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Steve Vai
Steve Vai


Steve Vai

Steven "Steve" Siro Vai, born June 6 1960, is a famous guitarist and composer. He is famed for his incredible technique and extremely fast shredding.


Early Career

In 1974 Steve took guitar lessons from fellow guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani. He attended the Berklee College of Music and toured with Frank Zappa.

1990s and 2000s

Steve Vai often tours with Joe Satriani, his former guitar teacher, on the G3 tour. Vai has performed on the tour from 1996-1997 and 2000-2006.

Vai has also had a successful solo career spanning over 20 years.

Solo Albums

   * Flex-Able (1984)
   * Flex-Able Leftovers (1984)
   * Passion and Warfare (1990)
   * Sex & Religion (1993)
   * Alien Love Secrets (1995)
   * Fire Garden (1996)
   * The Ultra Zone (1999)
   * The 7th Song (2000)
   * Alive in an Ultra World (2001 )
   * The Elusive Light and Sound, volume 1 (2002)
   * The Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology (2003)
   * Real Illusions: Reflections (2005)
   * Sound Theories (2007)


Vai helped design and uses his signature Ibanez JEM series of guitars. They feature a hand grip cut into the top of the body, a humbucker-single coil-humbucker DiMarzio pickup, Ibanez's Edge locking tremolo system, as well as an elaborate and extensive "Vine of Life" inlay down the neck.

His current amp is his signature model from Carvin, called Legacy.

He also owns a custom-made triple-neck guitar. The top neck is a 12-string guitar, the middle is a 6-string, and the bottom is a 6-string fretless guitar with a Fernandes Sustainer pickup.


Vai is famous for his extremely fast shredding and unique sound. His technique is regarded as one of the best ever. He can shred at amazing speeds yet keep it very clean.

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