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What Can I Do At Guitar Wiki?

Guitarwiki has two different goals these days:

  • Become a reliable source of information regarding guitar
  • Serve as a knowledge base that gathers the huge amount of informative & useful content that we get from our community & forums.

Taking this into account a fast answer to the question would be "anything guitar or GMC related belongs in our Wiki".

That being said, let's take a look at the different things that are currently going on here:

  • Guitar related entries. These are articles written by our members regarding guitar, guitarists, bands, gear, etc. They try to be objective & informative. This the "Wikipedia-like" core of our Wiki. As source of inspiration for our members we have a few focused ongoing projects such as the Wiki Guitarists Project & Genres Project. We also provide an autoupdated list of currently needed articles.

  • Review entries. These are opinion articles about guitar gear & music albums. You can write them directly on the wiki or at our review boards, from where they are regularly imported to our wiki thanks to the WCP project

  • Guitar Wiki is home of The GMC Journal, which is GMC's Newspaper project, where you can find & write about community events & happenings

  • Open your mind. Our Wiki is a platform for you guys to develop your ideas & projects regarding our site. If you have any crazy idea, project or plan, and the wiki can help achieve it, post in our wiki forum and go for it!.