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Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam



Pearl Jam are a grunge band that formed in 1990 in Seattle. The band came from the death of the band Mother Love Bone that tragically ended after the lead singer Andrew Wood died of a heroin overdose in 1990. Unlike Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone were a hard rock band inspired by the powerful vocals of bands like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. After the devastation of losing their lead singer, Stone Gossard (Guitar) and Jeff Ament (Bass) decided to create a new band. By this point they hadn’t got a name and they drafted in Mike McCready on lead guitar. They decided to record their first demo with the drummer from Soundgarden at the time, who was Matt Cameron. This would be an instrumental demo that they sent to Eddie Vedder who was a surfer based in the San Diego area. The band was really impressed with Vedder’s vocal style and lyrical writing and asked Eddie to join the band that was then known as Mookie Blaylock. They got the name from the NBA player.

After getting Eddie Vedder on board they hired Dave Krusen to be their full time drummer which completed the very first line up of the band and then they changed their name to Pearl Jam (rumoured to be named after Eddie’s aunts special homemade jam but this was discredited by Eddie).

Pearl Jam would go on to be one of the most successful hard rock bands in history selling 30,000,000 albums in the USA and 60,000,000 worldwide. It wasn’t always easy for Pearl Jam who spent a long time in Nirvana’s shadow but they now finally get the credit they deserve for creating many classic rock songs. Pearl Jam are still active and have now been a band for 20 years (1990-2010).

The Arrival of Grunge and Ten (The Band’s first album)

Throughout the early 90’s grunge rocketed to the biggest genre in the world thanks to songs like Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick and Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit. Pearl Jam released their first album in 1991 called Ten which produced the incredibly successful singles: Even Flow, Alive and Jeremy. The album sold poorly at first but when grunge was huge in the second half of 1992 it was a great success story. Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney were key to the sounds of the early 90’s and “Ten” would be big for many years to come getting generous airplay with the bands hard rock attitude and catchy hook choruses. They toured none stop for the Ten album and also gave two songs to the film “Singles” including the incredible B side, “State of Love and Trust” and the incredibly catchy “Breath”. Whilst being a great start for Pearl Jam they had to continue this album with good follow-ups and this they most certainly achieved.



1. "Once" (Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard) – 3:51
2. "Even Flow" (Vedder, Gossard) – 4:53
3. "Alive" (Vedder, Gossard) – 5:40
4. "Why Go" (Vedder, Jeff Ament) – 3:19
5. "Black" (Vedder, Gossard) – 5:43
6. "Jeremy" (Vedder, Ament) – 5:18
7. "Oceans" (Vedder, Gossard, Ament) – 2:41
8. "Porch" (Vedder) – 3:30
9. "Garden" (Vedder, Gossard, Ament) – 4:58
10. "Deep" (Vedder, Gossard, Ament) – 4:18
11. "Release" (Vedder, Gossard, Ament, Mike McCready, Dave Krusen) – 9:04

Jeremy Video


The song Jeremy off of Ten would have a video created in 1992 that was award winning and was based on 2 true stories. One was from the sad events at Richardson High School in Richardson, Texas in which a 15-year-old boy called Jeremy Wade Delle, shot himself in front of his schoolmates. The video was initially banned and censored by MTV for distressing scenes.

The struggle with success and the release of Vs.

The band were becoming more and more Famous by this time and after winning 4 awards for the video to Jeremy they refused to do anymore videos for a very large amount of years. Jeff Ament mentioned that he didn’t want the band to be known for its videos 10 years down the line. They refused to record a video for Black and started creating their hit album “Vs.” which was released in 1993 and managed remarkable sales in its first week of 950, 378 copied which beat all other artists in the top ten sales combined. They released the singles Daughter, Dissident, Go and Animal off of Vs. and the band were starting to hate their success so decided to cut back on their commercial efforts. They refused to create any more videos, refused most interviews and stayed clear of television appearances and toured for the fans whilst keeping a cap on their ticket prices. They had a huge falling out with Ticketmaster and refused to play any places that ticketmaster sold tickets for because of their unfair charges that were charging the fans more and more money each time.



1. "Go" – 3:12
2. "Animal" – 2:49
3. "Daughter" – 3:55
4. "Glorified G" – 3:26
5. "Dissident" – 3:35
6. "W.M.A." – 5:59
7. "Blood" – 2:50
8. "Rearviewmirror" – 4:44
9. "Rats" – 4:15
10. "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town" – 3:15
11. "Leash" – 3:09
12. "Indifference" – 5:02

Troubles Ahead and Vitalogy

With all the arguments occurring between Pearl Jam and Ticketmaster they cancelled their 1994 tour and released the album Vitalogy. Again the album was incredibly successful and sold 877,000 in it’s first week on sale. The fact that Pearl Jam were boycotting Ticketmaster however meant that for the next 3 years they couldn’t play any American tour dates.



