Lydian Shred

by David Wallimann

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  • The lydian mode is one of my favorites. It brings a mysterious kind of feel to a major 7th chord and is often used to "open up" a musical piece. Today we will study a little lead using that scale. Before starting, I strongly recommend that you get comfortable with the scale diagram.

    Technically speaking, we'll try to blend melodic ideas with shred-like passages. Work on these fast passages slowly and don't get discouraged if the speed is too high. Speed is the easy part as it only requires time.

    Your focus should be on how these notes work together. Once you are comfortable/bored with this piece (whichever comes first), make up your own lead over the backing track provided.

    Have fun!

    Fsharp Phrygian.jpg

    G Lydian.jpg

    A Mixo.jpg

    B Aeolian.jpg

    D Ionian.jpg

    E Dorian.jpg

    Csharp Locrian copy.jpg
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