Journal 2010-10-13 New takes from our members

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New takes from our members

As you guys know loads of good stuff can be found at our Uploads and Uploads (members only) Boards.

We have received a couple nex and exciting takes from our memebres during the past week. One of them is a cover and the other a brand new original track. Let's take a look!

Kaznie NL grows as a guitarist day after day, as proof he has just shared with us his latest video cover, no other than famous "Hotel California" by The Eagles. A great solo, full of feeling, which Kaz captures perfectly, check the vid:

Now let's get heavy with TheFireball, who brings an ear blasting new original track, Be Wary Of Evil, aggressive guitar riffing, cool sounding harmonics, fast paced BPMs and loads of energy for a track that leaves you gasping! - Sound File here - Forum Thread Here

"I'm still working on this project. The reason I started this new thread is because I completely changed this metal song. I started from the ground up again. I didn't like the way my old project was going, so I'm going with another idea. But it's kinda the same concept as the last."

"I used Linux MultiMedia Studio for the drums. I have the line-in cable hooked from the headphone jack in my amp (only line out it has) and it goes to my mic jack input. You are hearing me play through my VOX VT30. My Boss ME 20 is powering the tone - with the help of my Vox; with setting the final treb, mid, and bass. I used my Jackson SLSMG, and it's tuned to Drop D, instead of Standard Eb (as my last one was done). I used Audacity for my DAW. (all i can afford right now, since it's free.)"

Thanks guys that was awesome user posted image