1. "Last Exit" – 2:54
2. "Spin the Black Circle" – 2:48
3. "Not for You" – 5:52
4. "Tremor Christ" – 4:12
5. "Nothingman" (Vedder, Ament) – 4:35
6. "Whipping" – 2:35
7. "Pry, To" – 1:03
8. "Corduroy" – 4:37
9. "Bugs" – 2:45
10. "Satan's Bed" (Vedder, Gossard) – 3:31
11. "Better Man" (Vedder) – 4:28
12. "Aye Davanita" – 2:58
13. "Immortality" – 5:28

A change in sound a change in fortune?

No Code was a huge departure for the band and saw them going into a much more soft album but with the odd noisy track such as Lukin. It is a strong album and included such great songs such as Off He Goes and Who You Are which are really touching ballads with beautiful lyrics. This was a really strong album for the band in a new direction and one which they would be on for a while.

No Code


1. "Sometimes" (Eddie Vedder) – 2:40
2. "Hail, Hail" (Stone Gossard, Vedder, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready) – 3:41
3. "Who You Are" (Gossard, Jack Irons, Vedder) – 3:50
4. "In My Tree" (Gossard, Irons, Vedder) – 3:59
5. "Smile" (Ament, Vedder) – 3:52
6. "Off He Goes" (Vedder) – 6:02
7. "Habit" (Vedder) – 3:35
8. "Red Mosquito" (Ament, Gossard, Irons, McCready, Vedder) – 4:03
9. "Lukin" (Vedder) – 1:02
10. "Present Tense" (McCready, Vedder) – 5:46
11. "Mankind" (Gossard) – 3:28
12. "I'm Open" (Irons, Vedder) – 2:57
13. "Around the Bend" (Vedder) – 4:35

Goodbye Drummer, Hello New

This would prove the last album with drummer Jack Irons before Matt Cameron would join the band again on a permanent basis. Yield debuted at number 2 in the chart but it soon dropped down the chart and again and some very strong songs but was quite soft and it was still a huge departure from the songs on “Ten” and earlier releases. This album tour marked the end of the boycotting of Ticketmaster as fans were complaining that it made it impossible to see the band live and impossible to get tickets to gigs they could go to. So Pearl Jam used Ticketmaster again stating that it was the only way to be to be able to let the fans see their favourite band.



1. "Brain of J." (Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder) – 2:59
2. "Faithfull" (McCready, Vedder) – 4:18
3. "No Way" (Stone Gossard) – 4:19
4. "Given to Fly" (McCready, Vedder) – 4:01
5. "Wishlist" (Vedder) – 3:26
6. "Pilate" (Jeff Ament) – 3:00
7. "Do the Evolution" (Gossard, Vedder) – 3:54
8. "Untitled" (Jack Irons) – 1:06
9. "MFC" (Vedder) – 2:27
10. "Low Light" (Ament) – 3:46
11. "In Hiding" (Gossard, Vedder) – 5:00
12. "Push Me, Pull Me" (Ament, Vedder) – 2:28
13. "All Those Yesterdays" (Gossard) – 7:47

The Roskilde Tragedy and release of the Binaural album

Binaural was release in 2000 and was the only Pearl Jam album to fail to reach platinum status, selling just over 700,000 copies. They went on a European Tour in 2000 which would be their last for 6 years after the last gig on the tour ended in Tragedy at Roskilde in Denmark. During Pearl Jam’s set a lot of people rushed to the front to see the band and 9 fans of the band were crushed by stampeding people and some suffocated to death. The band urged the crowd to be calm but it was already too late and the 9 people later died. This impacted the band heavily and it killed them. They cut the tour off early and didn’t play another festival gig for 6 years. They were contemplating retiring after the tragedy and it really hit them hard. They were so sorry to the families and it is probably the only thing they regret happening in their careers.



1. "Breakerfall" (Eddie Vedder) – 2:19
2. "Gods' Dice" (Jeff Ament) – 2:26
3. "Evacuation" (Matt Cameron, Vedder) – 2:56
4. "Light Years" (Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Vedder) – 5:06
5. "Nothing As It Seems" (Ament) – 5:22
6. "Thin Air" (Gossard) – 3:32
7. "Insignificance" (Vedder) – 4:28
8. "Of the Girl" (Gossard) – 5:07
9. "Grievance" (Vedder) – 3:14
10. "Rival" (Gossard) – 3:38
11. "Sleight of Hand" (Ament, Vedder) – 4:47
12. "Soon Forget" (Vedder) – 1:46
13. "Parting Ways" (Vedder) – 7:17

We have a Riot

Pearl Jam’s seventh album was to be called Riot Act and was released in 2002. It was a lot stronger material than Binaural and was to be the final studio release with Epic Records before moving to J Records. The material included organ player Boom Gaspar and this added a more folk based atmosphere to their songs which really worked. The album was a success and they toured extensively in the United States including a 3 night stay in Boston where they played around 105 songs over 3 nights whilst only repeating one song. An incredible feat for any band.

