?
19:29:47 Owen: Owen-style?
19:29:48 Owen: lol
19:29:52 muris: lol
19:29:56 muris: really
19:30:01 muris: what are you up to?
19:30:02 Owen: I dunno, I never really focussed on being like anything
19:30:08 Owen: its just kinda as is
19:30:18 muris: blues,rock,?
19:30:25 Owen: the In the style of you thing is as good an indication as any
19:30:26 muris: fav players?
19:30:52 muris: soloing means all together
19:31:08 muris: for blues you don't need that much theory knowledge
19:31:17 muris: but for some more complex styles,yeah
19:31:24 Owen: metal I suppose
19:31:31 Owen: although not strictly limited to that
19:31:35 muris: and of course practicing many techniques
19:31:41 Owen: I like slow stuff too
19:31:46 muris: depends of style,indeed
19:32:13 muris: slow is undefined Owen
19:32:17 muris: any example?
19:32:18 Owen: I feel sometimes all the theory I learnt is more a hinderance
19:32:31 Owen: I end up just playing boxes ><
19:32:36 muris: you must combine thoery with practice
19:32:36 Owen: its like I set up a wall
19:32:46 muris: one by itself is nothing
19:32:53 muris: must incorporate it together
19:33:19 Owen: I guess I'm just wanting to feel that what I'm writing has a direction
19:33:27 Owen: at the moment it just feels like bits of stuff taped together
19:33:30 Owen: not a solid unit
19:33:30 Slammer: is it possible for someone to learn theory with out ever touching a Instrement?
19:33:43 muris: not really Slam
19:33:45 muris: I mean
19:33:49 Slammer: LOL
19:33:50 muris: you can learnt it
19:33:54 muris: but not understand it
19:33:56 muris: wink.gif
19:34:04 Slammer: they can learn all the Technical stuff like
19:34:04 Tjchep: Owen.. what I do, Is say I want to end on one note.. And find a creative way to get there.
19:34:10 Slammer: Intervals
19:34:13 Slammer: LOL
19:34:38 Tjchep: So I guess I'm saying have a destination when your playing.
19:34:50 muris: yeah
19:35:03 muris: seeking for goal in melody might be nice
19:35:13 muris: using singing as well
19:35:23 muris: it's best if you're up to slow and nice stuff
19:35:39 muris: once more Owen,what about your singing?
19:35:49 Owen: its meh
19:35:57 muris: try it more
19:36:01 muris: it'll help you
19:36:05 Owen: I dont feel comfortable integrating it into a tune without a crap load of effects
19:36:06 muris: go like this
19:36:18 muris: try to sing something
19:36:23 muris: not a regular tune
19:36:31 muris: but you make a small melodie
19:36:38 muris: just with your voice
19:36:47 Slammer: anyways Boys, it's been fun but I gtg, thanks for the Help
19:36:49 muris: then try to find all notes on the guitar
19:36:50 Slammer: Muris
19:36:51 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:37:03 muris: sure Slam,see ya next time smile.gif
19:37:06 Tjchep: Start with Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si
19:37:15 Slammer: probably sooner than you think 8)
19:37:21 muris: yeah,using C scale is fine start
19:37:22 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:37:23 Slammer: bye
19:37:24 muris: wink.gif
19:37:26 muris: bye
19:37:29 chast: cu slammer
19:37:37 muris: and then try to add harmony to it Owen
19:37:37 Owen: been using vocal scales for ages
19:37:39 Tjchep: Muris is Do = to e of f?
19:37:51 muris: Do is for C
19:37:56 Tjchep: o ok
19:38:04 Slammer: Nope dinner isn't ready yet
19:38:05 Owen: I've got a better range, but I still have a really naff voice, its got no quality anyway tongue.gif
19:38:12 Slammer: I guess I'm back
19:38:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:38:23 muris: it's around C scale cause it's the one with full white keys smile.gif
19:38:33 chast: is qualtiy of the voice so important ?
19:38:35 Tjchep: oooo gotcha..
19:38:47 muris: depends Chast
19:38:51 Tjchep: Couldnt you substitue your voice with a piano
19:38:55 chast: i mean, if i do that, im just singn a melody
19:39:04 chast: but no specified tones
19:39:19 muris: look,every melodie has tones
19:39:24 muris: you can't avoid that smile.gif
19:39:30 Slammer: Hello Understudy
19:39:37 chast: yeah, but lets say, i want to make a solo
19:39:42 Understudy: evening everyone
19:39:43 muris: yeah?
19:39:47 chast: and singing over the backing for getting a melody
19:39:48 muris: hi US
19:39:52 Tjchep: Hi understudy
19:39:53 chast: i dont sing in specified tones than ohmy.gif
19:39:58 muris: you do
19:39:59 Understudy: what's up Muris smile.gif
19:40:13 muris: why do you think you dont?
19:40:21 muris: all fine:) you?
19:40:33 chast: because it doesnt fit the backing biggrin.gif
19:40:35 Understudy: TJ, are you still building that axe ? Im good Muris , thanks
19:40:37 muris: ahh
19:40:50 Tjchep: I donno man.. lol.. It to much for me now
19:40:53 muris: that's because you might be singing out of scale or som
19:40:55 Tjchep: Have to wait for a job..
19:40:59 chast: i just do that to get a melody, the right tones i chose on the guitar
19:41:04 muris: but you ARE singing specific notes for sure
19:41:09 Tjchep: Just trying to find a guitar with a FR to get used to it and see if I want it.
19:41:11 chast: yeah thats for sure
19:41:25 chast: i see again, complicate to write what i think biggrin.gif
19:41:37 Slammer: today I went to Sam Ash and saw a GIBSON LP with a Whammy
19:41:38 muris: just sing as much as possible
19:41:41 muris: no big deal
19:41:44 muris: but must sing
19:41:44 Slammer: I'm not sure
19:41:46 Tjchep: you serious slamm?
19:41:50 Slammer: if it was a FL
19:41:54 Slammer: it looked
19:41:57 Owen: I also want to needlessly complicate my playing with unecessary whammage lol
19:42:02 Slammer: like a Fender Whammy
19:42:10 Tjchep: ooo
19:42:12 Owen: although I still cant find a good guitar with a decent FR
19:42:16 muris: no need for whammy Owen wink.gif
19:42:22 Owen: none of that edge III rubbish lol
19:42:26 Slammer: $1,825
19:42:32 Understudy: lol owen
19:42:33 Tjchep: ew.
19:42:47 Tjchep: Whammys fun thought ;p
19:42:52 muris: it is
19:42:59 muris: just not for Owen wink.gif
19:43:01 Slammer: I wish I had one
19:43:03 Slammer: sad.gif
19:43:05 Owen: LOL?
19:43:12 Owen: why not?
