Bluesy Country Solo

by Chris Shofner

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  • The "Bluesy Country Solo" lesson was is sort of like Merle Haggard meets John Mayer. The chord progression is based off the old Merle Haggard song, "That's the Way Love Goes." The groove has been reinterpreted into 6/8 time and slowed down. The solo itself was inspired by John Mayer's playing with a bit more of a country feel and technique though Mayer often uses hybrid picking (sans pick). The tone is slightly dirty with that signature out-of-phase strat sound.

    Key: G
    Chords: G, Dm, G, C, D, C, G, A, D / G, Dm, G, C, D, C, G, D, G, C, D, G
    Time: 6/8
    BPM: 60

    Gear: '76 Strat>Wampler Ego Compresser>ZVex SHO Clone>Pedalmonsters Klone>Vox AC15(with tremolo on)>Shure SM57>Presonus>Ableton Live


    G Blues

    G Major

    A Bluesy Pentatonic

    C Pentatonic

    D Pentatonic
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