Funky Blues Rhythm

by Stephane Lucarelli

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  • Hi GMC!

    Welcome to this Funky Blues Rhythm lesson.

    Being a great guitar player is not only playing great solos, but also being a good rhythm player and knowing how to support other players.

    From basic triads to more complex jazz sounding chords, you are going to learn some very useful chord voicings to improve your chord vocabulary.

    The idea is to use some melodic movement in our comping and not only a "static" chord, which can quickly become boring.

    Here's the classic Blues progression

    I A7 I % I % I % I
    I D7 I % I A7 I % I
    I E7 I D7 I A7 I E7 I

    As always, you'll find more in depth explanations under each video section.

    Hope you enjoy the lesson, have fun and work hard.

    Gear used :

    - Haar Strat
    - Fender Hot Rod amp
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