Funky and Disco Time

by Sinisa Cekic

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  • Hi GMC!

    Disco time!

    Funk and Disco style is very fun to play but at the same time requires very good timing because it is tightly played in eighths and sixteenths. Its not a must and general rule, but each fast groove requires this kind of counting. The riffs and chords are quite easy but the difficulty is getting the sound by muting/unmuting the strings and the attack with your picking hand.

    Funk tones vary. Clean is usually the way to go and it's both satisfying and effective. There are extra effects you can add like a compressor, wah and others but a clean tone is where you should get comfortable first.

    Guitar : Fender Squier telecaster

    Equipment : Sonar8 DAW, Guitar Rig5 plugin

    Tempo : 120 bpm

    Time Signature : 4/4

    Chord progression : Am7,E9,D7sus4,D7,F

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