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Love Me
Love Me

Kristofer Dahl: "Love Me"

Kristofer Dahl is back and rocking as hard as ever, his latest track is a crazy mixture of Rammstein inspired riffs with heavy and shocking opera-like vocals, don't miss it! - GMC's Founder & Rocker tells us what inspired him to record his latest creation:

Feedback from YOU in the video chat made me realize I should try and record my falsetto voice.

My ongoing collab with Ben as well as his circular vibrato technique.

Sinisa's wicked approach to rock soloing in the Red Shot collab

Ivan's heavy water collab inspired me to seriously work on the fingerpicking technique.

'Nuff said - if you like GMC, this lesson is for you!

Other Recent Articles

GMC Funnies!
GMC Funnies!

GMC Funnies #157

Professional drawer Jason Nocera shares with us his new creations each weekend: funny cartoons featuring our members and their crazy stories are coming our way! Yelling all day long! user posted image

  • The idea comes from something found in this thread
  • Forum thread about this cartoon can be found here

Heavy Water Collab

This collab left us speechless! So many great guitarists and talent in this video!

Thanks Ivan, Kris, Cosmin, Ben, Juan, K1R, Frank, Chris, Todd and Quadrium, you guys made an excellent job. user posted image Let them know how much you enjoyed it in our boards!

Stumble Upon Us!

GMC has grown to become a deep guitar lesson database on its own over these years, and as such hides marvellous treasures, hidden under the sands of time!

Many adventurers yet delve into our archives in search of a taste of genious and inspiration, and today they shall be rewarded, for our best classics and rare pieces alike are to be revived and easier to find!

Ok, ok. We are being a tad criptic user posted image let's spill the beans!: we are getting some of our best classic lessons portrayed on our main page, each day, and what's more, we have added an ultra-cool "Stumble" button which will take you to any of our lessons randomly, as many times as you wish. Let yourself be surprised with hundreds of tracks many of which you didn't ever hear before!

Hope you like these new features, and most importantly, we hope they help you achieve your guitar goals with a smile on your face. Because good stuff happens at GMC.

Static Metal Video Collab

Instructor Daniel Realpe reveals the final mix of his Static Metal Collab, with a backing inspired by one of his own songs, "Heavy drinker". Two of our members (K1R and Gitarrero) and two of our instructors (Todd and Daniel) worked together on this one, and we love the result:

Nice job guys! Remember that everyone's invited to join our collabs through our boards user posted image

Downloadable Backings At GMC

Yeah, you read that right! The moment many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived: GMC members can legally download any backing track on the site!

This provides a wealth of tasty backing tracks which will be flowing into our hard drives, ipods, ipads, smart phones and all sorts of gadgets so that GMC stays close to us, wherever we are. Connected or not! Go practice your lessons in the park, the beach or the camp fire!

Check the latest schedule in our Main Page
Check the latest schedule in our Main Page

Check our Video Chat Schedule!

On top of our great Lesson collection, which keeps growing daily, GMC is featuring lots of Video Chats with some of our top notch instructors, so that our student-teacher interaction is as awesome as possible user posted image

Ask your doubts in real time focusing on certain techniques, exercises or styles. Check the handy Video Chat Schedule on the Main Page, and don't miss your favourite instructors LIVE!

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What Gmc'er Lives Closest To You?

"Fast Food" Headlines!

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GMC:er Spotlight

Superize Rocks!
Superize Rocks!

Superize: Ultimate GMCer

A new member climbs up the top of our GMC ladder, becoming a Ultimate player: Superize! A title only achieved once in our history before, by Purple Hayes. Together they've mastered over 160 lessons, with difficulty levels in an average of 7s and 8s. No easy feat! Check the complete Scoreboard. All info regarding the program, in our REC Boards

Virtual Bands
Virtual Bands

New Virtual Band

Back in October our member Ulrik started a new virtual band includes himself(guitars), Todd Simpson(guitars), Quadrium(guitars) and Gitarrero(bass & drums). Now they are working on their first track which would be a well-known song Hotel California. Hope we can listen this one soon user posted image
Remember that everyone is welcome to join a Virtual Band or make their own! user posted image

New Tracks From Our Members

Tjchep, jamming with his new PRS
Tjchep, jamming with his new PRS

Our members keep sharing their latest tracks with us. Just lately we got this tasty Blues Jam from Tjchep and a sweet Lenny Jam from Brandon Earman. We also got some covers, Superbus' "Le Loup" by Jeanv, a video cover of "Hotel California" Solo by Zraw. Finally, some Blues Jamming by Maharzan and a Enigma by Quadrium.

Find more in our boards!

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