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The Student Instructors Portal


Do you want to be a Teacher as well as a Student?

We have some awesome instructors here at GMC, but it doesn't stop there - we also have some very talented and advanced students as well. Everyone has something that they can teach to others. Different people have different perspectives and 10 people will teach the same skill in 10 different ways - one of these ways may work for someone that has missed the point in the 9 other ways!

The idea of this page is to generate a community of Student Instructors that produce high quality lessons to pass on their insight to the GMC students.

Featured Article

Metallica Style Riffing, by Quadrium

"Now you can learn riffing in the style of Metallica."

Improving Picking Speed, by Maharzan

"Okay, I sent this particular video to one of my friends/student and he felt an improvement in his picking technique, clean, accurate. So just wanted to post this here too as I am super excited its working for others as it worked for me. While there are tons of exercises out there, I just compiled 3 basic Alternate Picking exercises that seem to work."

In The Style Of Rammstein, by Gitarrero

"This lesson is based on Rammstein's song "Ohne Dich", a great ballad with the best Rammstein lyrics, period. But that's just my opinion. The song and this lesson are in Drop D tuning, therefore it can be played with two fingers, so it is a lesson for starters. It is also good if you want to impress your friends and tell them you can teach them a Rammstein song in no time. Try it, it will work."

Recent Lessons

We have some great lessons featured under our student instructors program:

Quadrium shares a Metallica Style Riffing lesson with us, don't forget to check it user posted image

Quadrium tells everything about the pentatonic scales in his lesson, Pentatonic Scales

Enforcer shares with us this huge and amazing lesson on modes and chords & Interval based construction

Caelumamittendum reminds us of the importance of a proper warm-up with his SI Lesson user posted image

Coffeeman teaches us the different positions of Pentatonic Scale, a must learn for every guitarist out there! Pentatonic Boxes by Coffeeman

Staffy introduces us to the wonderful world of Jazz with his Comprehensive Jazz Theory lesson

Tolek brings us an amazing Sweeping & Legato Lesson, to reinforce the shredder in you ;)

You can find a lot of other cool lessons on the forum!

Important Articles

Check out these lessons from some of our best Student Instructors:

Chris Evans:

3 Part Metal Riffing For Beginners SI Lesson
3 String Sweeping Exercise SI Lesson
Beginner Improvisation Help SI Lesson
Beginners Phrasing Help SI Lesson
In the style of Angus Young SI Lesson
In the style of Def Leppard SI Lesson
Major Scale Exercises Beginners SI Lesson
Major Scale Exercises Intermediates SI Lesson


Grunge Solo SI Lesson
Head Banging Over Humus SI Lesson
Industrial Revolution SI Lesson
Jimmy's Layer Cake, Jimmy Page Style SI Lesson
Metal In Kaffiya SI Lesson
Rage Against The Computer SI Lesson
Symphony Of Construction SI Lesson
Tov leiut Babait 1 SI Lesson
Tov leiut Babait Part 2 SI Lesson
Walking Bass SI Lesson

Things you can do!

The first thing you need to do as a Student Instructor is understand a little about Recording - check out this article for some initial pointers!

Don't know how to go about recording a video lesson? Check out this article!

We are always on the lookout for new student instructors - why not submit a lesson yourself!, check the Student Instructors Forum.