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GMC is nothing without its collection of extremely skilled, world-class instructors. Here you can learn a little more about each of them and what they get up to in their spare time away from GMC

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GMC Instructor Albums

We all know GMC instructors are skilled guitarists, but what do they do when they aren't teaching at GMC? Record new albums!

GMC:er Bondy has recently created a detailed list of the current albums recorded by GMC Instructors, check it out here!

Instructor's "Tip of the Day"

Some food for thought!

Valuable pieces of wisdom gathered from the Instructor's Corner are collected & updated in this section. Take a look, and if you find something inpiring, jump inside and follow the thread link to see what our instructors had to say about it in our forum!. Sometimes, some good advice in time is better than a hundred hours of practice :)

Words of Daniel Robinson

As most of us know, Mr. Daniel Robinson has some very helpful tips for all kind of techniques. A Gmc:er has collected the ones he could find, and filed them here at one spot.

Motivation, composing, speed, techniques, weaknesses... it's all in there! user posted image

Instructor of the Week

Instructor of the week: Mate Nagy
Mate Nagy
Mate Nagy

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Date of Birth: April 24th 1988
Playing guitar since: 2002

"I first picked up the guitar when I was fourteen and started my classical studies in a local music school. "

"My very first influences were Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, and later I tried to listen to as many bands and musicians as possible. I usually play blues based music (everything from blues to metal) But I listen to and respect any kind, from african tribal to classical pieces."

Learn more about him in his personal profile and watch his Video Profile too! user posted image

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All GMC Lessons

Do you want to access all of our instructors' lessons with just one click? Then this page is for you. Check here.

Things you can do!

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