Chris Evans - In the style of Angus Young SI Lesson

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Angus Young!
Angus Young!



Hi again, another lesson from me..

This time an "In the style of" lesson, I chose Angus Young purely because I was working on a riff for a little while and to me it sounded very AC/DC'ish, so I thougt I'd have a crack at doing an Angus Style solo over it, whilst I was working on this Ivan put up his AC/DC collaboration so I had to try and get this finished asap, you never know it may help?? user posted image

Angus is a very bluesy, good old rocker style guitarist, not the most technical yet if you listen hard to some of his solos they are very good indeed, I guess that in the main as he's running around the stage and throwing himself on the floor like a mad man possesed! his solos have to be fairly limited or else he wouldnt be able to do what he does, can you imagine Steve Vai. Malmsteen or Satch playing the kind of solos they do whilst bouncing themselves off of amp rigs etc user posted image

So let's dive straight into the lesson user posted image


Pretty much most of the solos are Pentatonic or pentatonic minor based and the solo that I've done here I'm using Am pentatonic and Dm pentatonic for the key change in the middle.

Am Pentatonic

Dm Pentatonic

Main Video

Main Video: Angus_main_vid.mpg ( 12.96MB )


To try and keep the post a little shorter and make it easier to read etc, I've kept the tabs out of the post, instead I've supplied you the full tabs in the following formats, this should make it easier to read the tabs also.

Guitar Pro: Angus.gp5 ( 5.32K )

Due to my newness to GP5 I've used the program purely to tab out this solo, the note durations are not correct, however if you do play the file it does give you an idea of course

PDF: Whole_tab_Angus.pdf ( 96.26K )


I've broken the solo into 5 parts (the tabs when you open them are labelled accordingly)

Part 1: Part_1.mpg ( 11.54MB )

You don't have to play this part with your fingers although I think it sounds better and gives it more of an "Angus" feel, a fairly straight forward little riff to play.

Part 2: Part_2.mpg ( 6.67MB )

The starting two notes are probably the two notes I've heard the most of in Angus' playing so I couldnt leave them out of this lesson! then a classic bluesy feel to the middle part.

Part 3: Part_3.mpg ( 9.31MB )

Lots of alternate picking in this part with the beginning and the run up played on the G string, this run is very simple to play but looks effective as well as sounding cool.
(Quick apology on this video, I noticed at this posting stage I play the slow version incorrectly, by only playing the open G string once in between each other note, it should be twice as I play it in the fast demo and the main video, also the tab for this part is correct, I will rectify this video asap)

Part 4: Part_4.mpg ( 7.9MB )

Another classic part to Angus' soloing, he's a very rythmic player imo and uses these types of techniques to great effect

Part 5: Part_5.mpg ( 6.93MB )

A lick that again I hear in his solos a fair bit and it's more about the rythm of the lick as opposed the amount of notes he plays, again all alternate picked.

Backing Tracks

Two backing speeds provided 100BPM (the normal speed) and 90 BPM

100 BPM: Angus_young_style_lesson_backing_100BPM.mp3 ( 886.12K )

90 BPM: Angus_young_style__backing_90BPM.mp3 ( 909.39K )

So, thats the lesson over, I hope you enjoyed it and thought that I've done Angus some justice as well.
Until next time
All the best