Journal 2009-05-30 Building a studio at home with Kris & Andrew

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Kris working hard!
Kris working hard!

Building a Recording Room

We all love cranked amps, the louder the better! But what happens when you crank your 100 Watter Marshall head at home? Your neighbours kick you out of the building!

The solution: building a sound-proof recording room... in your own house! But... How?

GMC founder Kristofer Dahl shares his experience with us in this thread, where he explains the basic steps & advantages of loosing a closet and... gaining a rec room! :lol:

Full of cool pictures & interesting comments, jump in if you are in doubt! Now the only real question is, where do we store our girlfriends outfit now?!

Last but not least, follow Andrew Cockburn's Studio Build journey in his Blog.

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