19:43:20 Owen: I can needlessly do divebombs
19:43:26 Tjchep: lol
19:43:33 leedbreak: who is asking more theory, I was enjoying this
19:43:37 muris: well then it's ok LOL
19:43:39 muris: go for it
19:43:53 Tjchep: leed you never awnsered my question.
19:44:05 leedbreak: what was that?
19:44:10 muris: wink.gif
19:44:12 Owen: anyone know a good midrange guuitar with an FR?
19:44:21 Tjchep: What is the note that can not be made by a double BB or double ##
19:44:32 Tjchep: Owen took the words out of my mouth
19:44:41 leedbreak: oh, that was my question? let me think
19:44:54 muris: take your time Jason smile.gif
19:44:58 muris: this one is fun
19:44:59 Tjchep: well it was to anyone.. but you seemed interested
19:45:07 Tjchep: Muris idea of fun.. o god
19:45:22 Owen: I was looking at the Corts, but they have Edge III based and they go out of tune
19:45:23 muris: and you liked it too wink.gif
19:45:30 Tjchep: lol.
19:45:50 Tjchep: They still stay in tune pretty well from what I understand
19:45:52 leedbreak: you mean double flat and double sharp?
19:45:56 Owen: Ibanez Satriani model I tried whammy bar as a a beast to move
19:46:03 Tjchep: Yeah.
19:46:09 Tjchep: Owen.. how about the ibanez S models
19:46:16 Tjchep: the ZR trems are Amazing
19:46:29 Owen: price range?
19:46:35 Tjchep: Um.. 500 on
19:46:49 Owen: *needs funds*
19:46:51 muris: Owen,I suggest you to try floyd type like on my custom or MM Axis
19:46:54 Understudy: I thought the S models were cheaper like from 400 down
19:46:56 leedbreak: is it a single note that applies? are is there more?
19:47:06 muris: one note Jason
19:47:14 Tjchep: No.. not the ones with the ZR's
19:47:22 Tjchep: One note.
19:47:25 Tjchep: I'll give you that
19:47:39 muris: I gave you alot more LOL
19:47:44 Owen: I heard the Zero Resistance were good
19:47:55 leedbreak: c
19:47:58 Tjchep: Yeah.. alot better than edge tres.
19:48:09 muris: no Jason,it's not C
19:48:27 leedbreak: so I have a a 1.6 chance now?
19:48:35 muris: cause C is Dbb
19:48:45 muris: there's double b
19:49:05 Tjchep: Leed think tritone
19:49:06 leedbreak: oh, see now I was not uder standing the question, let me get mu guitar
19:49:14 muris: ok wink.gif
19:49:41 muris: Gen,you're in too?
19:49:46 leedbreak: Why do I feel like everyone knows this bit me and I am being tested"
19:49:58 Tjchep: I think only me muris and peter know.
19:50:02 muris: yeah
19:50:04 Owen: I was looking at the S range 7 string
19:50:07 Gen: in what muris?
19:50:07 Owen: good rpirce
19:50:13 Tjchep: I hate 7 strings..
19:50:27 Tjchep: But I hate that kind of music that you need them in.
19:50:30 muris: [Tjchep] What is the note that can not be made by a double BB or double ##
19:50:38 muris: try it Gen
19:50:54 Tjchep: Wait..
19:50:54 Gen: lol idk
19:51:01 muris: try wink.gif
19:51:04 Tjchep: [Tjchep] What is the note that can not be made by a double B or double #
19:51:13 Slammer: Murisian Mode?
19:51:16 Gen: yes!
19:51:31 muris: it's note,not the mode Slam LOL
19:51:37 chast: i think b i a good answer
19:51:40 Owen:
19:51:41 chast: my feeling says that
19:51:46 Owen: thats cool
19:52:01 Gen: okay, then i ll say hmmmm
19:52:02 Gen: E!
19:52:05 muris: sorry Chast,what about b and a?
19:52:17 chast: i should be is
19:52:18 chast: ^^
19:52:20 muris: no Gen,E is D ##
19:52:28 Tjchep: That sucks owen.. those guitars are 500 USD.
19:52:29 Gen: F!
19:52:33 Tjchep: nor 490 eur
19:52:37 muris: F is Gbb
19:52:37 Slammer: Have any of you ever heard Venus Isles Album?
19:52:52 leedbreak: a love note? j/k
19:52:56 Gen: yes im listening to it since you sent it to me
19:53:04 Gen: tongue.gif
19:53:10 Gen: cant stop
19:53:10 muris: Venus is great smile.gif
19:53:24 Owen: welcome to the Uk prices Tj
19:53:26 Owen: twice as much
19:53:30 Owen: ><
19:53:51 Owen: dont get the same quality for price here
19:54:03 chast: gen is listening to sea of lies all the time
19:54:05 chast: biggrin.gif
19:54:09 chast: and to venus
19:54:12 chast: at once
19:54:14 Tjchep: Feel bad for you man :-/
19:54:49 Slammer: man
19:55:00 Slammer: My favorite part is the Slide guitar on Manhattan
19:55:02 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:55:10 leedbreak: is it a tone of semi?
19:55:16 leedbreak: or
19:55:23 muris: semi what Jason?
19:55:30 muris: we are looking for one note
19:55:35 chast: Bb
19:55:45 muris: ne need to compare it to anything regarding to steps
19:55:56 leedbreak: like can it be f#
19:56:00 Tjchep: Slammer lol.. you still talking about that
19:56:20 muris: F# is E ##
19:56:28 muris: and Bb is Cbb
19:56:35 chast: lol
19:56:50 Tjchep: Its actually really obvious..
19:56:53 chast: C
19:56:54 chast: ?
19:56:55 muris: those are 2 bb
19:56:56 chast: biggrin.gif
19:56:57 Slammer: and what is G?
19:56:58 muris: not C
19:57:01 muris: C is Dbb
19:57:05 leedbreak: is there really on or are you just pulling legs here?
19:57:09 leedbreak: one
19:57:10 muris: G is F## abd Abb
19:57:12 Slammer: y?
19:57:14 Tjchep: There is one.
19:57:17 muris: there is one
19:57:22 muris: only one Jason
19:57:26 chast: lol
19:57:36 muris: this is great question
19:57:47 muris: Tjchep knows it really well wink.gif
19:57:59 Tjchep: took me like and hour and a half.
19:58:04 muris: I made him to suffer LOL
19:58:06 Tjchep: learned alot thought.
19:58:33 muris: Understudymwhat about you?
19:58:43 muris: ,*
19:59:11 Understudy: what is your question Muris ?
19:59:22 muris: ahh Tjchep would you?
19:59:32 Tjchep: Your making me suffer more if you care.
19:59:35 Tjchep: Umm...
