Intervals Etude

by Cosmin Lupu

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  • Hello GMC'ers!

    Another thread in our forum has brought my attention to the fact that interval phrasing is a very interesting and colorful way of going through a scale. So I thought I would combine 5ths with 6ths and 4ths with 7ths and 3rds to create an interesting combo having all of the used intervals in the context of a major scale.

    Aside from having all of them in one place, I discovered that this lesson is a pretty good exercise for alternate picking and string skipping development, so if you are aficionados of these techniques, I think you will enjoy learning this one.

    ...and here's what you can pick up from this lesson:

    - Right hand/ rhythmic development
    - Alternate picking
    - Intervals phrasing
    - String skipping

    Tuning: Standard E

    Meter: 12/8

    Tempo: 105 BPM

    Progression: Cmaj F maj Gmaj Fmaj

    Scales: C major

    Tone settings:

    PRS Paul Allender guitar connected to the AMT SS20 preamp having the Crunch Channel activated with the following settings:

    Bass: 10 o'clock

    Mid: 9 o'clock

    Highs: 2 o'clock

    Gain: 10 o'clock

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