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Zen Guitar

Zen Guitar is a small book where the 'Way of Zen' in relation to music is taught. It's written by Philip Toshio Sudo.
In this thread the book is discussed.


It starts of with an intro to the Zen way of thinking. You get welcomed to the dojo. The Way consists of 4 chapters.
We start of with a white belt. That is where we learn to listen.
Next there's the way from white to black. We learn The Twelve Points of Focus and The Twelve Common Missteps in the learning process.
Then there's the black belt. After a while the black belt will wear off. It'll turn white again. And, that's where we have to be!

Of course this is all a symbolic way of the book.


The book is full of quotes by well-known guitarists and musicians all over the world. The quote is always related to the particular topic. That is one of the interesting things about this book.


I get really motivated by this book! I read a chapter and become very focused. Then I grab my guitar and start playing/practising for a while. There's a lot of interesting stuff for a guitar player. It's not only about the practical aspect of guitar playing.

Final Opinion

I think if you're a bit interested, or you just seek a new source of motivation, this book will be the perfect one. You do not learn to play, you learn to be a guitarist.

As our instructor Ben Higgins would say: 'The only opponent is within'