Intermediate Soloing Lesson Plan

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Intermediate Soloing
Posted by Coffeeman

This lesson plan is design for all the players that want to take their solo playing a bit further. I have chosen this lessons after reading a post from Marcus Lavendell where he says that one of the most important things is to play with your ears, and in these lessons this is absolutely important. More than be a metronome machine you have to fell the backing tracks , and you will know exactly how to play them. This has been one of my biggest problems , timing, but since Im playing more with my ears and less 1,2,3,4 I have improved a lot. This is just me it is not an absolut truth so if you prefer to learn these lesson first with the metronome , go ahead and do it. So no more talking and more music.

Neoclassical three level lesson Intermediate-Marcus Lavendell
This lesson is just awesome, it has a couple of alternate picking runs but it should be no problem if you are in the intermediate level.

B major Intermediate solo-Muris Varajic
This is an awesome solo , hear it and feel it. It may seem very easy but it has a couple of tricky parts. You will find, sweep picking, tapping, and 32nd note runs and 16th triplet runs, so listen very well for those rythm changes.

Three level lesson-Intermediate
This is one of my favourites solos. And yes again Marcus Lavendell Im a big fan, what can I say. I recommend you to learn the Beginner solo because it is the first part of the song. I must say I haven't nail this solo yet , but im on it. You will find a very fast run in this solo, but taking the words of Marcus, do not concentrate on the rythm of this lick, feel the first and the last notes , thos should be in time , the middle notes you can play them as you fell them. And as Marcus himself told me , do not practice that run with the metronome , feel it and practice it with the backing track.

D dorian mode Solo- Gabriel Leopardi
Another beautiful solo. It has a couple of fast runs , but most important a lot of feeling.

And here are some lessons I haven't practice but still have the main point of this lesson plan, it isn't about speed it is about feelling the music and playing with your ears.

Satch Style lydian Lesson-David Wallimann

I didn't learn this one , is an awesome lesson to feel the lydian mode. 100% recommended

D minor Pentatonic Solo
Jerry Arcidiacono Awesome pentatonic solo from Jerry.

Little Jazz Workshop lesson 3
Ivan Milenkovic Pure music and feeling.

So thats it , enjoy and play with your ears!