19:59:38 muris: [Tjchep] What is the note that can not be made by a double BB or double ##
19:59:40 muris: wink.gif
19:59:46 Tjchep: owch
20:00:18 Understudy: I would say b
20:00:27 muris: B is A##
20:00:29 muris: wink.gif
20:00:35 Owen: :S
20:00:39 Gen: Z
20:00:43 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:00:53 muris: Z is...Wbb
20:01:02 Gen: lol
20:01:05 muris: wink.gif
20:01:15 chast: oO
20:01:19 leedbreak: C Flat and thats it
20:01:25 muris: nope
20:01:28 chast: lol
20:01:28 Tjchep: omg
20:01:31 muris: Cb is A##
20:01:34 peterorg54: yo people even this 8th grade kid knows the answer
20:01:35 Tjchep: I wish i could say it
20:01:36 Understudy: f
20:01:43 muris: F is Gbb
20:01:46 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:02:05 Owen: Stoop it! lol lol
20:02:14 muris: but there IS one smile.gif
20:02:36 muris: random shooting isn't point
20:02:48 muris: but what the hack...
20:03:03 muris: silence Peter wink.gif
20:03:09 peterorg54: sad.gif((
20:03:22 peterorg54: i was just typing
20:03:28 muris: ok LOL
20:03:49 Gen: well
20:03:54 Gen: whats the answer
20:03:55 Gen: biggrin.gif
20:04:04 muris: you give it to us wink.gif
20:04:18 peterorg54: us= peter and muris
20:04:19 peterorg54: yea
20:04:20 peterorg54: so cool
20:04:28 chast: and tjchep
20:04:32 muris: yep wink.gif
20:04:32 peterorg54: oh
20:04:33 peterorg54: yeah
20:04:34 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:04:41 Gen: its the hidden 27th letter of the alphabet
20:04:43 Tjchep: lol thanks chast
20:04:46 muris: nope Gen
20:04:52 muris: it's so often note
20:04:54 muris: really
20:04:57 Gen: a
20:04:59 Gen: A
20:05:02 peterorg54: new comment on pg lesson muris
20:05:03 muris: nope
20:05:06 muris: A is G##
20:05:07 chast: lol
20:05:10 chast: man
20:05:19 Gen: C!
20:05:26 muris: C is Dbb
20:05:31 chast: i already tried c gen biggrin.gif
20:05:34 Gen: C#
20:05:44 muris: C# is B ##
20:05:48 leedbreak: ahhhh b#
20:05:54 Tjchep: lol
20:05:57 muris: Dbb wink.gif
20:06:06 muris: same as C if you ask me
20:06:16 Tjchep: look at your fret board carfully.. its obvious..
20:06:20 Tjchep: mabye to obvious
20:06:26 muris: might be
20:06:27 muris: or
20:06:33 muris: look at the keyboard!!!!!!!!
20:06:37 muris: wink.gif
20:06:39 Gen: G
20:06:40 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:06:41 Gen: lol
20:06:44 leedbreak: we rrrr
20:06:52 Slammer: Q: How many bluegrass players does it take to change a light bulb?
20:06:53 muris: G is F## and Abb
20:07:01 Slammer: A: None. They won't touch anything electric
20:07:15 leedbreak: B# is not on any key bord
20:07:24 muris: it is
20:07:30 muris: on place with C note
20:07:36 muris: just named diferently
20:07:42 Gen: Fb
20:07:47 peterorg54: do u huys know that u cant write #and b at the same note..
20:07:51 peterorg54: i didnt know
20:07:54 muris: Fb is D##,same as E
20:07:58 Tjchep: lol @ slammer
20:08:02 peterorg54: so it took so long time when i was trying
20:08:10 muris: lol yeah
20:08:26 peterorg54: did u say yeah to me ?
20:08:27 peterorg54: muris ?
20:08:28 Tjchep: slammer is G b# right?
20:08:43 Tjchep: i mean
20:08:46 Tjchep: Peter*
20:08:51 muris: yeah,to you peter wink.gif
20:08:56 peterorg54: oh
20:08:57 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:08:57 peterorg54: ok
20:09:00 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:09:02 muris: you can't have both # and b
20:09:10 Slammer: 1x = 1
20:09:12 Tjchep: heh.
20:09:20 muris: yep wink.gif
20:09:29 chast: i want to know the answer
20:09:33 chast: its making me crazy
20:09:34 chast: lol
20:09:38 Owen: x0= 1
20:09:39 muris: ahh
20:09:41 muris: we know
20:09:42 muris: LOL
20:09:42 leedbreak: I want to figure it out
20:09:49 Tjchep: Yeah i know how you fel chast..
20:09:53 Understudy: A#
20:09:58 Tjchep: nay
20:10:01 muris: A# is Cbb
20:10:05 peterorg54: here
20:10:08 peterorg54: ill whisper to u
20:10:09 peterorg54: chast
20:10:15 chast: no
20:10:20 muris: with 1and 0 wink.gif
20:10:32 chast: i want to know it when muris says correct biggrin.gif
20:10:35 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:10:40 peterorg54: i didnt
20:10:41 muris: cool smile.gif
20:10:44 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:10:44 peterorg54: anyways.
20:10:52 peterorg54: i said sup to him
20:11:04 peterorg54: :|
20:12:14 muris: so?
20:12:28 muris: Hemlok?
20:12:30 muris: Gen?
20:12:34 muris: Owen?
20:12:38 muris: guys?
20:12:48 Tjchep: Utter silence.
20:12:53 peterorg54: *SLAP*
20:12:56 muris: .....
20:13:00 Gen: well
20:13:02 peterorg54: YEA
20:13:02 Hemlok: oh sorry, we are having a private chat
20:13:05 Owen: uh
20:13:05 peterorg54: slap rules
20:13:05 Gen: whats the answer
20:13:06 Owen: here
20:13:07 Gen: idk
20:13:07 Gen: lol
20:13:10 muris: LOL
20:13:16 leedbreak: there is more of a trick, like how far can you go into the woods
20:13:27 Owen: sorry I kinda got lost in the conversation
20:13:30 muris: not a trick Jason
20:13:37 muris: looks like
20:13:39 Owen: so I went and drooled over expensive guitars instead
20:13:55 muris: but it's real note indeed
20:13:57 Gen: C d e f g a b
20:14:01 Gen: is it any of these?
20:14:02 Gen: biggrin.gif
20:14:05 muris: LOL
20:14:14 muris: can't tell wink.gif
20:14:18 Tjchep: aww
20:14:19 Gen: oh lol
20:14:21 Gen: so it isnt
20:14:23 chast: I say
20:14:25 chast: Bbb
20:14:28 peterorg54: muris would like to say theres no point if u do that
20:14:29 Tjchep: That would have made there life so much easier
20:14:36 peterorg54: u gotta figure it out
20:14:38 muris: Bbb is F##
20:14:43 chast: JPWRAOjrw
20:14:45 chast: muris
20:14:47 Gen: C##
20:14:50 chast: tell us the answer!
