Basic Rock Rhythm #1

by Darius Wave

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  • Difficulty: 4
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  • Welcome to the Basic Rock Rhythm #1 lesson !

    Lesson focused on the rock rhythm playing. Great workout for one direction picking (downstrokes), combined with palm muting. Let's get familiar with a few most common concept of creating riffs in this particular genre. Make sure You push your right hand to it's strength limits, so it would make guitar sound tight and sharp, even on the medium gain amount. Notice that in main video guitar has been recorded twice and panned one 100% left and the other 100% right(double tracking). This trick helps to squeeze more power out of backing guitar tone. These days it's a kind of must for anything from rock to metal. Otherwise single guitar track may not be able to transfer the amount of energy you would usually feel while playing your part live, on the amp. Double tracking is also a great way to verify how well you can execute the licks. Precisely played part with double tracking should make you able to recognize each note while both guitars play. Any timing or articulation issue will immediately come out. It's a great way for a self-test.

    Gear used (in order of connection chain placement):

    1. SX SST57 guitar
    2. Presonus Inspire 1394 firewire audio interface (input gain 40%)
    3. Poulin LeXtac vst plug-in:
    - Channel - blue
    - Input 50%
    - Gain 70%
    - Pre EQ - brighter
    - Bass 50%
    - Middle 40%
    - Treble 50%
    - Contour 100%
    4. Kefir impulse loader (mix 100%)
    5. Impulse - Catharsis s-preshigh

    Tuning - Standard E

    Backing track progression:

    4/4 Am | Am G | Am | Am G | F | F | Dm | Dm |
    Am | Am G | Am | Am G | F | F | Dm | E |

    Am G | F G | Am G | F G |
    Am G | F G | Am G | Am/G# F|

    E | E | E | E |
    E | E | E | E | E ||

    Tempo: Main song tempo is 90 bpm. There are backing tracks available at 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 bpm. Slowest backing track has additional click track, because at that low tempo, time between beats is very long and could simply make you confused while learning lesson at the first stage.

    Time signature: 4/4

    Scales used in this lesson:


    A-harmonic minor

    E chromatic scale

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