Journal 2009-10-03 Meet GMC's First MVC!

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Meet GMC's First MVC!

Seems like a play on words doesn't it? "GMC's First MVC", what is that!

I'm sure most of you have heard about the newest rank here at GMC: Most Valuable Contributers (MVC for short) rewards members who are specially helpful & participative in our forums.

Elected through a public vote in our forums we have our first shiny MVC among us, no other than...

Sensible Jones!

Congrats Jones, so well deserved :)

Becoming a MVC means a huge recognition, and also provides interesting advantages:

  • As an MVC, you will get free GMC membership on a rolling 3 month basis - we will just check that you are still as active every 3 months before renewing your membership, so as long as you stay a top contributer, GMC will be free for life!
  • You will also get a special MVC badge (similar to the Senior badges)

Again, congrats & enjoy user posted image