Riot Act


1. "Can't Keep" (Eddie Vedder) – 3:39
2. "Save You" (Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Vedder) – 3:50
3. "Love Boat Captain" (Boom Gaspar, Vedder) – 4:36
4. "Cropduster" (Cameron, Vedder) – 3:51
5. "Ghost" (Ament, Vedder) – 3:15
6. "I Am Mine" (Vedder) – 3:35
7. "Thumbing My Way" (Vedder) – 4:10
8. "You Are" (Cameron, Vedder) – 4:30
9. "Get Right" (Cameron) – 2:38
10. "Green Disease" (Vedder) – 2:41
11. "Help Help" (Ament) – 3:35
12. "Bu$hleaguer" (Gossard, Vedder) – 3:57
13. "1/2 Full" (Ament, Vedder) – 4:10
14. "Arc" (Vedder) – 1:05
15. "All or None" (Gossard, Vedder) – 4:37

The New Era with J Records

In 2006, Pearl Jam signed for J Records. They also released their 8th studio album entitled “Pearl Jam” to great critical acclaim. Many say this was a return to the bands old sound that can be found on the albums “Ten” and “Vs.”. The single “Worldwide Suicide criticising the Iraq War reached number 1 in the Billboard Rock Chart and was the first time they had a number one in 10 years.

Pearl Jam made a return to Europe after a 6 year absence and played it’s first festival gigs in 6 years since the Roskilde Tragedy. I attended the Leeds gig and Eddie Vedder seemed so emotional on stage urging the crowd to look after everybody and it was such a great atmosphere for the gig. The band clearly enjoyed playing in Europe again and the crowd was insane. They played an amazing set and for my first time seeing Pearl Jam it couldn’’t have been any better.

Pearl Jam Album


1. "Life Wasted" (Stone Gossard, Eddie Vedder) – 3:54
2. "World Wide Suicide" (Vedder) – 3:29
3. "Comatose" (Mike McCready, Gossard, Vedder) – 2:19
4. "Severed Hand" (Vedder) – 4:30
5. "Marker in the Sand" (McCready, Vedder) – 4:23
6. "Parachutes" (Gossard, Vedder) – 3:36
7. "Unemployable" (Matt Cameron, McCready, Vedder) – 3:04
8. "Big Wave" (Jeff Ament, Vedder) – 2:58
9. "Gone" (Vedder) – 4:09
10. "Wasted Reprise" (Gossard, Vedder) – 0:53
11. "Army Reserve" (Ament, Vedder, Damien Echols) – 3:45
12. "Come Back" (McCready, Vedder) – 5:29
13. "Inside Job" (McCready, Vedder) – 7:08

Pearl Jam Background and Activism

Pearl Jam have one of the largest fan clubs of any band and this allows them to sell out most venues without even selling the tickets on general sale. They use mainly Gibson and Fender guitars and are currently working on their 9th studio album with Brendan O’Brien.

Pearl Jam are heavily involved with Activism and have many views on politics. They talk about saving the West Memphis 3 who are wrongly on death row for murders they didn’t commit. Also they are involved with PRO-CHOICE organisations and also trying to get young people to vote in American Elections. They aren’t afraid to speak up about issues and have been censored many times. You can find out more about their Activism projects and alternative news stories on They have played many gigs for Rape Victims and also Crohn’s disease which lead guitarist, Mike McCready suffers from.

Pearl Jam will most likely be around for years to come and will be known as one of the greatest hard rock bands ever. An incredibly great band that rose from the ashes of Mother Love Bone. The Mother Love Bone album is full of strong material but Pearl Jam’s catalogue of music is astounding.

Basic Album Breakdown

Pearl Jam have currently released 8 A side Studio albums, 1 B side album, 3 Live Albums and 1 Best Of

They have also released all their gigs on CD as Official Bootlegs so fans can take home a CD of the gig they attended and be able to listen back.

