Ballad Country Solo in 3/4

by Ivan Milenkovic

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  • Hi GMCers! Welcome to another country lesson. This time we will tackle a 3/4 slow-paced ballad style with country phrasing.

    Our focus in this lesson is on the major scale. This will be a good exercise for those of you who are good at minor pentatonic and looking for ways to increase your major scale skills. On top of that, there are some cool licks in here that you can use in various situations. :)

    *Standard E
    * E - A - D - G - B - E
    (From thick to thin)

    * Bending
    * Vibrato
    * Slides
    * Double stops

    Chord Progression:
    |A ///|D ///|A///|A ///|
    |A ///|D ///|E7///|E7 ///|
    |D ///|D ///|A ///|A ///|
    |E7 ///|E7 ///|A ///|E7 ///|
    |A ///|D ///|A///|A ///|
    |A ///|D ///|A ///|

    120 bpm

    Time Signature:

    A Major

    * US Fender Telecaster 1981 Limited Edition, position 2
    * Amplitube 3, Fender Bassman, vintage compressor, slapback echo, spring reverb

    If you have any questions:
    * Give feedback (upper-right-corner)
    * My Personal Board
    * General Forum

    Enjoy!/ Ivan

    A major

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