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In 1981 when Faith No More was created by founding members Billy Gould, Roddy Bottum and Mike Bordin. Many singers were tried out for the job including Courtney Love of Hole fame tried but only had last for 6 months or 4 gigs.

Chuck Mosely was hired for the bands vocalist but his behaviour soon to find out by the members of the band gave him a quick exit from the band in 1988. Chuck Mosely had contributed to the bands first 2 albums called We Care Alot and Introduce yourself.

In 1989, Mike Patton was recruited to sing for the band. Patton contributed all the lyrics from the bands next album entitled The Real Thing whice eventually won the band a nomination for a grammy. The next few years Faith No More would only release 3 more full length studio CD's.

After a long 15 years of infighting with the band and a lot of rumors cirrculating the band finnally called it quits in 1998. Billy Guild was quoted with the following:

"After 15 long and fruitful years, Faith No More have decided to put an end to speculation regarding their imminent break up... by breaking up. The decision among the members is mutual, and there will be no pointing of fingers, no naming of names, other than stating, for the record, that "Puffy started it". Furthermore, the split will now enable each member to pursue his individual project(s) unhindered. Lastly, and most importantly, the band would like to thank all of those fans and associates that have stuck with and supported the band throughout its history."


We Care Alot

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