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Seasick Steve, original name Steven Gene Wold, is an American blues artist. He plays guitar and he sings.


Steve was born in the year of 1941, in the USA. As a 14-year old boy he decided to live on his own, as a hobo. During his life he has always been active in the blues world. Before he became 66 he didn't become famous. After a gig in the BBC show, Hootenanny, he broke trough as a professional musician.


He plays the good old 'raw' blues. He often uses a blues slide. He's always very close with the audience.


Seasick Steve is well known for his 'weird' instruments.

For example:
-The Mississipi Drum Machine, a wooden box as percussion.
-Three-String Trance Wonder, his own-made 3-string guitar.
-Diddley-Bo, a 1-string guitar played with a screwdriver or a bottleneck.