AFI Style Lesson

by Carlos Carrillo

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  • AFI (To Fire Inside) is an American band of punk alternative formed in 1991 by Davey Havok, Markus Stopholese, Vic Chalker and Adam Carson in Ukiah, California. Vic Chalker was replaced to 8 months by Geoff Kresge before make some EP. Later on, the own Geoff would be Replaced for Hunter Burgan and Mark Stopholese for Jade Puget.

    The band began with a style hardcore punk, of the hand of an important big wave at the beginning of the 90 in California, with typical songs of the genre, of only two minutes of duration and influenced by groups like The Misfits or Dead Kennedy’s. In addition, for his second album of study, Very Proud of ya, AFI signed a contract with Nitro Records, one of the most important stamps of the American punk rock.

    So, with Black Sails in the Sunset launched in 1999, the band began to develop a more elaborated music, with trends to the Gothic music of the 80 and electronic, influenced largely by Puget's arrival. With The Art of Drowning and Sing the Sorrow the band was confirmed as a mature band and of a more experimental rock, simultaneously that came the successes in the Billboard and signed for a multinational.

    AFI dissolved when his members left to different universities, including the University of California in Berkeley (where Havok began but it never finished his studies) and the University of California in Santa Barbara. Later on they assembled (to play again together, which makes them change of seeming and going out of the University to devote itself full-time to the band.

    Between 1993 and 1995 the band appears in numerous EPs and vinilos shared as behind the times; Eddie Picnic's All Wet; This Is Berkeley, Not West Bay; AFI/Heckle; Bombing the Bay and Fly in the Ointment, two of them close to other bands hardcore as Heckle and Swinging ' Utters.

    Band members
    * Davey Havok – lead vocals (1991–present)
    * Jade Puget – guitar, backing vocals, programming, keyboards (1998–present)
    * Hunter Burgan – bass, backing vocals, programming, keyboards (1997–present)
    * Adam Carson – drums, backing vocals (1991–present)
    Former members
    * Mark Stopholese – guitar, backing vocals (1991–1998)
    * Geoff Kresge – bass, backing vocals (1992–1997)
    * Vic Chalker – bass (1991–1992)
    * 1995: Answer That and Stay Fashionable
    * 1996: Very Proud of Ya
    * 1997: Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes
    * 1999: Black Sails in the Sunset
    * 2000: The Art of Drowning
    * 2003: Sing the Sorrow
    * 2006: Decemberunderground

    This lesson is based on the brilliant song “The Leaving Song Part 2”
    The tuning is: Guitar tune down ½ steps.
    1) D# 4) C#
    2) A# 5) G#
    3) F# 6) D#

    You’ll work aspects like rhythm, scale uses, and different techniques like alternate picking, slides and vibrato.
    Audio Settings: to record this lesson I have used the POD X3 live.
    Analog Chorus: Depth 66% Mix: 35%
    Analog Delay with modulation: 413ms Mix: 43% feedback: 43%
    Amp: 2001 tread plate dual.
    Cab:4x12 tread mic 57 axis

    Nothing is impossible! Feel the music and God bless you!

    If you use the same tunning than me for this lesson, this is the scale position that you can use to jam over the lesson:

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