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Anathema - Born in 1990 from the town of Liverpool as a doom metal band. Anathema, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride has been credited to developing the death/doom genre of music. Originally the band toured under the name of Pagan Angel and recorded their first demo called 'An Illiad of Woes'.

The band has gone threw some extensive line up changes and has even changed their sound from doom metal to a term they call atmospheric rock. Around the year 1998 when the band release the CD alternative 4 the shift in their sound has started to take palce. However the band essence was there and remained the same. Their songs continue to be about depression and desperation. Below in the video section of this wiki you can hear how they changed their sound in order.

Unfortunately when their label was closed because of the buy out by Sony BMG, Anathema found themselves without a label but still continue to tour around the european countries. The have adapted and taken the approach of the interent, they release their songs on their web page while fans donate to their cause.

2009 marks the year the Anathema will be releasing their new album which is in limbo for a title. Three titles have been considered but nothing set in stone as of yet. This CD will consist of 14 new songs across 2 cd's. Anathema are reconsidering record label offers again for the new album reather to distribute it on their website.

Anathema's CD are nothing short of extrordianry. Nothing below 4 star reviews over on Amazon and many metal and fan made sites. Anathema will definately be written the history books.




Vincent Cavanagh - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar (1990-present)

Daniel Cavanagh - Lead guitar, vocals (1990-2002, 2003-present) (Lid, Antimatter, Leafblade)

Jamie Cavanagh - Bass (1990-1991, 2001-present)

Les Smith - Keyboards (2000-Present) (ex-Cradle Of Filth, Antimatter, Ship of Fools)

John Douglas - Drums (1990-1997, 1998-present)

Lee Douglas - Vocals (2000-present)

Former members

Darren White - Vocals (1990-1995) (ex-Cradle of Filth, The Blood Divine, Dead Men Dream, Serotonal)

Duncan Patterson - Bass, keyboards (1991-1998) (ex-Antimatter, Dreambreed, Íon)

Shaun Taylor-Steels - Drums (1997-1998) (ex-Solstice, ex-My Dying Bride)

Martin Powell - Keyboards, violin (1998-2000) (ex-My Dying Bride, ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Cryptal Darkness)

Dave Pybus - Bass (1998-2001) (Dreambreed, Angtoria, Cradle of Filth, Darkened


Studio albums

Serenades (1993)

The Silent Enigma (1995)

Eternity (1996)

Alternative 4 (1998)

Judgement (1999)

A Fine Day to Exit (2001)

A Natural Disaster (2003)



An Iliad of Woes (1990)

All Faith Is Lost (1991)


The Crestfallen (1992)

Pentecost III (1995)

Alternative Future(1998


Resonance (2001)

Resonance 2 (2002)

Hindsight (2008)


Vision of a Dying Embrace

Were You There?

A Moment of Time


The Silent Enigma



Inner Silence