20:14:52 chast: lol
20:14:57 muris: no!!!
20:15:00 muris: LOL
20:15:03 chast: ^^
20:15:12 Gen: because there s none
20:15:15 Gen: tongue.gif
20:15:20 muris: C## is Ebb
20:15:23 Tjchep: Muris I have a quick question for you..
20:15:25 muris: there IS!!!!!!!!!!!
20:15:30 muris: sure
20:15:42 Tjchep: You know in the PG lesson.. when its the little staccto sounding thing.. the 13 on e,
20:15:48 Tjchep: 13 12 10 on b
20:15:49 Tjchep: ect..
20:15:54 Tjchep: what scale is that in?
20:16:02 muris: ahh
20:16:09 peterorg54: how do you do double string bends ?
20:16:09 muris: it's part of D dorian
20:16:15 Tjchep: Oo..
20:16:17 muris: but latter on it's D blues scale
20:16:22 Tjchep: gotcha
20:16:24 peterorg54: ?
20:16:29 muris: ok smile.gif
20:16:29 Tjchep: I knew it was somwhere around minor scale.
20:16:40 Tjchep: But the 12 didnt fit in minor sad.gif
20:16:43 muris: you band 2 strings
20:16:50 peterorg54: thats it ?
20:17:01 Gen: what
20:17:02 Gen: is
20:17:03 Gen: the
20:17:05 Gen: answer
20:17:05 muris: if it's one same fret it's possible with one finger,like bare
20:17:23 Understudy: :{
20:17:27 muris: can't tell Gen,must find it,some of you...
20:17:35 Gen: i know it
20:17:41 Gen: just wanna check if you have the good one
20:17:43 Gen: tongue.gif:P
20:17:45 muris: tell us smile.gif
20:17:51 Gen: lol i cant
20:17:53 Gen: you tell us
20:17:54 Slammer: Q: How do you know it's a singer at the door?
20:17:55 Gen: tongue.gif
20:18:00 Slammer: A: He doesn't know when to come in.
20:18:07 muris: Slam,would you try???????????????????
20:18:11 Gen: lol
20:18:13 Slammer: try what?
20:18:14 Gen: muris
20:18:20 Gen: can you repeat the question please?
20:18:20 muris: ahh nothing....
20:18:22 Gen: for sam
20:18:26 Slammer: Slam*
20:18:28 muris: [Tjchep] What is the note that can not be made by a double BB or double ##
20:18:38 peterorg54:
20:18:41 Understudy: is it F#
20:18:41 peterorg54: muris
20:18:43 Slammer: Cb 8)
20:18:51 muris: nope,F# is E##
20:18:58 peterorg54: when it's 2;42
20:19:06 muris: and Cb is A##
20:19:10 Tjchep: so muris your diong a Timmons lesson?
20:19:14 peterorg54: how is he getting that cool vibrato sound
20:19:15 Slammer: :|
20:19:17 Tjchep: For sure?
20:19:23 peterorg54: im beginner here
20:19:37 muris: I do,along with some others
20:20:03 Tjchep: Wrist vibrato peter
20:20:05 Slammer: G#
20:20:13 muris: why Slam?
20:20:22 Gen: lol
20:20:25 Gen: its the answer
20:20:26 muris: LOL
20:20:32 muris: explain it
20:20:37 muris: if it is wink.gif
20:20:41 chast: isnt it F## ?
20:20:42 chast: oO
20:20:43 Tjchep: I told him.
20:20:47 Tjchep: Kidding tongue.gif
20:20:48 Gen: haha
20:20:49 Gen: lol
20:20:50 Gen: tongue.gif
20:20:52 Slammer: I just Guessed
20:20:55 Slammer: is it wrong?
20:20:57 muris: ahhh
20:20:59 muris: anyhow
20:20:59 peterorg54: wrist vibarto ??
20:20:59 Tjchep: crackers
20:21:05 Tjchep: Yep.
20:21:05 muris: yeah,it's G#
20:21:07 peterorg54: its wrong
20:21:08 chast: lol
20:21:10 peterorg54: no
20:21:10 muris: or Ab ,smae thing
20:21:13 Slammer: LOL
20:21:23 Slammer: well, It was the logical Answer
20:21:23 peterorg54: no he just guessed
20:21:27 chast: g# is the answer ?
20:21:27 peterorg54: there no point
20:21:30 Slammer: I guessed
20:21:31 peterorg54: no point for sam
20:21:31 muris: yeah
20:21:38 muris: G# or Ab,same note
20:21:42 chast: hm
20:21:51 chast: oO
20:21:53 muris: try to get it with 2 # or b
20:21:56 peterorg54: whats the wrist vibrato ???
20:21:57 muris: not possible
20:22:00 peterorg54: how do u do that
20:22:04 chast: omg
20:22:07 peterorg54: ?
20:22:07 chast: now i understand
20:22:08 chast: lol
20:22:10 Tjchep: turn your wrist
20:22:15 Tjchep: isnt it obvious chast?
20:22:26 chast: x_X
20:22:48 muris: hope you're wiser now wink.gif
20:23:12 Slammer: ok guys I must go eat dinner
20:23:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:23:14 Slammer: CYA
20:23:15 leedbreak: so g# is it???
20:23:16 Slammer: BYW
20:23:17 Gen: cya
20:23:19 Slammer: BYE
20:23:20 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:23:22 peterorg54: cya
20:23:24 Hemlok: bye bye
20:23:26 chast: cya
20:23:45 peterorg54: dolemifasolrasido
20:23:51 leedbreak: so G# is it??????
20:23:55 peterorg54: yea
20:23:56 muris: yep smile.gif
20:23:56 chast: yeah lol
20:23:58 peterorg54: sol #
20:24:04 Gen: yeah!
20:24:07 peterorg54: yeah !
20:24:11 leedbreak: geees ok
20:24:12 Gen: yeah
20:24:19 leedbreak: i gues so
20:24:20 Gen: yeah!
20:24:23 Gen: yeah!
20:24:24 Gen: yeah!
20:24:25 peterorg54: yeha !
20:24:27 Gen: hurry
20:24:28 muris: or Ab,sme deal
20:24:30 Gen: hurray*
20:24:37 muris: same*
20:24:48 leedbreak: ok muris you had to much fun with this
20:24:52 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:25:06 muris: you haven't?? sad.gif
20:25:11 Gen: lol
20:25:13 muris: LOL
20:25:17 chast: lol
20:25:35 muris: peter,about vibrato
20:25:47 muris: usualy it's made from wrist
20:25:48 Tjchep: I'm so sad..
