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Posted by Nick325

Kris- Tapping Basics and Beyond
Kris- Tapping Randy Rhoads Style
Kris- Two handed tapping
Kris- More Two hand tapping

Before i came to GMC i only knew alternate picking and legato techniques, but when i came here and saw all these new techniques i never heard of i before and decided to watch videos of them. When i saw the tapping lessons i knew i had to learn this technique because it sounds cool and looks cool. So i found the most basic tapping lesson on the site to start with which is the first lesson i listed. These lessons give you the basic understanding of the technique, how to play it, and examples to get you started. After you can get the first lesson down you can move on to the next lesson and so on.

After those lessons you can try these.
Jeff- Melodic Tapping
David- Classical Taps

Gabriel- Tapping
Trond- Rythmic Tapping
David- Tapping Licks without picks
Juan- Tapping
Muris- Tapping
Muris- EVH style

Now that you can play tapping at a beginner level (well if not dont go on until you can) you are going to want to get your chops goods. So now you need to practice excercises. Above i listed the lessons i learned to get my tapping very good. When working up the speed you should practice with the metronome!

3) Pavel- Slow solo
Juan- Shred Tapping
David- Metalhead
Kris- GMC intro

These lessons are for practicing songs (you could say) with tapping in them. It is good to intergrate it into your playing instead of just playing only tapping. If you mix different techniques you can get an interesting solo.

Extra: After you learn these you can try a little different version of tapping called touch technique, its very a like but you play a backing with your left hand and tap a melody with your right hand. Here are some lessons related to it.

Juan- Touch Technique
Juan- Touch Technique Sus2 Apreggios
Juan- Touch Technique Right Hand
Juan- Polyphonic Tapping

Note: I did not include every tapping lesson on the site. If you want to learn more you can do so. Its about how good you want to be at the technique