Chris Evans - In the style of Def Leppard SI Lesson

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A little while back I remembered reading that someone would like a lesson "In the style of Def Leppard", I`ve been working a litle while on getting one to sound similar!

One of the biggest problems is how "produced" the Def Leppard sound is on their albums, for this backing I basically took some progressions from a couple of their songs and meshed it into something :)

It's more from the Steve Clark(rip)/Phil Collen days in my opinion, anyways I hope you like, I gave it my best shot, I quite liked it as it was anyways :lol:

Not a difficult piece to play, so everyone should be able to have a shot at this one too user posted image

Main Video

Video 1



Video 2



Video 3



Video 4



Backing Tracks

110BPM_backing.mp3 ( 1.69MB )

90BPM_backing.mp3 ( 2.06MB )

75BPM_backing.mp3 ( 2.48MB )

As always, start with a slower backing (or a backing you are comfortable with) and progress from there. user posted image
If you need to ask for any help etc then feel free.

All the best till next time
Chris user posted image