20:26:02 muris: like you're roling it around the neck
20:26:11 muris: roling whole fist
20:26:15 Tjchep: My brother had a compition to win a car.. but he lost it.. (He had to throw a football in a car).
20:26:35 muris: ahh sory to hear...
20:26:56 Tjchep: Oops I didnt mean to post that on here.
20:27:00 peterorg54: yeha ?
20:27:00 Tjchep: sorry guys
20:27:19 leedbreak: well yes it was fun but does this mean if I write in G3 the world will blow up? lolol
20:27:22 chast: muris may i ask something, it sounds stupid maybe... but how is the political situation in bosnia ?
20:27:31 muris: well
20:27:35 muris: it's fine chast
20:27:36 chast: can you get out without being scared to die ?
20:27:47 muris: small turbulence in lest few weeks
20:27:52 muris: nothing big and serious
20:27:55 muris: same politics
20:28:03 muris: sucks like everywhere
20:28:45 chast: so there is no violence on the streets?
20:28:50 muris: aahh no
20:28:52 leedbreak: I go play now, guys be cool
20:28:55 chast: ok
20:28:57 muris: war stpooed in 95 smile.gif
20:29:11 muris: stopped *
20:29:13 Tjchep: peace leed
20:29:15 chast: my knowledge about such things arent that good
20:29:20 muris: see ya Jason
20:29:27 muris: better for you
20:29:28 Understudy: have a good jam jason
20:29:30 muris: to know less....
20:30:22 chast: ok, well i dont want to argue you with some more question about that topic
20:30:39 muris: no argue
20:30:54 muris: I meant that you'll be happy knowing less smile.gif
20:31:02 muris: it was horrible time
20:31:15 chast: yeah, i understand, its just that i dont know anything in general
20:31:19 muris: from 92 to 95
20:31:20 chast: thats what i wanted to say
20:31:22 Gen: lol
20:31:29 muris: no prob wink.gif
20:31:36 Tjchep: Muris like how bad?
20:31:45 Tjchep: Not to be nosy or anything.. i'm just curious
20:31:52 muris: very bad Tjchep
20:31:56 Gen: chast can play the "sea of lies " solo with one hand
20:31:59 Gen: the left one
20:32:04 chast: lol for sure^^
20:32:05 muris: Sarajevo was under siege for 4 years
20:32:16 muris: no food,no water,power...
20:32:22 muris: fire all the time
20:32:22 Gen: omg
20:32:25 muris: bombing
20:32:27 Tjchep: were you in sarajevo?
20:32:28 muris: snipers...
20:32:33 muris: yeah,whole time
20:32:37 Tjchep: wow man..
20:32:49 Tjchep: did you ever feel scared for your life?
20:32:57 muris: milion times smile.gif
20:33:04 Gen: sad.gif
20:33:07 Tjchep: glad your alive thought smile.gif
20:33:13 muris: felt sniper bullet on my hand once
20:33:20 Tjchep: really?
20:33:20 muris: missed me in milimetar
20:33:25 Gen: ohmy.gif
20:33:25 muris: yep...
20:33:26 Understudy: Muris had several years of lock down , plenty of time to become a virtuoso
20:33:33 Tjchep: hahah
20:33:40 muris: was running with water cans
20:33:46 Tjchep: So did you have a job or anything?
20:33:55 muris: i was 12 then
20:33:58 Tjchep: ooo
20:33:59 chast: it was war under the people of bosnia or ?
20:34:03 Tjchep: Sorry.. did you parents?
20:34:07 muris: and there weren't jobs then
20:34:11 Tjchep: Gotcha.
20:34:14 muris: only surviving
20:34:21 muris: for naked life
20:34:23 Tjchep: Thats some scary stuff..
20:34:26 muris: sort of speach
20:34:29 muris: yeah
20:34:37 Tjchep: You play guitar back then?
20:34:48 muris: i started then
20:34:54 muris: in 93-94
20:35:08 muris: 13 -14 years old
20:35:21 Tjchep: So there was no school either I'm guessing
20:35:28 muris: there was school
20:35:35 muris: in shelters and stuff
20:35:42 Tjchep: How did you get back in fourth?
20:36:02 muris: didn't understand the last one
20:36:08 muris: in fourth?
20:36:20 Tjchep: How did you go from your home to the other shelter
20:36:31 Tjchep: and I'm sorry
20:36:34 muris: usualy running wink.gif
20:36:41 Gen: ...
20:36:42 Understudy: lol muris
20:36:45 Hemlok: muris the bullet dodger varajic
20:36:48 muris: really smile.gif
20:36:55 muris: no joking
20:37:02 muris: looks like a dream to me know indeed
20:37:04 Tjchep: Well glad you had a nice childhood tongue.gif
20:37:09 muris: and like horror movie
20:37:14 muris: but was reality...
20:37:38 Understudy: I remember watching the bombing on the news
20:37:41 Hemlok: do you have any war inspired songs?
20:37:52 muris: not really Hemlok
20:38:01 muris: I was to young and ful beginner
20:38:07 Gen: well everyone, i gotta go
20:38:08 muris: too *
20:38:09 Hemlok: ah of course
20:38:09 Gen: cya
20:38:13 chast: cya gen
20:38:14 muris: see ya Gen
20:38:16 Hemlok: Cya Gen have fun in the sun
20:38:48 Tjchep: So who were you guys at war with?
20:38:59 muris: hmm old story
20:39:06 muris: Serbia started everything
20:39:10 muris: too long story
20:39:16 Tjchep: Gotcha..
20:39:26 muris: heard of Milosevic,Karadzic,Mladic?
20:39:30 Tjchep: No.
20:39:30 peterorg54: do you hate serbia ?
20:39:43 muris: i don't hate Peter
20:39:45 Tjchep: I'm really bad with my geography.
20:39:49 chast: wasnt it civil war?
20:39:50 muris: there are good people there as well
20:39:53 peterorg54: sure u dont hate peter
20:40:05 peterorg54: i said do u hate serbia
20:40:06 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:40:14 muris: but leaders at that time were fasist and criminals
20:40:32 muris: it wasn't civil war
20:40:40 muris: they want to show it like it was
20:40:43 muris: but it wasn't
20:40:48 muris: thy this
20:41:00 muris: whole army shooting at one city
20:41:06 muris: on civilians
20:41:12 muris: is that civil war?
20:41:19 chast: no ...
20:41:22 muris: yep
20:41:36 chast: im just reading something about milosevic
20:41:38 chast: ...
20:41:50 muris: that'll stay unfinished bussiness
20:41:57 muris: he died durring trial
20:41:59 muris: pitty
20:42:14 Tjchep: He died from what? Murder?