Pearl Jam's A Side Studio Album Releases include:

1991: Ten - Epic Records
(Line Up: Dave Krusen - Drums, Jeff Ament - Basses, Eddie Vedder - Vocals, Mike McCready - Lead Guitars, Stone Gossard - Guitars)
(Stand Out Tracks: Even Flow, Alive, Black and Jeremy)
(My Verdict: 9/10)

1993: Vs - Epic Records
(Line Up: Dave Abbruzzese - Drums, Jeff Ament - Basses, Stone Gossard - Guitars, Mike McCready - Lead Guitars, Eddie Vedder - Vocals)
(Stand Out Tracks: Go, Animal, Daughter, Rearviewmirror and Indifference)
(My Verdict: 9/10)

1994: Vitalogy - Epic Records
(Line Up: Eddie Vedder - vocals, guitar, accordion, Jeff Ament - bass, standup, vocals, Stone Gossard - guitar, mellotron, vocals, Mike McCready - guitar, slide, vocals, Dave Abbruzzese - drumkit)
(Stand Out Tracks: Spin The Black Circle, Not For You, Nothingman, Corduroy, Better Man and Immortality)
(My Verdict: 8/10)

1996: No Code - Epic Records
(Line Up: Mike McCready - Guitar, Jeff Ament - Bass, Stone Gossard - Guitar, Vocals, Jack Irons - Drums, Eddie Vedder - Vocals, Guitar)
(Stand Out Tracks: Sometimes, Hail Hail, Who You Are, Off He Goes, Mankind and Around The Bend)
(My Verdict: 10/10)

1998: Yield - Epic Records
(Line Up: Mike McCready - guitar, Stone Gossard - guitar, Eddie Vedder - vocals, guitar, Jeff Ament - bass, Jack Irons - drums)
(Stand Out Tracks: Faithful, Given To Fly, Wishlist, Do The Evolution and Low Light)
(My Verdict: 8/10)

2000: Binaural - Epic Records
(Line Up: Eddie Vedder - vocals, guitar, Stone Gossard - guitar, Jeff Ament - bass, Mike McCready - guitar, Matt Cameron - drums)
(Stand Out Tracks: Nothing As It Seems and Insignificance)
(My Verdict: 6/10)

2002: Riot Act - Sony Records
(Line Up: Jeff Ament - Bass, Stone Gossard - Guitar, Mike McCready - Guitar, Eddie Vedder - Guitar, Vocal, Matt Cameron - Drums, Percussion)
(Stand Out Tracks: Save You, I Am Mine, Green Disease and All Or None)
(My Verdict: 8/10)

2006: Pearl Jam - J Records
(Line Up: Jeff Ament - Bass, Stone Gossard - Guitar, Mike McCready - Guitar, Eddie Vedder - Guitar, Vocal, Matt Cameron - Drums, Percussion)
(Stand Out Tracks: Life Wasted, World Wide Suicide,Parachutes, Unemployable and Come Back)
(My Verdict: 9/10)

Pearl Jam's B Side album is:

2003: Lost Dogs - Epic Records
(Line Up: Varius)
(Stand Out Tracks: All Night, Sad and Yellow Ledbetter)
(My Verdict: 7/10)

Pearl Jam's Live Albums include:

1998: Live On Two Legs - Epic Records
(Line Up: Mike McCready - guitar, Matt Cameron - drums, Eddie Vedder - vocals, guitar, Stone Gossard - guitar, Jeff Ament - bass)
(Stand Out Tracks: Given To Fly, Go, Even Flow, Do The Evolution and Black)
(My Verdict: 7/10)

2004: Live At Benaroya Hall - RCA
(Line Up: Mike McCready - guitar, Matt Cameron - drums, Eddie Vedder - vocals, guitar, Stone Gossard - guitar, Jeff Ament - bass)
(Stand Out Tracks: Man Of The Hour, Immortality, Masters Of War, Black and Yellow Ledbetter)
(My Verdict: 8/10)

2007: Live At The Gorge 05/06 - Monkey Wrench Records
(Line Up: Mike McCready - guitar, Matt Cameron - drums, Eddie Vedder - vocals, guitar, Stone Gossard - guitar, Jeff Ament - bass)
(Stand Out Tracks: Black, Given To Fly, Dissident, State Of Love And Trust, I Won't Back Down and Crown Of Thorns)
(My Verdict: 9/10)

Pearl Jam Best Ofs include:

2004: Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003 - Epic Records
(Line Up: Mike McCready - guitar, Matt Cameron - drums, Eddie Vedder - vocals, guitar, Stone Gossard - guitar, Jeff Ament - bass)
(Stand Out Tracks: Jeremy, State Of Love and Trust, I Got ID, Black, Breath, Last Kiss, Man Of The Hour and Yellow Ledbetter
(My Verdict: 10/10)


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