Muris Varajic - Let It Out Review

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Muris Varajic - Let It Out
Muris Varajic - Let It Out


General Information

Original Author: Bondy

Artist: Muris Varajic

Album: Let It Out

Genre: Instrumental Rock-Fusion


1:Mojo Oro 10/10
2:Blue Note in A 10/10 (Standout Track)
3:Bumps On You 10/10
4:Where We All Belong 10/10 (Standout Track)
6:Drunk Funk 10/10
7:SRV Or What? 10/10
8:An Old Modern Time 10/10
9:Put A Smile On Your Face 10/10 (Standout Track)
10:The Water 10/10 (Standout Track)
11:A Story From Eastern Europe 10/10



First of i'am not to good at this sort of thing but i feel muris Album deserves a wider audince I don't know anyone has this album already so here goes.As far as sound goes this album has quite a broad range of styles from the bluesy Gary Moore Esc Blue Note In A To the rock of Gas At OnceTo the funky Jazz sounds of Drunk Funk This album has the lot with muris amazing tone



This is gonna be short Simply Amazing guitarwork Anything from Slow dramatic story telling To rocking licks n riffs really cant explain much i'am not overly confident in my descriptions

Overall Impression


This instrumental album is properly one of the best i have ever heard no joke and i'am not just saying that because Muris is an instructor here it moved me seriously go buy it now u won't be disappointed

Just thought I would add this on because i now have listened to this album pretty much none stop for weeks and i'am gonna change my opinion slightly with 1 word Masterpiece