20:42:23 muris: probably murdered,yeah
20:42:26 Tjchep: Or.. getting murdered on that matter*
20:42:33 muris: they say it was heartattack
20:42:40 muris: but I doubt in that
20:42:55 muris: he knew too much
20:43:00 chast: wait
20:43:09 chast: are we talking about the same milosevic ?
20:43:12 Understudy: the war was religious in part was it not Muris ?
20:43:17 chast: Slobodan
20:43:21 muris: absolutelky
20:43:30 muris: Serbia wanted Big Serbia
20:43:40 muris: wich means no muslims,croats etc
20:44:02 muris: heard of Srebrenica?
20:44:18 Hemlok: does this lesson load for anyone else?
20:44:22 Hemlok: *
20:44:36 Understudy: the town of mejhagoria was a target , that they could not seem to hit
20:44:39 chast: no here it doesnt
20:44:54 muris: works fine here Hemlok
20:45:01 Hemlok: darn
20:45:16 muris: mejhagoria,whereis that?
20:45:25 Tjchep: wont load her hemlock
20:45:34 Tjchep: here*
20:45:43 Hemlok: none of the lessons seem to be woring for me
20:45:51 muris: might be server?
20:45:58 Hemlok: must be
20:46:03 muris: or your browser...
20:46:11 Hemlok: yeah i might try IE
20:46:23 muris: i'm on Firefox
20:46:28 muris: works fine
20:46:34 Understudy: it is has a large religious site, it is said many miracles happen there, through the bombing they tried to destroy it but could not get missles to hit the town. some say god was watching over the city..
20:46:39 chast: it doesnt work with firefox for me biggrin.gif
20:46:42 Hemlok: same, i could have a port blocked or something
20:46:50 Tjchep: Oo.. its not working cause I have my toneport in
20:47:00 Tjchep: Works for me. Sorry.
20:47:01 muris: I see smile.gif
20:47:15 Tjchep: I'm running Firefox also.
20:47:20 muris: and where is that,which country?
20:47:49 Tjchep: United Staes
20:47:54 Tjchep: States* Jeeze...
20:48:10 Hemlok: gonna restart pc and modem, back soon
20:48:14 muris: I mean mejhagoria smile.gif
20:48:33 Tjchep: Gotcha..
20:48:41 muris: it's in states?
20:48:51 Tjchep: No no no.. lol
20:48:59 muris: thought so wink.gif
20:49:19 chast: muris do you like reading books?
20:49:20 Understudy: no muris, it is spelled medjugorje, it is in bosnia
20:49:27 muris: ahh yeah
20:49:27 Tjchep: I just didnt know I'f you were directing it to me or hemlock.. because no one seemed to be answering
20:49:39 muris: Medjugorje smile.gif
20:49:49 Understudy: yes, sorry about my spelling
20:50:04 chast: or anyone else do you like reading books ? biggrin.gif
20:50:07 Tjchep: Understudy you have quite worldy knowlege.
20:50:17 muris: it's in Herzegovina,like southern part of BiH
20:50:22 Understudy: no I do not, it is my wife smile.gif
20:50:28 Tjchep: Gotcha smile.gif
20:50:41 muris: painter,right?
20:51:04 Understudy: correct Muris, I have 2 pictures of her latest paintings, I will e mail to you
20:51:14 muris: k wink.gif
20:51:36 Tjchep: Isnt painting becoming a rapidly shrinking career?
20:51:41 chast: im out for a cigarette
20:51:44 chast: brb
20:52:00 Understudy: well, it is tough to make a living being an artist
20:52:09 Understudy: ask any musician tongue.gif
20:52:14 muris: LOL
20:52:15 Tjchep: Wasent it much easier like.. 50 years ago?
20:52:18 muris: don't ask me
20:52:20 muris: LOL
20:52:27 Tjchep: lol
20:53:03 muris: so,any other guitar related questions guys?
20:53:22 Tjchep: Who's your biggest influence?
20:53:25 Owen: whast the best type of floyd rose?
20:53:36 Tjchep: Original
20:53:38 Understudy: sure, can anyone recommend a good cable, I had to throw 2 away today sad.gif
20:53:51 muris: Klotz is good cable
20:53:55 Tjchep: Monster or planet wave
20:53:59 muris: with Neutrik jacks
20:54:03 Understudy: ! am looking at monster cables to replace them with
20:54:11 Tjchep: They are so worth it
20:54:25 Understudy: $50 per cable, sheesh
20:54:26 Tjchep: My friend (stupid him) cut my cable in half..
20:54:28 Tjchep: I got a new one free
20:54:38 Tjchep: its worth it 100% though.
20:54:41 muris: tastes are different on FR Owen
20:54:43 Owen: my friend lost the end of my cable in my guitar once
20:54:48 Owen: soloing on the floor
20:54:49 muris: I preffer Scheller FR II
20:54:52 Owen: ...
20:55:06 Owen: had to take the guitar apart
20:55:21 Understudy: afk for a smoke
20:55:28 Tjchep: I remember my brothers input jack on his epiphone sheridon fell in..
20:55:38 Tjchep: Jeeze.. that was a pain in the A#@ to get back in..
20:55:50 Tjchep: Its a hollow body so there isnt a back panel for controls..
20:55:57 muris: ahh
20:55:59 muris: trucky
20:56:05 muris: tricky *
20:56:11 chast: re
20:56:12 Tjchep: yeah.. I left and went and played my guitar.. lol
20:56:26 muris: wink.gif
20:56:37 chast: i have a guitar related question
20:56:43 chast: about sweep tapping
20:56:43 muris: sure chast
20:56:52 Owen: woah, muris they are expensive
20:56:55 muris: mean sweep plus tapping?
20:57:05 chast: did i understand that correc that i have to legato with my left hand and tapping with the right one ?
20:57:08 muris: mean Scheller Owen?
20:57:08 chast: yeah
20:57:46 muris: no chast,it's still sweeping with adding one or few tapped notes with right hand
20:58:01 Owen: yeah
20:58:12 muris: Scheller is expansive yeah,but great
20:58:20 muris: German company wink.gif
20:58:23 chast: muris but like michael romeo is doing it, he isnt only adding a few notes biggrin.gif
20:58:43 muris: not sure what he's doing
20:58:46 Tjchep: Yeah tehre is a thing where you tap all the noes and you sweep
20:58:53 chast: wait i will look for a video
20:58:54 muris: maybe playing something totaly different
21:00:44 chast:
21:00:50 chast: from 0:40 to 1:05
21:01:10 chast: or 1:16 to 1:18
21:01:19 muris: ok
21:01:25 peterorg54: ok
21:01:27 peterorg54: guys
21:01:30 peterorg54: im off now
21:01:31 peterorg54: cya
21:01:34 chast: cu peter
21:01:36 peterorg54: food time
21:01:37 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:01:37 Tjchep: Muris.. after your done with that video.. Could I mix a blues scale and a dorian mode together over a blues progresson?
