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> Melodic Hard Rock Soling In Am, FINAL MIX & COMMENTS
Jonathan Burgos
post Dec 26 2009, 05:46 PM
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Hello friends! This is the final mix and comments thread for the “Hard Rock melodic soling in Am” Collaboration. Sorry for the delay friends. I had the luck of getting sick a few days but now I feel better. Here we give the results of the collaboration. This was an interesting job because the collab is divided into two groups: Those with more distorted sounds with notes faster and those with a little sound cleaner with more rhythmic notes, two ideas interesting and useful to combine them.
I'm glad to see that my recommendations have been implemented to their new works.
I recommended to learn from the outcomes and ideas of their partners.
All jobs have been good (thanks god, laugh.gif )
Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays. I wish you a super 2010 for all!
Now friends, download the file and listen to the work. Enjoy it. biggrin.gif

These are the 10 participants:

Rated – Hammerhead – Kaznie – James T – Jafomatic – Staffy – Berglmir – Uncleskillet – Alex Lewis – Nimrandir -


Rated: (0:03 – 00:58)

You have an interesting tone on your guitar with good gain, body and delay, I really like it. You make a combination of slow with powerful phrases associated with the best style "Joe Satriani". You have control over vibrato to. The only thing I recommend is that more work on the control of bending. If I can listen correctly you have the first string out of key or your strings are old, you don´t have a problem with your technique of bending. I recommend work in this: vibrato on bending. You've done a great job, well done!

Hammerhead: (01:02 – 02:02)

You made an interesting proposal, different from most: More melody with an interesting sound, more clean. You create melodies in the beginning, is a good proposal. We did some slides. To me this is very important. If you listen closely, I apply it in all my songs because it gives the song a different sound and phrasing. well done. I advise you to work more on different proposals in the same solo, apply some bending, a sentence that surprised at the right time. I do not mean that half of the lesson are all quick notes, I refer to it at the right time. You've done a good job of just proposing another idea differentiate of others. well done!

Kaznie: (02:05 – 02:57)

Kazni, I really like your vibrato. That is a sign of professionalism, my friend. The sound is great but I must say I can see a bit of untidiness at times. Maybe if you subtract a bit of profit, you'd have better control of the guitar and you would continue a sustain. Perform rapid phrases at times! well done! Used only in the right time, to surprise. Good job my friend!

James T: (03:06 – 03:56)

James, I can see you have a modern influence and bluesy (like me). The phrasings you make are very good!. You have good vibrato and good management of bending. Good job James! Besides, your solo I found it so personal , I saw clearly your style. I recommend researching a little the sound of recording (high frequencies (-) and bass or body (+) mainly. Good job.

Jafomatic: (04:05 – 04:57)

Jafomatic! I really like your sound! very interesting. The "pan delay" is a nice tool to add in their solos (I use it too much and Guthrie Govan too). Although I use it a bit slower (400/500 ms, so that the notes are clearer). Good rhythm, good vibrato and good control of bending. You've done a good job. Well done my friend!

Staffy: (05:04 – 05:57)

Staffy, man of bluesy soul (Like me). Good vibrato, good phrasing, good control of the bending. And at the right time, execute good licks. What more can I say? Well done my friend! I recommend investigating the sound of your guitar on the recordings (and I see you have the beautiful V-99, the issue with this type of multi-effects like that they are hard to find a really sound what one wants, but you find at the end). Well done!

Berglmir: (06:06 – 06:59)

Berglmir, manages quite well your bending. The ideas when done the solos, are good. I like the phrases you used in the lesson. The sound is good too. Well done! I recommend you work on in the controlling vibrato. It's too fast, almost at tremolo. Anyway, you've done good work buddy!

Unclaskillet: (07:04 – 07:57)

Unclaskillet, you take the ideas of the original lesson you've learned to use. well done! The sound I really like, the phrases too. The bending have a lot of feeling and I must admit that's what I liked most about your job, besides, you're the only one who has used it. The vibrato is also good. You've done a very good job! Well done my friend!

Alex Lewis: (08:06 – 09:00)

Alex, I really like the melody's you've added and rhythmic figures in the beginning! very good!. Will give you some advice but keep in mind that you have much potential and already have a good command of the instrument and cool musical ideas:
- You could work for sound of recording to reach a level more pro: Of course I have in mind that this depends on many things, such as the instrument, effects, money, etc., (I mean what is within your reach)
- Find an optimal vibrato: Your vibrato is too fast, it looks like a tremolo.
You did a great job

Nimrandir: (09:06 – 09:59)

Nimraid, have done an excellent job my friend. The sound is great, the phrases are very pretty , the control of the bending and vibrato is perfect. From the first second, I realized your love for the neo-classical guitarists, the vibrato was the first demonstration. You have much potential buddy. The only thing I can recommend, and most difficult for a guitarist with the same influences as you, controlling the running speed quick notes at the right time. It is very common for that style guitarists get bored at some point because it all sounds very similar all the time. You has differentiated them. Excellent work.

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post Dec 26 2009, 06:24 PM
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Thanks for the comments man and Happy Holidays to you as well. I'm looking forward to the other lessons and collabs you plan for use next year. Your playing style and feel is something I hope to perfect someday. smile.gif



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post Dec 26 2009, 09:13 PM
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Thanks a lot!!!!! Very nice BT wink.gif And nice lesson as well. If one day I'd reach your level of guitar playing, I think I could be very proud!

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Daniel Realpe
post Dec 26 2009, 10:43 PM
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great takes! and a great backing track!

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post Dec 27 2009, 01:22 PM
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Thanks a lot for this great Collab - really enjoyed it.
Vibrato, Vibrato, Vibrato....I KNOW!! tongue.gif
Maybe it´s all those Mike Oldfield records I have listened to in my youth (Vibrato = Tremolo) biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Happy Christmas and a great 2K10 to all of you!
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post Dec 27 2009, 04:03 PM
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Thanks for the feedback! The backing track, and the whole project was great biggrin.gif I'm looking forward to the next one. I will bring my bending with me next time wink.gif


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post Dec 29 2009, 06:16 AM
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Thanks for the feedback and advice Jonathan!
Looking forward to the next one. smile.gif


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