Maharzan - Getting Speed and Improving Alternate Picking SI Lesson

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Okay, I sent this particular video to one of my friends/student and he felt an improvement in his picking technique, clean, accurate. So just wanted to post this here too as I am super excited its working for others as it worked for me. While there are tons of exercises out there, I just compiled 3 basic Alternate Picking exercises that seem to work. user posted image


As you can see, these are super easy (as it looks) exercises and anyone should be able to do it. It doesn't have to be super duper fast but the main goal is to play SLOW, CLEAN and ACCURATE. Start with 60bpm (as in the video) or even 40bpm if you cannot do 60bpm. Once you REALLY MASTER it at that tempo, gradually increase it. I will love to see if you can actually get it to 130bpm or 150bpm.

These exercises tackles few hurdles that most AP lands into, such as odd picking (up down up on time and down up down next), inside / outside picking. You can try these exercises anywhere in the fretboard and you will notice they are actually different. Doing it in first 2 strings, E & B, is very different from doing it in last 2 strings ,E & A. Similarly, doing it in first few frets is very different from say 12th few frets.


1st Ex.

2nd Ex.

3rd Ex.

Hope that helps you too. If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks, Chandra