21:01:38 peterorg54: cya
21:01:40 Tjchep: bye peter
21:02:03 muris: ahh there's no sweep here chast
21:02:06 muris: at all
21:02:10 chast: ah ok
21:02:11 chast: lol
21:02:16 muris: you know what sweeping is?
21:02:19 chast: yeah
21:02:23 muris: well??
21:02:29 chast: i just said it becuase it sounded like that ohmy.gif
21:02:30 muris: do you see him using pick here?
21:02:37 chast: actually not
21:02:39 chast: lol
21:02:41 muris: yep wink.gif
21:02:47 muris: it's 2 handed tapping
21:03:09 muris: hammers na pullofs with left hand
21:03:15 muris: while adding one note with right hand
21:03:24 chast: it looks very hard
21:03:32 muris: guess so smile.gif
21:03:58 Understudy: Muris have you ever heard the band Animal Bag ?
21:04:01 muris: Tjchep depends of chord progression
21:04:11 muris: no Understudy ,I haven't
21:04:22 Tjchep: Well like a standard stevie ray vaughn one..
21:04:41 muris: there's no such a thing Tjchep smile.gif
21:04:47 muris: there are minor and major keys
21:04:50 Tjchep: I understand that
21:04:53 muris: difference is huge
21:04:58 Tjchep: I know I know..
21:04:59 Understudy: I will check with Gabriel, it may be more his style smile.gif
21:05:04 Tjchep: But so are you saying that..
21:05:20 muris: ok Understudy smile.gif
21:05:26 Tjchep: In your PG lesson, there was a modulation alowing you to switch to the blues scale?
21:05:30 Tjchep: from dorian
21:05:33 Tjchep: ?
21:05:39 muris: there's no modulation
21:05:46 muris: it's key of D all the time
21:06:07 muris: but have you noticed which chord is in backing when I'm palying dorian?
21:06:09 Tjchep: So is that part of like position 2 of dorian?
21:06:18 Tjchep: oooO!!!
21:06:24 Tjchep: No.. but I get what your saying now..
21:06:24 muris: no,it's first position
21:06:34 muris: it's G chord
21:06:43 muris: and that's why I putted G dorian
21:06:46 Tjchep: So what would have let you play g dorian..
21:06:56 muris: when Bb chord is I play straight minor scale
21:07:03 Tjchep: I gotcha smile.gif
21:07:09 muris: no G dorian
21:07:13 muris: D Dorian smile.gif
21:07:42 Tjchep: Yeah i'm sorry
21:07:48 Tjchep: I get messed up cause minor and major
21:07:56 muris: ok wink.gif
21:08:12 Tjchep: I'm still so bad with rythem..
21:08:25 Tjchep: How do you reckon I get better.
21:08:32 muris: no mistery
21:08:36 muris: play and practice more
21:08:54 Tjchep: I mean.. what should I practice... I'm tottally lost on what to practice for rythem
21:08:57 muris: play both lead and rhythm stuff
21:09:05 muris: I haven't practice it
21:09:07 Tjchep: rythm*
21:09:08 muris: I played it
21:09:14 muris: just play
21:09:18 Tjchep: So do I just learn the chords..
21:09:27 muris: and play groove,yeah smile.gif
21:09:40 Tjchep: and Figure out what chords would fit in these scales and then put them in an order I like?
21:09:56 muris: something like that,yes
21:10:05 Tjchep: Yeah I worded that funny.
21:10:06 muris: or try some tunes
21:10:13 muris: like sweet home alabama
21:10:22 muris: knocking on the heaven door
21:10:23 Tjchep: smile.gif
21:10:26 muris: long train running
21:10:35 Tjchep: Atleast it would be super easy.
21:10:43 chast: muris, was there are time when playing guitar when you had a "click" in your head and you learnd things faster and so on ?
21:10:45 muris: hope so smile.gif
21:10:46 Tjchep: And a good starting ground.
21:11:07 muris: havent thought about it chast
21:11:27 muris: just tried to play as much as possible
21:11:34 Tjchep: Chast what you have to keep in mind.. If you cant play slow.. they you SHOULDNT (IMHO) try to learn to play fast
21:11:41 muris: without satisfining anyone
21:11:45 muris: just myeslf
21:11:48 muris: that's the point
21:12:04 chast: tjecp im not trying that wink.gif
21:12:18 chast: i learned that already biggrin.gif
21:12:28 Tjchep: Well I put imho for a reason
21:12:33 muris: there might be moment of motivation
21:12:42 muris: to be ablke to absorb things faster
21:12:44 Tjchep: Well I didnt know how long you have been playing chast.
21:12:55 muris: but you have to love it
21:12:59 Hemlok: i tell you what, i am not motivated to play my electric guitar right now, i have not played it in ages sad.gif
21:13:08 chast: tjchep that wasnt meant any negative
21:13:11 chast: wink.gif
21:13:13 muris: that'll give you biggest learnring boost
21:13:14 Tjchep: no I understand.
21:13:36 Tjchep: I just didnt know what you meant before you said I learned that already
21:13:43 chast: ah ok^^
21:13:47 Understudy: I try to mix things up so I stay motivated
21:13:59 muris: not to try fast before slow,he meant that I believe
21:14:30 Understudy: Hemlock are you playing acoustic ?
21:14:41 Hemlok: yeah i am right now
21:14:52 Understudy: thats a good change for me
21:15:10 Understudy: my acoustic is a lump of crap, so it is really hard to playlol
21:15:27 Hemlok: get a capo and get out of standard tuning
21:15:31 muris: is that bad?
21:15:38 Hemlok: and then will be fine to just jam out nonstop
21:15:59 Understudy: the action is so high I could fly a paper airplane under my strings lol
21:16:06 muris: ahh
21:16:06 Hemlok: i have a $20 guitar at work with broken bridge and its still good to play
21:16:15 muris: had similar guitar at beginning wink.gif
21:16:22 Hemlok: slammer the bammer is back for more
21:16:27 Slammer: LOL
21:16:39 muris: you look at it and blood is comming from fingertips LOL
21:16:44 Slammer: man I ate dinner and washed the dishes and you all are still here
21:17:01 muris: you were good boy then wink.gif
21:17:02 Hemlok: having too much fun
21:17:06 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:17:26 Slammer: I see that le gen left
21:17:29 Tjchep: Slammer your really into the blues right?
21:17:49 Slammer: you're really into asking me questions :?
