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This is an idea for Improving

On behalf of the *how to improve GMC competition* I was thinking about what this already great site could be improved on... My train of thought was: Look if there is a problem and then find a solution!

Guitar Masterclass is a site for learning how to play the guitar so obviously if there were important Improvements to be made, they should improve the learning experience! The rules for the competition are strict: Simple, easy to implement and well thought out... So what is there to improve on the guitar lessons?

GMC features some of the best video guitar lessons on the whole internet, we not only have quantity (2000+ Lessons!) but quality! GMC offers a unique standard of high quality lessons: We have every Genre covered, we have original song lessons, all lessons in great audio and video quality, backing- and jamtracks for every lesson, theory lessons, spoken lessons, online metronome, helpfull instructors, direct interaction with instructors (video chat), we have a mentor program, we have the lessons sorted in categories and a powerfull searching machine - we even feature some non guitar lessons on other instruments!!!

...I came to the conclusion that I won't find anything bad about the teaching system on GMC; the only improvement to Guitar Masterclass is getting personal 1:1 lessons with a guitar teacher! Sure nothing is perfect and there might be some room for little improvements but nothing major that could be easily implemented and drastically increase the value of GMC for the instructors and the members...

the MEMBERS?!?

Suddenly I had an idea! I had found a Problem and thought of a Solution

The Problem

Guitar Masterclass is offering the perfect online-guitar-learning experience for every paying member. Now if you observe the site carefully, you can see that we have a lot of visitors every day; there are non registered Users reading the forum, there are non-members viewing the free parts of the video lessons and there 'guests' in the chatroom - I am sure the GMC staff in charge could confirm that there is a lot of traffic on the site by visitors from outside. The people that have found Guitar Masterclass on the net are browsing the site out of interest; some were just surfing the web, some only read a certain thread in the forum because google linked them there but the majority of the visitors on GMC are looking for online guitar lessons!

Some of the visitors will subscribe and enjoy GMC to it's full potential and some others will look further into the features of the site and think about subscribing - and a good lot of the visitors are intrigued by GMC but they won't become members and miss out on becoming a better guitarist!! The reasons are obvious:

-There are free videos but no complete lessons. Potential users can't try to learn a complete lesson and see if GMC is actually the way to go for them! Most people only buy after the try! -GMC offers over 2000 lessons, what if the potential user is only interested in a handfull? Why would anyone pay monthly rates if he only intends -To access GMC you have to start a subscription, that throws a lot of potential users of right away

--ZakkWylde 01:27, 24 March 2010 (CET)