Funky/Disco Rhythm Guitar

by Adrian Figallo

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  • Hello boys and girls, welcome to a new groovy lesson, today i'm showing how to play some Funky/Disco Rhythm Guitar, it's a very FUN style to play, i'm basing this lesson on the John Frusciante way to play funk, but i'm also using influence from the James Brown band and the Parliament Funkadelics (Check them out!)

    We will be playing here with basically two scales:

    -The A Pentatonic Blues:

    -And the D Pentatonic BLues:

    Also we got a note from time to time out of scale, something we are playing B, but just very quick and to create some tension.

    Funk music seems easy at first, but it can get really tricky if you want to sound like a real funk guitar player, so i suggest for this lessons to try to record yourself and hear it, maybe you will notice your guitar being out of groove, work on that cause it's super important for your overall playing.

    I'm using a lot of 7th chords here, but i'm not using the bar chord position, instead im using this kind of position:

    The chords used here are, C#7, D7, G7

    Enjoy the lesson guys and feel free to ask any questions you may have, here, via pm or in the forum, i will be glad to help :).

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