21:17:59 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:18:00 Slammer: yeah
21:18:04 Slammer: I love the Blues
21:18:06 Slammer: LOL
21:18:10 Understudy: I am learning 3 note coils now, ascending and descending along with all the scales
21:18:27 Tjchep: I'm sorry sad.gif . lol, but whats your favorite SRV song taht you learned?
21:18:28 Slammer: why do you ask?
21:18:33 Slammer: oh
21:18:35 Slammer: LOL
21:18:47 Slammer: I like, Texas Flood and Scuttle Buttin
21:18:49 Slammer: but
21:19:00 Slammer: I would say voodoo Child
21:19:01 Slammer: but
21:19:03 Hemlok: what about robert johnson, have you learned any of his songs Slammer?
21:19:06 Slammer: thats Hendrix
21:19:08 Tjchep: Thats jimi
21:19:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:19:20 Slammer: I know
21:19:23 Tjchep: Good song though.
21:19:38 Slammer: If I had possesion over judgement day, with the Slide
21:19:47 muris: awesome
21:19:57 muris: seen Crossroad live version?
21:20:08 muris: Clapton
21:20:13 Slammer: Hell yeah!!!
21:20:15 Hemlok: watched that yesterday, its so spot on that performance of clapton
21:20:20 Hemlok: was amazing
21:20:20 Owen: EEE
21:20:22 muris: yeah
21:20:32 Slammer: that show was what Inspired me to really play
21:20:39 Slammer: the Whole Crossroads
21:20:44 muris: yeah
21:20:45 Slammer: Esp. Layla
21:20:48 Slammer: LOL
21:20:49 muris: Robert Cray
21:20:50 Owen: anyways, far too late here, sleep calls, nice listening in on most of the conversations lol
21:20:57 Slammer: NO owen
21:21:02 Owen: ttyl y'all!
21:21:03 Slammer: you are nocturnal
21:21:09 Owen: lol
21:21:09 muris: bye Owen
21:21:13 muris: I'll be off soon too
21:21:13 Owen: I could well believe it
21:21:20 muris: 3:30 am
21:21:24 Hemlok: cya
21:21:28 Slammer: no muris you stay right here
21:21:34 Slammer: I got a shotgun*
21:21:36 muris: can't mate
21:21:38 chast: same time here
21:21:38 muris: LOL
21:21:39 muris: ok
21:21:58 Hemlok: 11:21am
21:22:13 muris: australia,right?
21:22:28 Understudy: 9:20 pm here
21:22:38 muris: from whole globe
21:22:39 Understudy: im almost ready for a snack !
21:22:40 muris: nice wink.gif
21:23:02 muris: I had it just before chat
21:23:14 muris: ok guys
21:23:20 muris: was nice time indeed
21:23:21 Slammer: ok muris he's staying
21:23:21 Understudy: you have a gig tonight Muris ?
21:23:32 muris: hope I helped in some way
21:23:41 muris: no Understudy
21:23:42 Slammer: you did
21:23:43 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:23:46 muris: was home tonight
21:23:58 Understudy: well have a good night, what is left of it for you tongue.gif
21:24:10 muris: thanks smile.gif
21:24:13 muris: same to you
21:24:20 muris: and hope to see ya soon
21:24:21 Tjchep: Do you have a studio in your house?
21:24:27 muris: practice hard
21:24:27 chast: cu muris
21:24:32 muris: specialy you Slam wink.gif
21:24:33 Understudy: later Muris
21:24:35 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:24:40 Slammer: but
21:24:41 muris: joke
21:24:43 muris: wink.gif
21:24:45 Slammer: sad.gif
21:24:47 muris: you're doing fine
21:24:49 muris: wink.gif
21:24:50 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:24:52 Hemlok: cya later muris!
21:24:52 muris: see ya guys
21:24:53 Slammer: sad.gif
21:24:55 Tjchep: bye muris.
21:24:56 Slammer: bye
21:24:57 muris: bye!! smile.gif
21:25:09 Slammer: bye bye Mr Bosian Pie
21:25:17 Understudy: nice going slammer, you ran him off like always...
21:25:20 Slammer: damn he's gone
21:25:21 Slammer: LOL
21:25:22 Tjchep: lol
21:25:24 Understudy: lol
21:25:46 Tjchep: I think I ask more questions than I think..
21:25:59 Hemlok: thats right
21:26:14 Tjchep: Bad habit ohmy.gif
21:27:05 Understudy: TJ I made a new Carvin the other night, a DC727 , 7 string, way too expensive atm for me
21:27:16 Slammer: anyways guys I gtg
21:27:18 Slammer: AGAIN
21:27:19 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:27:21 Slammer: LOL
21:27:22 Tjchep: Bye. lol
21:27:24 Hemlok: cya slammer, have a nice sleep
21:27:25 Understudy: cya slammer
21:27:29 Slammer: 3rd time tonight
21:27:30 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:27:35 Tjchep: You would really get a 7 string...
21:27:51 Understudy: I doubt it, was just putting it all together
21:28:01 Tjchep: Ahh..
21:28:09 Tjchep: I really would like one of those.. but.
21:28:15 Tjchep: I need a new computer first
21:28:52 Understudy: Hemlok where in Australia do you live ?
21:29:00 chast: hmpf i have to restring my guitar
21:29:09 chast: but im too lazy to
21:29:19 Hemlok: western australia, about half way up, port hedland
21:29:36 Tjchep: Restrining your guitar is stupid.
21:29:51 Tjchep: restringing*
21:30:10 Tjchep: not litterally of course*
21:30:11 Understudy: lol TJ how else are we going to get strings on it ??
21:30:35 Tjchep: I didnt mean it for real.. I mean.. stupid as in.. they should find a way around it.
21:30:55 Tjchep: For lazy people.. :/
21:30:56 Understudy: just be thankful we don't play the harp or piano....
21:30:56 Hemlok: i need restring my acoustic, because the endpin jack is coming loose, gotta tighten from inside!!! :{
21:31:21 Tjchep: Thats right, I know this might come across really stupid..
21:31:35 Tjchep: But Do you need to tune like a woodwind or brass instrument ever?
21:31:41 chast: i dont want to know how much money i paid for strings yet
21:33:08 Understudy: alright guys I am going to log, have a good night
21:33:22 Tjchep: Night
21:33:26 Hemlok: cya understudorian
21:39:42 Hemlok: im out too, later lads
21:41:00 The-Levy: hello! is anybody having trouble with the video lessons not playing?
21:45:23 chast: well one lesson wasnt working
21:45:42 The-Levy: mmm... cant access anything...
21:46:12 chast: strange
21:46:14 chast: its working here
21:46:25 The-Levy: I restarted my computer thinking explorer was messed up, but when I tried to do it. I wont download any video.
21:49:03 chast: im going to bed now
21:49:11 chast: have a good night tjchep smile.gif
22:04:18 Tjchep: chast sorry

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