Journal 2010-12-11 Keywords Wiki Project

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Keywords Wiki Project
Keywords Wiki Project

Keywords Wiki Project

We have a new wiki project ready to see the light, one which will bring loads of new entries into our knowlege base user posted image

In our little guitar world there are loads of terms that we use on a daily basis but are certainly a mistery for those outside or new to guitar. This little project here will try to put all these keywords into our wiki. We have gathered some of the most important ones, and have written small definitions for them.

What's there for you to do?

1) Add new keywords to the list, along with a short description
2) Choose some of the given keywords in the list and add info, pics, explanations, examples, videos, etc. to make it a richer entry.

The complete list of entries we are looking to develop can be found both HERE and HERE user posted image