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Dethklok is the greatest melodic death metal band ever never formed. Dethklok is rather the subject matter of a black comedy adult oriented cartoon known as Metalocalypse. The band is comprised of Nathan Explosion (USA - Vocals), Pickles the Drummer (USA - Drums), Toki Wartooth (Norway - rhythm guitar), Skwisgaar Skwigelf (Sweden - lead guitar), and William Murderface (USA - bass guitar). The band is constantly attempting to create the most brutal music in creation. This endeavor has lead them on a number of adventures, including summoning a lake troll in Finland, hosting the United States Pornography Awards, freeing hundreds of death row inmates unintentionally, the creation of an island sanctuary for wayward felines that was previously inhabited by horribly disfigured survivors of a nuclear power plant meltdown, almost destroying Finland twice, as well as even giving the commencement speech at Harvard.


Their style finely balances intricate melodies with punishing and brutal rhythm lines. Their songs are usually at very rapid tempos kept in time by double bass pedal drumming. The subject matter of their songs are usually inadvertently comical, such as the "Viking Trilogy", which is the 3 song series depicting the bellicose nature of the vikings, initially with "Better Metal Snake" of a viking dreaming up a mechanical monster to slay his enemies, followed with "The Lost Vikings" which tells the story of brave viking warriors riding out to join a battle but leave their map at home and are too proud to ask directions. Finishing the series is "Thunderhorse", which is a near instrumental song that was featured in the popular game Guitar Hero II as a bonus song. The majority of their catalog is featured on "The Dethalbum", which debuted at 23 on the Billboard Music top 100 and sold out it's initial pressing.

Nathan Explosion

Nathan is the front man of the band with his trade mark growl and dark lyrical styling. He is the mastermind behind the subject matter of the bands songs but is not above drawing on influences around the world. For instance "Awaken Mustakrakish" is drawn directly from the Finnish Necronomic Book of Spells. Nathan also had the idea of recording an album on a nuclear submarine since the creatures of the sea do not have any good metal to listen to, which lead to the creation of Dethwater. Nathan is the new definition of a sex icon, but is happily taken by tennis player turned actress Rebeca Nightrod, who is in a coma after an unfortunate spill down the stairs in her M.C. Escher style manor.

Nathan endorses his own line of Carolina style barbeque sauce known as "Explosion Sauce".

Nathan is the driver of the Murdercycle, a custom motorcycle with 4 sidecars.

Skwisgaar Skwigelf