Chris Evans - 3 Part Metal Riffing For Beginners SI Lesson

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Something a little different this time, this is a 3 part metal riff lesson aimed at beginners, this is a very simple piece that is made to sound much better with the use of three guitar parts, in this lesson I`m going to show you all three, one main straightforward rythmn guitar part and two harmony guitar parts, all three can be played perfectly well on their own with the backing tracks provided in order to practice and learn them. Then have a go at recording the individual parts and you`ll see how they build together.
The trickiest part of this lesson is the picking speed on one of the sections, with practice you should be able to get this down no problem and if you do is a great tool for riffing with, just use the slower backing tracks to build up your speed

So as well as helping you with your rythmn, timing and palm muting it may help you with writing & recording your own songs and how effective adding multiple guitar parts can be to transform a very average riff.

Before moving on into the different parts a quick look at palm muting briefly for those unsure, or not getting their palm mutes sounding right.

Firstly take a look at your bridge, on this guitar its a floyd Rose style bridge, the part of the bridge that you are aiming to rest the rear part of the palm of your hand on (I`ve indicated with a yellow box in picture 1) its just a little in front of where the string goes into the bridge, this position applies to almost every guitar.
Picture 2 shows you (hopefully) a little better where your hand should be and finally picture 3 with the hand flattened in the picking/muting position

1. Image:3metsi.jpg 2. Image:3metsi2.jpg
3. Image:3metsi3.jpg

If your finding the muted chords/notes sound a little "choked" you are probbly too far forward off the bridge and need to move hand position back a little till the strings ring just slightly.

Okay, on to the lesson!

Main Video

Main Video: Beginners_Metal_Riff.mpg ( 11.38MB )

Splitting this video into 3 parts, with 2 videos per part ( I hope your able to follow this user posted image )

Part 1

Video Part 1A: Video_1.mpg ( 6.16MB )

Part 1 tab: Tab_for_Part_1.txt ( 924bytes )

Played with all down strokes
Played four times


Video Part 1B: Vid_2.mpg ( 10.33MB )

This is played three times


With the fourth time having a small variation at the end with rung out chords


After this to complete the piece you play Part 1A 4 more times

Part 2

Video Part 2A: Part_2a.mpg ( 5.51MB )

Part 2 Tab: Tab_for_Part_2.txt ( 1.06K )

Played four times


Video Part 2B: Part_2b.mpg ( 8.96MB )

This played three times


With the fourth small variation at end of riff


After this to complete the piece you play Part 2A 4 more times

Part 3

Video Part 3A: Video_3a.mpg ( 4.38MB )

Part 3 tab: Tab_for_Part_3.txt ( 1.26K )

Played four times


Video Part 3B: Video_3b.mpg ( 4.85MB )

This played three times


With the fourth this small variation at the end


And then repeat part 3A for four times to the finish

Backing Tracks

150BPM.mp3 ( 1.52MB )
130BPM.mp3 ( 1.52MB )
110BPM.mp3 ( 1.52MB )
90BPM.mp3 ( 1.52MB )

This seems fairly complexed I know, its just the layout mainly, any questions feel free to ask

Hope you've enjoyed it & I`ll look forward to some takes??

All the best till next time