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Lesson Plans

Hey GMCers! GMC has grown a great deal and the lessons number is now so great that many of us have a hard time finding lessons that fit our needs. This problem has been made obvious by the many threads that read "Where do I start?" & "I need help with ". So to remedy this problem we have come up with this thread! If we all contribute to this thread, this will be a one stop guide to finding lessons that contain everything you need to improve the area of playing that you want! Making GMC an even more powerful learning tool.

In this thread students, and instructors will be free to post lesson plans that contain GMC lessons that help a certain topic of guitar. In this thread students will get person to person advice on what lessons to practice to meet their guitar playing goals. (Originally by RIP Dime)

Featured Article

Bass Lessons Syllabus

Our great instructor Bogdan Radocvic has put together a nice bass course that will get you from Zero to Hero! Basics, different styles, techniques and bass lines. Enjoy!

Bass Lessons Syllabus

Beginner Guide Lesson Paths

Whether you want to learn some flashy chops or the most basic theory our member Alexiaden93 has carefully put together different groups of lessons to achieve your goals. If you are new to guitar or you aren't but wish to develop some new techniques, you should definitely check these "paths". May they serve you well :)

Beginner Guide - Paths


Are you amazed when you see some guitarist using both hands on the neck? Want to use more than just four fingers to create awesome melodies? Check out this amazing shredding technique in our featured Lesson Plan: Tapping!

Tapping Lesson Plan

Hope you enjoy it! ;)

Important Articles

New Portal Lesson Plans just started!

Right now the most important information you should check to understand the lesson plans and be able to create your own is in this thread. Be sure to read it!

Lesson Plan Guidelines

Some great articles

Want to check some great Lesson Plans? How about these:

Alternate Picking Lesson Plan

Intermediate Soloing Lesson Plan

Sweep Picking Lesson Plan

Check all of them HERE

Things you can do!

Hi all!

If you wish to create your own Lesson Plans, just go ahead! You can find lots of info in the WIKI WRITERS FORUM

For further understanding of the rules to create an effective lesson plan check theses Guidelines.

Hope you enjoy the Lesson Plans, and we await yours!