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Daniel Realpe

Location: Bogota, Colombia
Date of Birth: 13 of March, 1983
Been playing guitar since: 1995-1996

I've discovered that guitar playing for me is more than just a hobby or a distraction. It becomes an important outlet of your creativity and I personally believe that creavity is the greatest human asset. Having the blessing of being able to express oneself through the sounds of a musical instrument can't be compared to anything. Once you start to feel that you and your guitar are intimately connected, it's almost impossible to leave it behind and the enjoyment of it will be there at anytime.

Playing and Influences
What motivated me to pick up an electric guitar was the November Rain video clip from Guns n Roses, just watching Slash in front of a church playing that amazing solo struck a chord inside of me. I started to learn and imitate all the guitar parts from the music my brother had. Metallica, Nirvana, Queen, but I couldn't understand a lot of what was going on,
so I really struggled to get it right by watching their videos, experimenting with guitar techniques I didn't even know. All I could do was use my ears and place my hands wherever they made a similar sound and that's how I started learning their music. Then I moved on progressively to other genres, styles and bands that influenced me like Pantera, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Steve Vai, always using my ears to guide me which I think really helped me to develop this important sense in music but also took me a long time. This is why the help of instructors is so valuable.

To be comfortable and fluently play the guitar takes a long time, but with the help of a wide range of instructors who have already been through it all, you will definitely speed up this process. Personally I want to give and show an up-close display of my playing techniques so that you can become aware of mistakes you might have been making and also I want to show you how to play guitar like some of my most influential guitarists, this is a very effective and motivating way to really incorporate any technique into your own playing.

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Daniel Realpe's lessons (432,756 views)

Name Level Type Technique Category
Latin Influenced Solo 4 of 10 Solo Fingerpicking Traditional
Slow Tempo Control 3 of 10 Solo Fingerpicking Rock - Ballad
Metallica: "Battery" Lead 6 of 10 Solo Bending Metal - Thrash
2 String Sweeps 5 of 10 Etude Sweep Picking Rock - Other
Metallica: "Battery" Rhythm 5 of 10 Full Song Rhythm - various Metal - Thrash
Basic Tapping 3 of 10 Solo Tapping Rock - Other
Steve's Naturally Harmonic 4 of 10 Solo Harmonics Rock - Ballad
Avenged Sevenfold Style Rhythm & Harmony 4 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Rhythm - various Metal - Modern
Diminished Arpeggio Madness 8 of 10 Etude String skipping Metal - Progressive
Old Metallica Riffing 4 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Metal rhythm Metal - Thrash
Tempo Workout 5 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Rhythm - various Rock - Other
Neoclassical MacAlpine 7 of 10 Solo Picking (more than one type) Metal - Epic
Megadeth: Hangar 18 8 of 10 Full Song Phrasing Metal - Classic
Melodic MacAlpine 4 of 10 Solo Phrasing Metal - Other
Wild Bends 4 of 10 Solo Bending Rock - Hard
Morbid Cannibal Riffing 5 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Metal rhythm Metal - Extreme
Velvet Riffing: Drop D 4 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Rock Rhythm Metal - Extreme
Iron Maiden: Aces High 4 of 10 Full Song Metal rhythm Metal - Classic
Racer X: Scarified 9 of 10 Full Song String skipping Metal - Progressive
Symphonic Legato Workout 5 of 10 Etude Legato (both hammer-ons and pull-offs) Metal - Epic
Dream Theater: Overture 1928 6 of 10 Full Song Phrasing Metal - Progressive
Soloing Over 5 Eighths 4 of 10 Solo Bending Rock - Fusion
Slipknot Style - Advanced 6 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Metal rhythm Metal - Modern
Slipknot Style 4 of 10 Rhythm/Riffs Metal rhythm Metal - Modern
Megadeth: Tornado of Souls Solo 8 of 10 Solo Picking (more than one type) Metal - Thrash
Race Car Two-Note Per String Tapping 8 of 10 Etude Tapping Shred - Legato