Sarah Brightman - Symphony Review

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Sarah Brightman - Symphony
Sarah Brightman - Symphony


General Information

Original Author: Juan M Valero

Artist: Sarah Brightman

Album: Symphony

Genre: Lyric soprano --> opera, pop, rock, ballad...


1. Gothica
2. Fleur Du Mal
3. Symphony
4. Canto Della Terra (feat. Andrea Bocelli)
5. Sanvean
6. I Will Be With You (Where The Lost Ones Go) (feat. Paul Stanley)
7. Schwere Träume
8. Sarai Qui (feat. Alessandro Safina)
9. Storia d’Amore
10. Let It Rain
11. Attesa
12. Pasión (feat. Fernando Lima)
13. Running




Well, this is not a guitar album, th most important here is Sarah's voice... there is an amazing world out of the guitar


PERFECT. No more words are needed

Overall Impression

IMHO is an incredible Album !!! Sarah brigtman is one of the best singers around the world.