Love Me

by Kristofer Dahl

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  • Difficulty: 8
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  • Is Kris back? Yes I am!

    GMC is the ride of my life, no doubt about it! And although sometimes a little more intense than I can handle - it certainly is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me.

    In fact, I'd like to give GMC credit for this song:

    * Feedback from YOU in the video chat made me realize I should try and record my falsetto voice. For those who weren't there: we were discussing Celine Dion and I attempted to sing "My heart will go on" - and to my big surprise some people were impressed (!) by my performance...

    * My latest (and ongoing) collab with Ben. Stay tuned for our coming song - you might recognize some elements.

    * As you can see I am using Ben's circular vibrato technique here (yeah so what Ben is influencial?!)

    * Sinisa's wicked approach to rock soloing in the Red Shot collab was an inspiration for the 'out' sounding lines in verse two.

    * Ivan's heavy water collab inspired me to seriously work on the fingerpicking technique used in this lesson (I explain it in part 1).

    'Nuff said - if you like GMC, this lesson is for you.

    Beginners - learn the main riff, which repeats throughout the whole song. Thanks to the drop Db tuning it doesn't require any complicated fingerings. Tuning is shown in part 2 and I have included a backing track without any rhythm guitars.

    Ninjas - there is a backing for you as well. And don't forget to post your takes on the REC board!

    Aspiring singers - there is a backing with guitars but no vocals. Opera 'N Roll!


    Lead guitar: Parker Nitelfy > Tube Screamer > Line 6 M13 > Mark I channel (Mark V amp) > Hughes & Kettner Red Box > computer/cubase > Guitar Rig 3 tweedman 4x12 Speaker > stereo delay VST

    Rhythm Guitar: Parker Nitelfy Jeff Beck bridge pickup, signal split via reamping to
    * Extreme channel (Mark V amp) lined to computer via Hughes & Kettner Red Box
    * Modified Marshall JCM 800 miced with Sure SM57
    * Guitar Rig 3 Ultrasonic amp


    Love me
    Love me forevermore

    Kill me, and then kiss me
    Leave me, then love me

    Kiss me with your evil tongue
    Love me with your fallen heart
    Heal me with your bloody hands
    Love me, love me, love me forevermore

    She loves me, she loves me not
    Love me…love me now!
    (Don't you love me later)
    'Cause you're gonna ***** hate me!

    Kiss me with your evil tongue
    Love me with your fallen heart
    Heal me with your bloody hands
    Love me, love me, love me forevermore

    Love me forever
    Love me forever
    Love me forever and ever

    Love me single is available on iTunes.
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